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Serje Peluffo

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The story takes place in the capital of China, where a manufacturer factory has a night more than passionate with the son of his boss Sen to know his true identity. The surprise is immense when the next day, Mr. Black's son replaces his father at the factory. Emily realizes that this night of passion was not passenger, and her new boss knows. With the passing of the days, the son of Larry Black and the new Chief of Emily let him know that that night they were born to her, which Emily believed Correponder, until, at a factory meeting, Daniel Black asks her Asista Asist Cont, since some investors want to make a great investment, and they want the best factory employee to be present. When investors arrive, being together, Daniel could not help noticing that Emily looked very closely at Thomas Pattinson, and sometimes she was lost in her thoughts as she looked at him. His mistake was to let him pass without realizing that Thomas asked Emily's number, and both tenian compromising conversations at night when he returned from the factory. That is when Emily's dilemma begins. Although Daniel is very affectionate and pleased with her, he desperate to see again With the passing of the days it was more difficult to see Daniel and not avoid thinking that, although they did not formalize anything, he betrayed him. I wanted to be with Daniel, but he also died for desire to be with Thomas. Daniel took Emily to Cadada business trip, but while trying to fall in love, her love for her increased. Even when she suspected she and Thomas had behind her. Emily thought that things could not be worse, until one day, Daniel tells him that they will go to London, on a business trip, but Vuelo never arrived England, a breast that landed in the city of New York. Daniel's suspicions worsened when Emily was not bothered by the confusing event. In fact, he asked him why they were in New York after having gotten out of the plane, since mind only took place for a person: Thomas. Daniel had organized a meeting with Thomas, in which Emily would be. After several drinks, Daniel tells them that it is better that the three rise to the hotel habit. That is when he proposes an emily that has a trio with them. At this point, Daniel had already had relations with Emily countless times, but wanted to test her. Emily would say yes inclusion if she were sober, so Daniel, Thomas and she have relationships that night. The eyes that Emily crossed with Thomas had more passion and feeling of what is being. After that meeting, Thomas offers Emily a job in his father's company, there in New York. This proposal was made in front of Daniel, who expected Emily's respect, which amid crying ... replied yes. Daniel returned to China, but not before swearing Emily who would return for her, and that she would not give up her love.


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