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Pregnant After One Night With The Vampire

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All she ever wanted was freedom, little did she know was slowly falling into the lions den. ***** With a terminally ill little sister, Adia gets into a one night stand, which results in a pregnancy. A forbidden one, that can cost her life. Sebastian hunters, one of the most eligible bachelors and a Rich CEO, who's also a vampire, who doesn't believe in love giving he lost his first love, must do all he can to ensure Adia safety. They get into a contract marriage, as Sebastian tries finding all possible means to save her. Adia falls for Sebastian, who remains adamant on falling back for her, he confines her, making sure she stays indoors, all in the name of protecting her. Adia who's tired of getting no attention, begins to sneak out from time to time, only to land in a big trouble, that brings Sebastian close to her as he realizes he's been too harsh on her. Will Adia ever be able to take the fact that she'll die soon? How will Adia bear all the secrets that's has been hidden from her all along? Will she ever forgive the vampires, including her best friend? Will Sebastian ever be able to save her? #WARNING MATURED CONTENT BLU VEE


Adia signed heavily as the droplets rain fell on her, she was just returning from work, so she quickly rushed into the house as it rained heavily, it seems as if the heavens were against her today."Addison",she called out her sister's name tiredly as she was very exhausted from the day's work."Addison am home" she called out again as she dropped her purse on the couch and dusted off her hair lazily, "I'm home Addison" she called again, this time with a little hint of worry in her voice.She was beginning to get worried, Addison was usually the first to see and say Hi to her.Adia walked about the room, trying to see if she would at least see her.Probably she's sleeping, Adia thought.She noticed a small petite figure on the floor at the corner of the room."Addison!!" Squealed, rushing to her sister who was lying unconsciously on the ground.Shaking her violently,she noticed the warm liquid flowing down her sister's mouth, as her eyes opened wide like saucers."Hang in there adi" she whispered softly to her as she picked her up from the floor as quickly as she could.She rushed to the couch as she took her cell phone from her purse and dialed her best friend cora number"Hello cora" "what's up girl"cora said cheerfully "Adi"Adia stammered "come on Adia what's wrong, why do you sound tense " "Addison I found her in…. hospital I need to take her there , I'm on my way over there" Adia quickly said as she hung up ."Hello,hello Adia, are you there?"Cora asked as she checked her phone."F*ck she hunged up" Cora cursed as she took her purse and dashed out of the hotel where she works as a manager.*****"Nurse, nurse"Adia shouted, terrified of what just happened. She hoped nothing would happen to Addison. She carried the unconscious Addison in her arms as screamed for help. "Nurse please check what's wrong with her, I met her unconscious,please do something" Adia cried as the nurses placed Addison in a stretcher and left hurriedly.***** "Adia, are you okay? I got here as fast as I could, how's Addison,what did the doctors say?" Cora asked in concern as she really felt bad for Adia, Addison was the only family she had left she just hoped nothing would go wrong."Come on Adia say something" she added sitting beside her as Adia was sobbing silently. "They are still checking on her, I haven't met the doctor yet" Adia finally answered in between sobs. " It's gonna be fine" Cora assured her as she patted her back slowly. Moments later a nurse came in and called Adia to the doctor's office as Adia went there as fast as her legs could carry her while Cora waited behind.Adia got into the office and met the doctor scribbling on a piece of paper."Please sit, I assume you must be miss Peters the patient's sister, right? The doctor asked as he gestured for her to take her seat. "Thanks doctor,yes I am, please what's wrong with Addison?" Adia asked anxiously immediately as she took her seat."Please miss you need to calm down, your sister Addison has been diagnosed with leukemia" said the doctor."What do you mean doctor, le…ukemia!!!!" Adia screamed in horror as the doctor dropped the bomb.Hope am hearing wrong?, Adia asked in her thoughts "She's suffering from leukemia and has to be treated right away" the doctor added as Adia just stared into outer space like someone in a trance. "Then start the treatment right away" Adia quickly said as she jolted back to the present, as she felt her soul leaving the body. "Well you'll have to deposit some money first for us to commerce the treatment" "How much is it, doctor?" Adia asked, hoping that the sum shouldn't be a huge sum. "Three million dollars," the doctor announced. "What!!!!!" Adia exclaimed as she burped loudly, where did they expect to get that kind of money, where's she gonna start from, she literally didn't have that kind of money. "Thanks doctor" Sha flashed a fake smile at the doctor as she stood up walking out of the office like someone whose soul has been drawn out from the body.***** "Addison dear, how are you feeling now, hope you're feeling better?" Adia asked worriedly as Addison nodded slowly. "I'll be going out for a while, so have some rest,hmmm" Adia added as she pecked her forehead. "You gotta stay strong ughh, I'll be back" Adia waved at Addison as she left the room with Cora."Cora I'm doomed, what do I do?" Adia was really devastated at the moment; it just felt as if Life was being taken from her. "It's gonna be fine, just stay strong for Addison and also you need to rest also, Look at you looking all worked up. Come on tomorrow we'll talk about this but first have some rest" Cora encouraged as she really felt pity for Adia, she's really being through alot these days."No Cora, I can't rest. How can I possibly rest when the only family I have left is suffering there" Adia sobbed as Cora hugged her, patting her back softly. At least it was an efficient way to calm someone down. "Come on girl it will be fine, besides you can't save Addison on your sick bed so need to get all worked up""But co….." "no buts Adia '' Cora interrupted as she held hands with her. "Let's go" Cora finally persuaded her as they walked slowly and quietly out of the hospital.Adia fervently prayed within her that everything would be alright, Addison was the only family she had left, where was she expected to get there million dollars.Her and her sister were already managing and already had lots of expenses to take care of.Now a bigger trouble has landed on her plate and a person's life is involved in this voice, Adia could do nothing but wish for the best, as she continued sobbing, Cora consoling her alongside as they got into Cora's car.


"Have you signed the proposal already?" Rowan asked his boss and best friend Sebastian as they walked out of the conference room,where they just finished conducting a meeting."No not yet" came the reply from Seb as the workers around bowed in respect to their boss as the female workers ogled at the two male handsome figures with sturdy built figures,they both looked like the gods of beauty with perfection oozing out from them. "Seems like they've not still gotten used to your looks" Rowan commented, noticing the way the female workers ogled at Seb. "They shouldn't besides no one can get over me" Sebastian replied nonchalantly as they took the elevator to his office.Rowan grinned sheepishly at what Seb said he was always full of himself. "Laura get me the files sent recently" Sebastian ordered as his secretary bowed in respect to him. "Wait" he immed


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