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The First Lady, CEO's Top Bride

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She's Named Mu Wan An Later on, whenever people in Ancheng mentioned her, their gazes were filled with disdain and envy. On a rainy night, he picked her up and smiled with narrowed eyes, "Is it a hardship to marry me?" She straightened her back, a smirk playing on her lips, "Master Gu has a heart but lacks discretion in his private life. Marrying you couldn't be more of a hardship." Through the bluish-white smoke, the handsome face of Gu Nancheng blurred, "But I've set my eyes on you." Once a woman caught the eye of Gu Nancheng, there was no escape. The next day, messages were sent to wealthy individuals warning them not to lend money to the fallen socialite Mu Wan An, or they would be going against him. Her most indulgent moments were when he whispered tenderly in the bedroom, showering her with affectionate endearments, "Good night, Wan An, good night." ------------ Only in the end did she realize that the heart-fluttering moment was an irreplaceable twist of fate.

Chapter 1

There was darkness everywhere at night, with only dazzling lightning and dim street lights faintly visible, and the heavy rain seemed to flood the entire city.

The car lights shined straight through the rain curtain, the sapphire blue Lambo slowly approached, and the black carved door opened.

A white figure suddenly rushed through the headlights and blocked the front of the car.

With the sharp sound of brakes, the car stopped dangerously in front of the woman. Mu Wan'an stood there with open arms, his white shirt and long black hair soaked by the rain.

The rain wet her eyes, and her hazy gaze looked at Zuo Ye who opened the car door and walked towards her holding a big black umbrella. She saw clearly that the figure in the passenger seat belonged to a woman.

Mu Wan'an was stunned, and immediately forgot the purpose of coming here, "Zuo Ye, who is she?"

His cold eyes fell on her, "Song Quan, my girlfriend."

She was stunned, looking at him motionless, her expression of disbelief almost dull.

The tall man held an umbrella with one hand and frowned with thick eyebrows, "Good night," he just said, his tone showing no emotion other than indifference and impatience, "Don't come to me again, she will be unhappy. "

They have broken up.

"Zuo Ye..." Her throat was dry and tight, and the patter of rain almost drowned out her voice. Her fingers clenched unconsciously, and her rationality ran away, causing her to blurt out and question, "It's because of her that you followed me. separate?"

Zuo Ye looked at her face dripping with rainwater. Her face was very warm and cool. He opened his lips and said, "No."

She was stunned for a moment, "Why is that?"

"Because you are boring," he stated expressionlessly, "Good night, you are really boring."

Through the hazy rain curtain, Mu Wan'an saw him and smiled, "The number one socialite in Ancheng, you are worthy of the word socialite, but as a woman, you are like a beautiful puppet. Being with you makes me feel the same. Jue Wa."

He stood under the umbrella. When he said this, he couldn't help but glance in the direction of the co-pilot. A smile appeared on the side of his lips, and his voice became deep and affectionate. "Only when I meet her do I know how powerful it is to be with you." At once."

She is the goddess passed down by everyone in Ancheng. The men chasing her can line up from the beginning of the city to the end of the city. Now he tells her that he has been with her for four years, and all the sweet past is just make do!

Mu Anran couldn't help but smile, looking at the expressionless man holding an umbrella in front of her and letting her stand under the lightning, thunder and rain, the curve of his lips was extremely mocking, "Is it because I'm boring? Or is it because our Mu family has collapsed? Now, am I, a down-and-out daughter, no longer worthy of you?"

Zuo Yeping said calmly, "Song Quan's father is addicted to gambling and owes hundreds of thousands in debt. I help her pay back the money, but she gets angry with me and would rather work hard by herself without eating or sleeping and working part-time to make money."

There was another thunderbolt in the sky, which made her heart bloody and bloody. The rain fell hard enough that she could shed tears without being noticed.

"Zuo Ye," her heart was twisted tightly, her love and self-esteem were blown to pieces on such a thunderstorm night, her mind stagnated for a moment, and she suddenly remembered what she came here to do tonight.

Her grandfather was waiting for money for the operation, she needed money, and all she needed now was money.

Rather than the so-called why we broke up.

Zuo Ye gave her one last faint look and turned around.

Mu Wan'an suddenly raised his head and said urgently, "Zuo Ye, I need twenty..."

"What are you doing here?" An angry voice interrupted her instantly. The tall man walked towards the passenger seat with long legs and a few steps. The big black umbrella covered the head of the girl who got out of the car. Half of my body was wet.

Her words were lost in the sound of rain.

Through the rain curtain, Mu Wan'an could still see the girl's appearance clearly through the car lights.

In terms of face and even temperament, she is far behind her. Her ordinary facial features can be regarded as delicate when put together. Her black hair is naturally straight and tied into a simple ponytail. She does not wear any makeup. The clothes she wears are not from famous brands, but they fit her figure well. .

Very young, Xiaojiabiyu’s appearance exudes a sense of independence.

She was hugged tightly and protected by the tall man. Zuo Ye's face was full of dissatisfaction and distress for her getting out of the car in the rain.

Mu Wan'an looked at that scene, his mind went blank, and a majestic voice sounded over the sound of the rain: "Why are you standing at the door? Even if it's raining so hard, let me in!"

A man about fifty years old wearing a Tang suit. Behind him was a housekeeper holding an umbrella and holding a cane.

Zuo Ye glanced at Mu Wan'an, who was standing alone, and told the housekeeper emotionlessly, "Send someone to take Miss Mu back later."

After saying that, he carefully held the girl in his arms and walked into the villa first.

The moment they passed each other, Mu Wan'an subconsciously grabbed the corner of his clothes with great force, her eyes widened, "Zuo Ye, I have something to talk to you about..."

"Good night," he stopped and glanced at her lightly, "don't keep pestering me to look down on you."

Those words were just indifferent, but they were as sharp as a knife.

If a man doesn't love you, you can't even breathe, let alone entanglement.

"Miss Mu," a majestic and indifferent voice sounded in the rain, and the old man on crutches spoke condescendingly, "Please come back."

After saying that, she turned around. Mu Wanan felt that the tight string in her mind was completely broken at that moment. She staggered forward and knelt down, "Uncle Zuo, I beg you, Considering the friendship you have had with my grandpa for so many grandpa is dying and I need money, so lend me five hundred thousand...I will definitely pay it back to you..."

The man on crutches looked at her indifferently, "Miss Mu, the Mu family company's bankruptcy debt exceeds 200 million. Not to mention 500,000 you can't afford to pay back, and you can't even come up with 50,000 now."

That cold voice was like a chill that invaded her insides, "You are so young and beautiful. As long as you are willing to be brave as a woman, half a million dollars is just a matter of your nod."

My fingers lost strength in vain, listening to the sound of the iron door closing in my ears.

She knelt there and couldn't get up for a long time.

About ten meters away.

"Stop the car." A lazy and deep voice suddenly sounded, and a thin smile flashed across his dark eyes.

In the rain, the black Bentley Mulsanne slowly stopped.


Chapter 2

"Mr. Gu, what's wrong?" the driver asked in surprise.

Gu Nancheng raised his thin lips and looked at the figure for a long time, squinting his eyes carelessly, "Grandma, haven't you always been urging me to get married recently? She doesn't like Sheng'er as an actor, haha."

He paused, and then his joking and indifferent voice sounded quietly, "She wants a real socialite. I'll pick one up and take it back to honor her."

The first lady in Ancheng had a sinister curve on her lips.

The cold rain suddenly stopped. Mu Wan'an blinked his eyes, his eyelashes still covered with rainwater.

"A girl's body is so precious, how can she be so cold?"

The man's voice sounded above her head, low and gentle, and she raised her head in confusion.

No matter what kind of entanglements she had with him over the years, even many years later, Mu Wan'an still remembered the feeling w


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