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The Dangerous Twin Brothers

The Dangerous Twin Brothers

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She was easy, giving in to my bright blue eyes and heavy, dark hair after only one drink. It was convenient that I met her in the hotel bar where I was partying with my twin brother, Brent. Two gorgeous twin brothers, one unsuspecting good girl! Seems like everything will go south! But, that's the BEST thing that ever happened to me. Jane applies for a secretarial position in a shipping company, managed by two hot as hell bad boys! Enter Brent and Brandon. They are two HOT. SEXY. KINKY. ALPHAS. And they love to share! Well....this seems to be quite an arrangement!

Chapter 1 - I


 Brandon’s [POV]

I was just ripping off the underwear of the slim blonde in the darkened hotel room, ready to be inside of her in this penthouse suite that was mine for the week here in Chicago.

 She was easy, giving in to my bright blue eyes and heavy, dark hair after only one drink. It was convenient that I met her in the hotel bar where I was partying with my twin brother, Brent.

 I was certain that he was in his room with the sexy redhead he’d been kissing at the bar. I could hear the wind outside of the many windows as I slid a finger inside her body and found her neck with my lips.

I was horny as hell and ready for this woman, at least until it was time to kick her out. I was just moving over her when my phone rang from the living room of the huge suite. I assumed it was some girl that wanted to hook up, but I was busy.

I had a girl and I was ready to rock her world as I moved over her. I heard the phone ring once more after it went through the three rings before going to voice mail.

Who the hell was so hell-bent on getting through to me at one in the morning? I sat for a moment and listened to it go through the cycle, breathing in the fruity scent of her body as it went silent.

I was just sliding into her when I heard the phone yet fucking again. She was tight and wet and I didn’t want to pull out of her, but I sensed this was important.

I kissed her neck and whispered that I needed to take this call, pushing my body back as I left the bed. I didn’t bother to dress since we were alone and I was going to be back in that bed as soon as I could, coming back to reality as the shrill ring taunted me from the living room where my half-filled glass of whiskey was on the bar.

I glanced around the room to see the screen blinking on the couch, and walked over to it with a resigned sigh. I grabbed the phone and noticed Brent’s name on the screen, wondering why he wasn’t with the redhead.

“Brent? What the hell?” I asked as I placed it to my ear, annoyed at my brother for one of the few times in my life. We were twins, born five minutes apart and as close as we could be.

“Is everything okay?”

“No, Bran. It isn’t. Dad was in a car accident on the way home from the airport. We need to catch a flight back to New York as soon as possible. Mom and Ashley need us.” His voice was low and I could hear the emotion in it that he was withholding.

“Shit. Okay. I’ll pack a bag and meet you in your room.” I hung up and stood in the empty, gorgeous room for a moment.

I was here because of my father and all his hard work building the most successful shipping company in the world. He’d started it himself just after college, beginning from the garage of their house and now it was in the ranks with Amazon, though he focused on computer parts and office supplies. Amazon sold everything. I went back to the bedroom, seeing the blonde on the bed waiting for me, looking dazed and horny.

“Sorry, doll. Change of plans. I have to go back to New York for a moment.”

“Is everything okay?” She asked as concern flashed over her face. I would never talk to her about my personal life.

She was one of many that were here because of my name and money, my father’s success. I knew that she didn’t care about who I was inside, even though it looked cute on her.

“Yeah,” I told her vaguely as I reached for my pants and slipped them over my body. I glanced around for my shirt and slipped the black t-shirt over my broad shoulders and ran a hand through my shoulder-length hair as I tried to think about what was happening.

I needed to pack the week or so worth of clothes that I had here and get to Brent’s room. I needed to go home.

I walk over to pull the shirts from the closet, the pants, and tees from the drawer.

I toss them into my Hartmann luggage that was sitting on top of the big cherry wood dresser.

I get my jeans and toss them on top before I go to the bathroom and wrap everything in one of the thick towels from the shelf to keep everything else dry.

I glance at the bed once the chore is done, seeing the woman dressed in her short black skirt and red silk blouse. I knew that I’d torn her underwear and that she was bare underneath but she was gorgeous.

She’d be with another man in no time, whatsoever. I didn’t care that she would, either.

I zipped my black suitcase closed as she stood and slipped her feet into the heels that matched her clothes well, though I didn’t pay a lot of attention to women and their shoe obsession.

I appreciated a pretty face and the lingerie that covered their bodies before I ruined it, but the clothes and shoes weren’t something I mind to. I felt the woman looking at me as she stood across the room.

“Do you need a cab?” I asked her as I shot her a glance.

“I have a room here as well. I just knew that yours was better,” she assured me, sealing the knowledge that I already knew.

She wanted a night with the trust fund kid. I watched her walk out and heard the door close before I made sure that I had all my things.

I grabbed the suitcase and left the room, taking a right to my brother’s room before I tapped at the door. It opened and my likeness stood before me, looking concerned and stressed.

I walked inside the room that was just like mine and over to the bar where I poured myself another whiskey.

“How is he?”

“Critical,” Brent replied as I looked at him. He was closer to our dad, though we were similar in our lifestyles.

We both traveled a lot, partying all over the globe even though he wanted his only sons to go to college for a Business degree.

He wanted us to take over from him, but we were only twenty-one and he was just forty-six, healthy as a horse right along with my mother. Wasn’t he?

“Mom said the plane will be at the airport in the next half an hour to get us.”

We had a private plane. We had boats in every ocean that existed and homes in all my parent’s favorite vacation spots.

We had everything that money could buy and enough in the bank to keep that going, thanks to the man that was in the hospital right now.

He worked hard for us. Who would take care of things now?

Chapter 2 - II

Brent’s [POV]

 I got off the plane and walked to the car parked near the runway that Mom sent. She sounded so distraught over the phone as they waited breathlessly for news and I just wanted to be there.

Brent followed me, quietly and I knew that he was dealing with this in his way. I was almost surprised that he didn’t stay back since he seemed so into the blonde and was bigger on avoidance than I was.

Just because we were twins it didn’t mean that we were wired the same. We were close though. I loved the partying and the women as well, but I was considering going to school like Dad had been asking both of us to do for the last couple of years, Dad.

 What would happen if he…I shoved the thought away. Dad was healthier than most men I knew and he’d fight.

He wouldn’t leave us, not when I didn’t know what to do if he did. I slipped into the back of the car while Brandon sat across from me, looking quietly out of the window.

The car pulled out


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