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The Incest

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Miriam, a young lady who would do anything to get rich real quick even if it means betraying family or friends. on the long run for the journey of riches, she soon realized that money isn't everything and money isn't the only thing she needs. Will she give up the life of being a bad girl and love for money in order to face reality? Will she see more to life than party and wealth? How many will she betray to get what she wants? Read to follow Miriam on the journey of discovering love, lust, betrayal, heartbreak and secrets.

Chapter 1


“Miriam, Miriam” I heard my name being called as I ignored the caller and continued walking. Towards where?, you might ask, I have no idea either, I just wanted to get as far away from josh as soon as possible.

Josh, as I said his name I felt uncontrollable tears fall from my eyes again blinding me. I didn’t see this coming, I never expected the kind, caring, shy, and innocent-looking Josh would do such a thing. If a look could determine who wasn’t a cheat, Josh would have passed with flying colors. Yes! That was exactly how innocent he was or so I thought.

He had been cheating on me for months now, I had the hunch, I was told but I never believed it. I wanted to pay him a surprise and celebrate our second anniversary together. Didn’t know I was the one in for a surprise.

I had a thing for Rich guys. My goal after I left high school was to go to college, bag that degree, and get myself a Rich boyfriend or sugar daddy. I came from the trenches and I wasn’t going back there.

When I say trenches, I meant I, my mom and my siblings were all staying in a single house that had a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The bathroom and the kitchen were so small that they couldn’t fit two people. The bathroom was the worst; it couldn't fit a single person properly. We could barely eat a three-square meal. Now you know why I wanted to leave and get that cash.

I got to study in one of the prestigious colleges. Their tuition fee was enough to feed my family and me for a year, therefore we wouldn’t be able to afford it. Luckily, it was a scholarship so we didn’t have to pay. I made sure I studied hard to get the scholarship, I was intelligent and pretty and I was proud of it.

My roommate Alicia and I got along pretty well, she was the party type which made us click easily. Stacy, my other roommate, was a nerd and a church girl. I had nothing against her, we all respected and stayed out of each other's way. Other than Alicia whom I flowed well with.

I was a freshman when I began my hunt for my prey. My first prey was Nathan, Alicia's brother. You are surprised right?, where the bag was, I was going to get it without minding whose foot I was stepping on.

Alicia's dad was the owner of a big tech

company, she and her brother were the only kids born to their single father before their mother passed away in a ghastly accident that caused her life.


Nathan and I met at a party Alicia had

invited me to, it was a big party hosted by the son of their Father's investors who had become friends with her she didn't want to go alone so I became her plus one.

I took a glass of whiskey from the bartender passing by. as I scanned the room trying to get a hook on one of the guys here.

I could tell they were all rich judging from the outfit they had on to the wrist watches it screamed wealth. I wasn't going to stay here and wait for them to come to me. I'm going to get them myself.

"Hi," I turned to see a hot guy standing over me. I gave him a subtle once over, he has the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen, big as hell, black wavy hair, and a Greek god profile, I think better than a Greek god. Just think of all the adjectives used in describing hot men in one of those romance novels, he was all of it.

"Hi" I stuttered out. Never has my confidence shaken before. The dude's voice could literally melt a block of ice. Normally, physical beauty was something that caught my eye but not for too long. I always get over it fast, because securing the bag was my main aim.

"I am Nathan", he said, smiling at me.

" Miriam," I said back this time without stuttering, feeling my confidence return back to me as I gave him a hand for a shake.

"So you leave around here?" He questioned.

" Not really", I didn't want to tell him where I stayed, and I didn't want to lie about where I lived either, this place was for the Rich. I want the bag but that doesn't mean I have to lie about everything.

"I came with a friend, Alicia" I responded and he smiled at my statement.

"Alicia…Alicia Williams?" He asked and I nodded looking surprised.

"How?" I asked with the surprised look still on my face. Alicia always stayed away from fame even when she was rich, that's why I couldn't help but be surprised.

"She's my sister", he responded after seeing the surprised look on my face. " I should introduce myself properly, Nathaniel Williams at your service ma'am," he said, giving a little bow and I burst out into laughter. Oops! That just drew the attention toward us.

"Why, nice to meet you, kind sir, I am Miriam Jones," I said, still laughing.

"Well, Miss Miriam, will you do this kind sir the honors of taking a stroll towards the garden if you don't mind?" accentuating a poor English accent. He asked when he noticed the continuous stares we were getting from my uncontrollable laughter.

"Of course kind sir, a stroll to the garden" I answered feeling giddy.

We got to the garden, it was cold out here with goosebumps on my skin making me shiver a little. The thin strap gown I wore did nothing to keep the cold out. Nathan put his jacket over my shoulder and I gave him a grateful smile.

" I didn't have the intention of coming to the garden, I mean I didn't know I would meet you," I said, trying to give an excuse.

"It's nothing, chill, besides it's an honor," he said smiling at me.

We spoke about what and what not, enjoying our own little world. We began to get comfortable around each other, one thing led to another, and Nathan leaned in for a kiss, and I didn't resist, he s*ck*d my lower lips biting them slowly, and then pushed his tongue inside my mouth, he tasted like wine, my tongue and his fighting for dominance, his hand was everywhere at the same time making me hot, I could feel his hard length stretching as I Kept on rubbing my *ss on his d*ck.

"Ahem," we heard someone clearing their throat behind us as we split from each other as fast as a lightning bolt. It was Alicia.

"There you are, I have been looking for you, hey big bro," she said. I couldn't fathom what was going through her mind.

"I have been out here with Nathan," I said, staring at her.

"I see you've met my big brother", " catch you later bro" she said as she grabbed my hands for us to leave.

"Wait" Nathan called out.

"What Nathan" Alicia called out irritatingly.

"Miriam a second please," he said ignoring her and I moved closer, taking my hands away from Alicia's grip.

"Sure," I said.

"Can I have your number please," he asked. I smiled inwardly. I was beginning to think he wouldn't ask for this. Yay! I did a mini celebratory dance in my head.

"Sure" I said as I punched in my digits.


By the time we got to our dorm I was so exhausted, Alicia was in the bathroom preparing for the night. Stacy wasn't in tonight. I wonder where she was.

I kept on checking my phone expecting to see a text from Nathan. But nada! Nothing.

"You should quit talking to my brother," Alicia said. I was so engrossed in my phone that I didn't notice she was out.

"And why should I?" I asked, giving her a challenging stare. I wasn't going to give up my only hope of filling my dream. I am one step toward getting what I have wanted and she won't stop me


" I know what sort of person you are, what my brother is after is true love and I know you can't give him that. So I suggest you leave him the f*ck alone" she said.

"What gave you the impression that I don't love him? Nothing you do will make me give him up" I said.

"You leave him or bear the consequences, trust me you would regret it" she warned as she left the room slamming the door hard.

Chapter 2


Miriam's pov

It's been days Alicia hadn't spoken to me, unless I 'quit whatever relationship going on between I and her brother' as she so puts it. Jokes on her cause I ain't doing shit.

It's been a week after the party since I last saw Nathan, he haven't texted nor called. I was beginning to think what ever he felt has faded off. Could Alicia have convince him I wasn't good enough?. I don't know what else to think aside that, who collects a lady's number and not give her a text or a call for almost a week unless they'd lose interest.

My stomach grumbled loudly, I stood up from my bed and decided to take a showed first before eating. I was in the bathroom when I heard my phone ring, luckily for the caller I was done bathing, I wrapped myself up in a bathing robe and came out.

I picked up my phone it was an unknown caller, who could this be? My heart jumped at the thought of Nat


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