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The jerk of my boss

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The story takes place in the capital of China, where a manufacturer factory has a night more than passionate with the son of his boss Sen to know his true identity. The surprise is immense when the next day, Mr. Black's son replaces his father at the factory. Emily realizes that this night of passion was not passenger, and her new boss knows. With the passing of the days, the son of Larry Black and the new Chief of Emily let him know that that night they were born to her, which Emily believed Correponder, until, at a factory meeting, Daniel Black asks her Asista Asist Cont, since some investors want to make a great investment, and they want the best factory employee to be present. When investors arrive, being together, Daniel could not help noticing that Emily looked very closely at Thomas Pattinson, and sometimes she was lost in her thoughts as she looked at him. His mistake was to let him pass without realizing that Thomas asked Emily's number, and both tenian compromising conversations at night when he returned from the factory. That is when Emily's dilemma begins. Although Daniel is very affectionate and pleased with her, he desperate to see again With the passing of the days it was more difficult to see Daniel and not avoid thinking that, although they did not formalize anything, he betrayed him. I wanted to be with Daniel, but he also died for desire to be with Thomas. Daniel took Emily to Cadada business trip, but while trying to fall in love, her love for her increased. Even when she suspected she and Thomas had behind her. Emily thought that things could not be worse, until one day, Daniel tells him that they will go to London, on a business trip, but Vuelo never arrived England, a breast that landed in the city of New York. Daniel's suspicions worsened when Emily was not bothered by the confusing event. In fact, he asked him why they were in New York after having gotten out of the plane, since mind only took place for a person: Thomas. Daniel had organized a meeting with Thomas, in which Emily would be. After several drinks, Daniel tells them that it is better that the three rise to the hotel habit. That is when he proposes an emily that has a trio with them. At this point, Daniel had already had relations with Emily countless times, but wanted to test her. Emily would say yes inclusion if she were sober, so Daniel, Thomas and she have relationships that night. The eyes that Emily crossed with Thomas had more passion and feeling of what is being. After that meeting, Thomas offers Emily a job in his father's company, there in New York. This proposal was made in front of Daniel, who expected Emily's respect, which amid crying ... replied yes. Daniel returned to China, but not before swearing Emily who would return for her, and that she would not give up her love.

Chapter 1

Like every day, the routine was always present. Get up, coffee, feed the cat, take the subway, see Pol, get out of the subway, walk to the bus station, catch the bus, see Michelle, listen to her sexual adventures from the night before with William, her husband, go to the factory, clock in, see Henry the supervisor, change in the locker room and go to work.

So, successively... But today, today was a day different from the others that would change the life of not only Emily, but all the workers...

Emily together with Michelle, Maria and Nicole, were having breakfast in one of the dining rooms. Each workshop had one since the factory was located by areas on the outside when you entered.

While they ate their sandwiches, Nicole made a face-what was missing...- she said. She made all three look up and see him...

- You don't have your dining room in your section? What is he doing here? - added Maria

Michelle looked at Emily - are you okay?

Emily raised both eyebrows in surprise - why should it be wrong?

"Well... We don't know..." María said sadly.

- What this turkey has to do is go to his area - Michelle got up

"Sit down," Emily asked.

-no-she went straight to him-you, *ssh*l*-she made him turn-away

- You do not command me

- that you go away or I'll blow your head off

- but what are you up to?

"Go to your sector" she approached threateningly

- Or what?

- Or I'll break your eggs as if they were chestnuts

Derek, looked at Emily - I can go wherever I want - stepped aside and went to the area where they were sitting. Michelle followed him

Emily took a deep breath. Why was he going to her? The other two widened their eyes and looked at her, waiting for the moment restlessly in her seats too

- Why are you coming? - asked Maria without getting an answer, just when he reached them

- hello

Emily looked at him - hello

- This guy is an idiot. Get out of here - Michelle said when she arrived

Derek ignored - can we talk?

Emily raised an eyebrow - talk to you? She has nothing more to say to you *ssh*l* - said Michelle, more and more angry.

When Emily was about to answer, the secretary's voice was heard on the speakers - please, everyone gather in the center of the factory. It is not a drill. Parker Hearing

They all looked at each other and began to get up and go to the center of the factory. The center of the factory was outside and brought together all the areas. It was like a huge parking lot through which all the cars that took the workers to their work area passed.

Emily along with the others, got up and went to the exit. Derek followed them...

When leaving, they saw that it was in all the workshops that had announced to leave. What was happening?...

When they were all at the center, Parker, the deputy manager of the factory, climbed up on a platform that the security had put there so that the workers could see him. He took the microphone-good morning-silence everywhere-I have to announce a piece of news... a piece of news I recorded-he paused, looking at everyone's faces-Larry Black, has been admitted urgently for a heart attack. -murmurs and people frowning with concern were heard- for now, we don't know exactly how long he will remain hospitalized. Therefore, Daniel Black, Larry's son, is in charge. Those of you who have been here for more than ten years know who he is. The others, you will know shortly. - he looked at everyone's faces again - thanks for coming and sorry for the inconvenience. That's all... you can go back to your jobs," he said seriously.

Emily noticed his worried face - it has to be serious for it to be like that

- by God, poor Larry - said Nicole

"She's older now," Liam said, standing next to her. many will he have? About seventy? - added Riley

- He is sixty-two years old - answered Maria

- He's not that old either - Lucas arrived and looked at Derek - what is this turkey doing here?

Michelle raised an amused eyebrow - nobody wants you near her, see? Go away

- that... go away silly - Leo told him - or I'll break your castanets

- stop already - asked Emily

Derek looked at her - I want to talk to you. When you're alone - he turned around and went to his zone

- What a disgusting guy - Liam said - Anyway...- He looked at them - Does anyone know Larry's son?

-I saw him years ago, but he was quite young. I would have been around twenty - said María

- I mean, now around thirty... I hope I know how to handle this until the boss recovers - Lucas put his arm around Emily's shoulders - come on... let's work... The cars won't make themselves

They entered their sector and went back to work, like any other day, only that from this day on, things were going to change... and a lot


Two more days had passed and they still hadn't seen Larry Black's son. But it was already Friday and the weekend was coming.

Emily had made an appointment at Nicky's hairdresser, her childhood best friend.

After work, she went straight to her house to shower and feed the cat. It wasn't going to the hairdresser much, but having a best gay hairdresser friend didn't help...

She went back to the subway to change and get to Eighth Avenue in Manhattan. She had quite a few stops to get to the hair salon. Eighth Avenue was located between Sunset Park, Brooklyn and 62nd Street.

After a long journey on the subway, she finally arrived. Now she had to walk...

She arrived exhausted at the local-hello-she said as soon as she entered the receptionist

- Hello Emi - she said with a wide smile - finally Friday

- Yes... finally Friday. and nicky?

The young woman pointed with her head - there you have it

-thanks beautiful-she went to him-hello

Nicky turned - oh my gosh! And those hairs?!

- shut up

-I gave you a hair dryer and a comb!!

- and I gave you some leather pants for Christmas

- I wear them

-only for when you want sadomaso night-she looked at the woman who was sitting in the chair with her hair covered in dye-hello

The woman gave her a dirty look - well well... Christyn!! she called a companion. She approached-continues with the lady. I have to take care of this mess - he took a lock of Emily's hair and looked at it with disgust

- don't go too far - scolded

-shut up and sit down-she made her sit next to the woman-today we were going out, right?

she-supposedly she-was watching him while she brushed his hair

- no no... just cut and that's it

Chapter 2

Emily was already at the door of the pub, about to enter when a boy bumped into her.

- sorry hahaha - he said between laughs with his friends

"It's okay," she replied. She kept her face... He was handsome, very handsome, too... He had dark, well-cut hair. He had a couple of days' beard and his eyes were a light honey color. He was tall, and wiry. But of course, just as stupid as the rest of the men. Well… at least he had been glad to see it. She entered the puff and looked for her friends.

He found them in a corner where the sofas were, he went to them


- Emily!! They yelled at the same time when they saw her.


- how beautiful!!! I love how you left Nicky's hair - Rachel said. Rachel, she was thirty years old and she was a journalist. They had met in a cafeteria when they were both leaving work, since then, they started talking and became friends soon after. She was a slender girl with big breasts and a killer butt


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