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The Former Wife of the CEO

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He is the godfather of the underworld, the leader of the secret society, the unchallenged leader of the criminal world. The bigger the tree, the more it attracts attention; when the gun fires, the one standing out becomes the target. In order to secure the happiness of his beloved woman, he married her. It was a loveless marriage, as he bought her life with money and she sold herself for wealth. She despised the "boss" and detested the "leader" - yet she surrendered her life to the man she hated most. She could never comprehend why a man can love someone in his heart while lying beside another. She could never fathom whether Tuoba Can, himself, truly understood what he was doing. She knew that by standing by him, she could become a target at any moment, but she no longer feared, accepting this reality. He could live a happy and blissful life with his woman under her protection. Why did he have to provoke her? She could ignore her own repulsion and be his outlet, but it was limited to her only, not including her child - he only bought her. She would not let the two-for-one deal fall on him. With a few words, his anger was easily provoked, fulfilling the outcome she desired. She had never known him to lose his temper in such a way. But so what? There was no need to delve into it. Carrying the divorce agreement and the small "aftermath" in her belly, she willingly became his ex-wife.

Chapter 1:Her name is Tong Xuege.

Her name is Tong Xuege!

Tong Xuege is the daughter of Tong Kelian and Li Panfen. What? Who is Tong Kelian? And who is Li Panfen? Ah, this story is quite long. However, if you inquire casually, you will quickly find out. Li Panfen is just an ordinary housewife, content with a simple life, faithfully abiding by the principles of being a dutiful wife. Her husband is her world; his sneeze is like thunder, when he asks her to sit, she won't stand, she is an honest woman.

It's quite apparent that Tong Kelian is not an ordinary person. In fact, he looks good, with a height of 180 centimeters and a decent physique. He has come to be known as a handsome man through his various connections. Knowing his own advantages, he doesn't use them to make money; instead, he engages in unprofitable ventures.

While his wife stays home and takes care of the family, he indulges in various illicit affairs outside.

Well, Xuege never complained about having such a father. After all, she was born to him, naturally belonging to a younger generation. What more could be said?

Even her mother had nothing to say. It would be better for her to keep her mouth shut, lest her mother get angry at the mere mention of Tong Kelian.

Perhaps it was divine intervention, fed up with Tong Kelian's behavior, or perhaps it was simply his ill fate, as he unfortunately got involved with the mistress of a prominent organization leader.

Now he has picked the wrong fight and must suffer the consequences, risking his life.

He knelt before them for a day and a night, and when they made a demand, asking him to become an unsightly underling, only then did he have a chance to survive.

For the sake of his wretched life, he was willing to do anything.

In a confrontation, he led the charge and died in front of everyone.

Up until this point, Tong Xuege had no grievances against this man she called father, truly. If it weren't for him forcefully burdening her, the sole descendant of Tong Kelian, with a 3 million rotten debt, she would gladly forget that such a person existed in this world.

"Xuege, he is your father." Lin Panfen, who never had any children, could only rely on her daughter after her husband's death. However, one-night stands don't create strong bonds. How could a woman like her easily accept it? Even if Tong Kelian now owed 30 million, she wouldn't even furrow her brows, letting Xuege handle it all.

"Is that so?" Tong Xuege wondered if the man she should call father remembered what she looked like. "Mom, you don't need to worry about this matter. I will handle it."

"How will you handle it?"

"Selling myself, of course."

Uh? Lin Panfen looked at her daughter in bewilderment. From childhood to adulthood, this woman resembled neither father nor mother; she didn't even know who her daughter truly resembled.

The serious expression on her mother's face made Xuege roll her eyes in exasperation.

"Mom, we have nothing left at home. Don't even mention 3 million; we should be delighted if we can scrape together 300 yuan." Yes, they were practically eligible to be classified as destitute.

"Well... well... what should we do then?"

"Don't worry, I will find a way."

"What way? Are you going to kick us out? Xuege, you know we don't have any relatives left, and by then—"

By then, they would be sleeping on the streets, fighting with others for a spot under a bridge. Who knows if they could prevail against anyone as a mother-daughter duo?

"Mom, there's no need to worry about that. You still have a daughter, right? Your daughter won't let you suffer."

"Alright... alright." Lin Panfen finally relaxed her brows slightly. "You are truly my obedient daughter."

Chapter 2:Good daughter.

Good daughter!

Being a good daughter was never easy. However, Tong Xuege had been trying her best to become an obedient daughter, at least ensuring that her mother wouldn't have to sleep on the streets.

They had no relatives left; Tong Kelian's family had long passed away, and Lin Panfen had moved away from her hometown, making it impossible to find a trace of anyone.

They could only rely on themselves.

Xuege had a few close friends, but she knew very well that friends could only do so much.

Helping in times of need was one thing, but three million was too much. It was already her own burden, and she didn't want to take on the burdens of others. So one day, she went alone to find Tong Kelian's creditors.

The man was called Quan Ge, specializing in high-interest loans. Tong Kelian might be considered a subordinate, but he was not like any other subordinates. With his status and the debt of three million, he was already being qui


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