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The Gangster's Paradise

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Blessing Pitt is a beautiful lady who is married to a billionaire gangster; Austin Martin. She is loved by everyone around her. Her marriage was a perfect one, until her husband learns of the secret she has been keeping all these years of their marriage... Austin was is a loving man despite him being a gangster, that all changes when he learns the children he had been raising were not his, but his brother's. Will their marriage survive after this truth? Or it will forever stay shattered? Nevena Tobias is a sweet lady with dreams of her own, but those dreams came to a stop when her boss tricked her into becoming his weekend hired wife...

Chapter 1: Prologue

"How could you do this to me huh?" He said pacing back and forth. He was bound to get frustrated especially with the woman before him.

"I trusted you with my life and you dared do this to me!" He growled so much that, if it was possible the house would've shook.

"Please, I'm begging you Austin. It was a mistake!" Blessing kneeled down wailing like a widow. She didn't expect her husband to find her in bed with his brother. She was sure to die seeing the raging monster before her. It Was rare to see Austin this angry.

"I see it was a mistake… but with my brother!" He said as he shook his head bitterly. His wife of 5 years dared to sleep with another man, that too in his house.

"Tell me, for how long?" He asked calmly. Shifting his eyes to Jordan who had now wrapped a towel around his lower body… smirking at him.

"What does it matter brother?" Jordan asked in an 'i don't care' manner. Austin could feel his blood boil.

"How long d*mn it?!" He asked as he threw the nearby vase on the floor. Blessing shook with fear. Her eyes are puffy and red from crying. The salty liquid from the eyes mixed with the salty slippery liquid from the nose. As she answered with fear.

"5 years," she answered, trembling. She waited for her death. Her breathing stopped.

" Hahaha!!!!" Austin laughed as tears rained down his eyes. Blessing looked up at him. It Was the first time seeing Austin cry like this.

"Austin I'm sorry…please forgive me!!" She crawled to where Austin was and got hold of his leg…not caring whether her knees were getting numbed or not. She wanted her husband's forgiveness. He was not supposed to find out like this. She thought she had everything under control…

"Do you know what this son of a female dog did? That you proclaim to love so much that you cheated on me with him. Huh?!" He asked as he looked down on his pathetic kneeling wife. Saliva spread as he spoke…

Blessing looked at Austin not believing a word he said and then looked at Jordan who was smirking.

"What did you think? That I love you?... i never loved you" Jordan said as he looked at Blessing disdainfully.

Did she think he loved her?

Hell no!

"How could you son of a b*tch bang my mother?" She said clawing at Jordan who pried her off him. He never loved her. She was a means to end Austin.

"Let go of me tramp" Jordan pushed her aside and walked closer to Austin. Looked at his face. Arrogantly sizing him.

"And you know what I did brother?... I banged your wife so many times and it d*mn felt good. Mhh!" He said with a cunning smile on his face. Enjoying Austin's red face. Austin's grip on the gun he was holding became tight. His knuckles turned white. As he saw red, right there and then he kicked Jordan ferociously…such that he broke the door and landed on the passageway. The monster in him was unleashed…

The maids gathered around as they saw the sight before them. Their master had always been calm and composed. This was a bloody sight. And even bloodier as they saw Jordan flying above the stairs and landing with a thud at the end of the stairs…

"You know what!...I put my seeds in your wife's womb and boom! The twins were born!" The bleeding Jordan still had the courage to say anything as he limped forward…

He was a mess. The white towel had long flown the moment he flew above the stairs!! Nothing was there to hide his nakedness.

Austin turned slightly and looked at his wife…hoping whatever Jordan said was not true. But, looking at Blessing's bowed face he knew what the doctor said was the truth…

His world was shattered as he knelt down hopelessly. He had been a father to another man's children. With lightning speed… he reached the stairs where his wife was…connecting his hand on her neck. Forgetting the gun.

"Ple…please!" Blessing found it difficult to speak as her lungs lacked clean air. Never ever had Austin laid his hand on her. This was a new creature in her husband's body…

"Austin let her go now!" A voice came from behind him.

"You know this is not you…so.let her go!" Kamala stopped his friend who was about to commit murder. Austin left Blessing harshly as she dropped on the stairs and rolled a few times before Kamala could catch her…

"She betrayed me Kamala! hurts so much" He said as he knelt down…patted his chest. And cried hysterically. It wasn't all the time that Kamala got to see Austin crying. He signalled Blessing who was still kneeling, crying to go get dressed… but, she shook her head

"Please Austin, forgive me!" She kept begging even if Austin didn't forgive her she would keep begging until the resurrection…

"Weren't you a satisfied woman? I gave you everything. I cherished you and treated you like a queen" Blessing shook her head…putting her swollen face in her hands. Indeed she was treated like a queen.

"I loved you so deeply!... I even left my gangster life to be with you!…you… were my(hiccups) PARADISE d*mn it!" He said as he banged his fist on the cold tiled floor…

"Get out of my face!" He growled and glanced at her disdainfully. And prepared to launch at her again when Kamala stopped him again.

"Austin, control yourself! You can't go around acting like a monster and strangling your wife!" He slapped him hard.

"Of course I'm the monster she created! She has to embrace that!" He yelled so much that the veins in his neck popped…

What a despicable woman!

Blessing limped towards her bedroom.

What had she done?

Everything was shattered all because of her!


"Mr Austin Martin you're under arrest for the murder of Jordan Miller".

" You have the right to remain silent. "

"Everything you say and do shall be used against you in the court of law"

"You have the right to an attorney…if you don't have one…the state shall provide for you!" The policeman said as he recited the rights for Austin and put the handcuffs behind Austin and pushed him at the back of the police van.

Anastasia wailed as she ran after the van with her son inside. Everything happened and fell into pieces, all because of one woman.

She turned around to face Blessing…


Chapter 2: A comfortable family

‘Honey don’t you think it’s time you get some rest and give some quality time to your family?” Blessing, Austin’s wife said as she handed him a cup of cocoa milk which is his favourite.

“I mean you have spent almost two nights, still sketching the best paintings…that you are to present to the investors on Thursday” what Blessing said made sense. It has been a week since Austin has started doing sketches…not like he had no employees in doing the work; he wanted nothing but the best….that’s why he decided to get involved.

And now that seems like a big mistake, for his wife was busy enquiring how thin he is, all because he had spent a night in the office.

‘Aus! I’m talking to you’ Austin who had his head between his hands, while propping them on his knees, continued to stare at the glass of cocoa milk which he had emptied a second ago…wondering when his wife would give him a chance to answer all her questions.

‘I know Bless, you care for me but I need to crack t


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