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The Illegitimate Heir

The Illegitimate Heir

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Alex Dunbar is a business man and a well known billionaire whose want revenge at all cost for the death of his mother along the way he met Lilly a girls whose life was miserable but somehow she brought light into his life but when Lilly find out Alex's father is responsible for the death of her parents his step brother who wants to kill Alex by every means possible or his evil mother who want Alex gone from their life will she believe Alex and stay with or forgo her quest for vengeance or will she kill Alex and his family

Chapter 1 TEARS

Boom!, it clashes with the Lilly's face, blood flowing from her forehead as the glass cup shatters to pieces.

"Am.. am sorry sir, I I didn't meant to disturb you it just that... that" she stammered.

Mr Qin interrupts her, "it just that your a worthless being, if it wasn't for your beauty your ability to work I would have fired you a long time ago remember you owe me a lot" he laughs maniacally.

Lilly tried to talk again, pa!, a hot slap landed on her cheek turning It red. Hot tears rolls down her cheeks.

who allows you to look at me trying to seduce me *looks at her lustfully* what a beauty *touches her cheek and then stares at her head* what a waste that u resist me *press's at her head injury Lilly didn't even flinch* trash!! now get out I don't need you. one of these days I'll get my way with you he whispers smirks

*she stands up and runs out*.

(Lilly is the reincarnation of the goddess of beauty her self her face was like the twinkle of stars at night her lips was the shape of love red as wine and as soft as feather she skin is as mild as the morning sun with her milky hair that falls to her waist men lust when ever they stare at her)

*as she runs out she heads straight to the rest room but she bumps into someone* am sorry. She raises her had up a little and runs in to the restroom closing her self in and tears flows freely from her slender eyes*

Dad Mum, why did u leave Me in this lonely and rotten world, where only the powerful and rich get a say and changes the rules how they want she mutters as sobs hard as she remembers!!!

*Flash back*

*a little girl and her parent strolling in the park*

mummy! daddy! you promiser to come earlier you promised to spend the whole day with me but you left me with aunty Sofie darling mummy had lots of work to do at the office forgive me okey? mummy is already here now ain't I I

promise to spend the whole weekend with you the little girl turns to her daddy do u promise yes my little Milo meow! meow! *she hears a little cat dad mum it a cat she moves along to the dark side to carry the little cat*

*Gun shots* she froze on the spot she turns and sees her parents in their own pool of blood Daddy!! Mummy!! help! *crying* help!!


*stands up cleans her tears dad mum I'll avenge you I promise she steps out and she finds her friends as well as her coworker*

Lilly where have u been? Jane (moves close to her) you have been crying again?

no! Lilly (denies)

don't lie to me I no u all too well !Oh My God! your head your bleeding!

oh I didn't even remember that

Lilly you should take care of your body come here *she moves to get the aid box and dresses her wound*

*in a club filled with different kinds of rich and powerful men drinking,smoking and having fun and chatting*

strippers entertaining them some men looks at them with lustful gazes**

hy beauty laughs! and staggers I want you for the night (drags her by the hair) your not gonna refuse Me tonight right let's go* he said in a commanding tone*

** flashy black Lamborghini cars with tinted windows zoom into the famous billion club and stops then men in black jumps Down from the car and all gathers to open the door for the most fear and respected man Mr. Dunbar he steps out of the car majestically into the club.

**it is said that Mr Dunbar is the most scariest cold and feared man in the world of business he runs

Libra enterprise nobody absolutely nobody dares to go against him or compete against him even in beauty and power he Never smiles him smiling means you are going down to drain Mr Dunbar is described by girl as a 7ft man his 8packs are to die for with his bloody red hair and reddish coloured lips and his black hair it is said that no woman has succeed in making him sleep with them his not a man of many words.

A cold, husky distant voice echo's in the air "let her go " that was all it took for all the music and everybody to go still.

*someone Whisper's* that is Mr Dunbar's favorite performer how cold old jin be this drunk to have killed him self with a knife

*another person whispers* I always warn him to steer clear from her

old Jin and who the hell do you think you are to tell me what to *boom old Jin is flying 3ft towards the wall* his words were interrupted by a heavy punch that landed on his face.

with a cold voice he asks the performer "watch out " (he walks away without waiting for her reply)

hy am kyle (kyle is the foster younger brother to Alex they run the LIBRA COMPANY together kyle has been with Alex since he was 4 he and adorable and loving guy she smiles a lot with his cute gap tooth and a dimple they call refer to them as the majestic twins )my older brother is always an ice stone don't listen to him what his trying to say is be careful OK *kyle walks and follows him*

Alex! hy common brother smilies viciously you haven't really told me why you agreed to come here I mean u don't really like coming here what makes you come here for a drink common common tell me

throw him out I need some peace

hy!! Alexandra! u can't do this to me no oo oo!! he shouts as they drag him out of the vvvip room

and shut the door leaving Alex alone inside

Flash back!


* walking into the Qin enterprise with a hoodies over his head and a bag pack he heads to the president office to copy out some file and left and soon as he was done takes a turn and bumps into a young lady who only apologize and runs off he only gets a glimpse of her face he turns back to look but she was already gone*


ahh! pressed his forehead why can't I get her off my damn mind gulps all the wine down in one goal.


***hot steams fills the bathroom as the figure of Lilly is seen from the glass with her beautiful curve she steps out of the bathroom with her towel around her chest she she get dressed prepared for work as she goes out of the building heading to the office she hails a taxi in her hand was a white envelope**

** she arrives at he Qin enterprise and walk in majestically she goes directly to the president office and open the door without knocking**

Mr Qin frowns can't you see

am busy, "kissing the girl that sits on his lap*

get out! he shouted angrily

Lilly just pretended she didn't hear him she throws the envelop at him " I quit "

Lilly just pretended she didn't hear him she trows the envelop at him " I quit "

Mr Qin smiling, you finally have some sense u have saved me the stress of firing you

Mr Qin, she kisses him lustily tell this trash to get lost she stinks eww.

Lilly just turns walki


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