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The Contract To Find The Billionaire's Lover

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Introducing "The Contract to Find the Billionaire's Lover" Matt is thrown into a tumultuous journey of love and loss following his father's untimely demise. In a twisted turn of events, his stepmother Cathrine manipulates him into a marriage with Angela, solely for her own gains. But Matt, a billionaire with a will of steel, resolutely refuses. Angela, cunningly advised by Matt's stepmother, sets a trap for the billionaire by enticing the newly appointed maid, Kate, into a contract as a spy. Her mission? Uncover Matt's true love and to enable them destroy their relationship. Unbeknownst to Kate, this contract holds deadly consequences, but the truth gradually dawns on her. As Matt confides in the maid, revealing his heart's desire to reunite with his childhood sweetheart and continue their love story, Kate realizes that she is the very person he seeks—the one true love he longs to reconnect with. The burning question arises: Will Kate deny her true identity, pretending ignorance, and spare herself from a dangerous fate? Furthermore, what will the billionaire do if he too discovers that Kate is his childhood friend and lover? Will their shared history ignite a flame that cannot be extinguished? As the truth about the contract unfolds, what actions will the billionaire take? Will he be able to defy fate and protect his newfound love? Join us on an emotional rollercoaster as we delve into "The Contract to Find the Billionaire's Lover."


CHAPTER 1SUPER COLD HEARTPrologue:—-------------After the untimely death of Senior Coleman (Matt's father), his WILL became a problem and doubted. It needed thorough investigations due to the amount of wealth; hence, his family needed people in higher power and authority to transfer it to its rightful successor. When wicked Catherine (Matt's stepmother) told her greedy politician friend who had heard about the problem already, he asked Matt to marry his daughter, Angela before he would help them. He does that to have access to the extreme and extravagant wealth left for Matt.At The Court------------"Would you let him marry my daughter as we discussed?" The politician whispered in her ear after he drew her aside when they arrived at the court. "I'm doing this because I want our relationship to move to a whole new level, Cathrine." He lied, he had other intentions. "Sure, I agree. Your beautiful daughter is a perfect match for my son." Catherine agreed.In the courtroom, Matt, Cathrine, and Angela, the Politician, stood to hear the name of the heir. The politician who already knew stood beside Matt and pretended to be naive."I know everything is mine, just mention Cathrine Eminado, my husband is gone with his name, I'm no more Cathrine Coleman!" she requested. All eyes were on her but she didn't care. "Wow, you won't believe this, Cathrine," the judge paused, smiling at Catherine, "after thorough clarifications and compilation of other documents, Matt is the rightful heir of his father. Everything, except where you live now, belongs to him now. I'm sorry." The female judge declared, hit her hammer on the table, and asked Matt to step forward. "What, He didn't give me a penny? What am I going to do with that wretched old house!!?" Cathrine cried after the will was announced. "I knew that man didn't love me. He's wicked!" She continued. "Don't worry Mother, you can take the new house." Matt offered and placed a document in front of her but she rejected it. Possibly, that wasn't enough for her expectations. "Congratulations, Matt! Keep the documents safe, we worked hard for them. Thanks to this politician." The Judge advised. Matt and Angela feigned love for three months and paid her off so that she wouldn't return to his life again. He didn't need to be at his billionaire companies all the time, so he spent much of his time in his house after the trip to visit all the ten companies across America. He decided to live in his own house for some moment. Soon, Angela showed up in Matt's life again with a plan B inspired by Cathrine where Kate, a young sick poor maid becomes their bait. END OF PROLOGUEKate's POV:—---------------"I can't marry you. Don't even think of marriage right now, Angela..." His cold voice slid through the partially opened door. Before he could end the sentence, I had already knocked and entered. "Did I give you any permission to come in!?" He rudely roared at me. I thought the other maids lied when they talked ill about him. I experienced it for the first time. "How would I manage to work as his personal maid if he would always shout at me?" I asked myself while I stepped back to knock again. This time I possibly waited for a response but he nevermind. "You and I know that I don't love you and never will! No! No! Don't come here, please. I need to rest, I'm d*mn tired." He echoed in his room.I didn't know the lady on the other side of the phone but that was just bad. I felt sad for the person this handsome man didn't value. I wished I could help but it wasn't my business.I still stood there as I was waiting for him to end the call. The next sound I heard was a glass being smashed. I just didn't understand what was going on and what I had gotten myself into. "I quit this job month; I ain't moving to the next," I whispered and raised my hand to try the last knock."You can come in now." He finally approved."Good morning," I greeted and posed as my right hand met the left at the back of my waist. "Why did you do that?" He asked instead of replying to my greetings."Did what, Sir?" I inquired with my unusually low note. "How could you possibly bang into my room without my permission? That's unprofessional." He scolded and sat on his bed looking angry. "I'm sorry, the door was partially opened so I thought I merely needed to knock and enter," I replied. That was my excuse and nothing much. "Ha.ha..ha," he laughed hard and clapped. "You sound childish, ridiculous, and funny. How old are you?" He continued and asked. The anger loosened from his face for a moment and appeared again when he stopped laughing at once. "I…," I answered politely as I tried to control my emotions. My heart disease despised bad feelings. Looking at the look on his face, my hand began to tremble."You can only do that at an office, not in my room. How did you get the opportunity to work for me? That head maid did not do a good job by selecting you. I wish I were here to do my own thing!" He angrily suggested and slapped his face with his palms. "S..sir… I'm so..sor…I'm sorry. I won't repeat that." I promised.He raised his head and looked into my face again. This time, the anger had faded away. "Hey, what is wrong with you?" he questioned. I had changed the positions of my hand. I was holding both in front of me. This way, I would accumulate more stamina before my heart takes me down. 'Tell him you are sick, this is the chance for you. My senses sounded in my ears but I did not want him to figure I'm sick because I didn't want to lose my job either. "You are trembling, are you afraid of me? Look, I'm not mad at you. This is your first time meeting me in my space and…just forget about it and clean this mess," he suggested and pointed his finger at the mess. He had smashed his phone on the floor breaking the screen into pieces. "Have we met?" he asked as I knelt to pick up the broken glasses."Ermm, I'm sorry. Not really. This is my first time meeting you, Sir.""Why do you keep calling me Sir? Call me Matt. I love my name." He requested and leaned in his chair"Alright, Sir. Oh, Matt," my tongue slipped. He was staring at me as I continued picking each piece from the polished white floor. "Do you understand the word love, Kate?" He whispered looking at me and waiting for an answer. He lifted his eye brawl and brushed his hair with his hand. I nodded simultaneously and watched his handsomeness. I understood the reason someone was dying for him. No woman would not love such a handsome rich man. His eyes were so bright as the day and his hair covered his forehead. "So tell me, have you been in love?" He requested. How could he possibly ask me such a question? I knew perfectly well he wouldn't need me."There's this childhood friend I love, but we've not met each other in 16 years now. I'm waiting, tell me what love is. Do you think she has moved on or she's looking for me?" He continued.I felt shy to tell him. If I fall in love, I may die. This condition didn't need love. I actually didn't want to end up like my mother. Just like how he was treating someone on the phone in the name of love, I cannot stand that. His eyes were still glued to mine while I just knelt there. He was eager to listen to me. "I…I…what, love?"Suddenly, someone knocked at the door and entered just as I had done earlier. She was in a beautiful green stray dress that matched her elegant footwear. She took off her glasses and dropped her bag on the bed. "I bet she's d*mn rich!" She was very beautiful and older than I was. For some moments, both of us were mute. "Angela!?" Matt called, stood up, and faced her. "Good morning, handsome."She rushed in to kiss him before she greeted him. My eyes popped out as she did that."Excuse us, maid." She ordered. "You don't work for her. You follow my orders, not hers." Matt also protested.The rage took over his handsome face again. I was caught between some random love seeker and my boss."Please, I need to get the vacuum sweeper." I gave an excuse and stood up."You knew one was there all these while but you chose to do it with your hand. Continue with it, you are not going out." Matt still insisted. The situation was unbearable. "Wait, what? Did you break your phone? Was it the slam I heard before the call was cut?" she inquired. Her face dropped and tears began to roll down her cheeks. "Yeah, I did. I think we talked about it. We had a deal and now, it's over. Just get over yourself. I warned you, but you agreed, Angela. I can not get married!!" Matt concluded as he directed her to walk out. I could not bear the situation anymore. I just wanted to go out. If Love had done the same to me, I don't think I would survive. His actions toward Angela were motivating me not to fall in love with my health conditions, or else I may die. "They are cutting my hand." I interrupted again, hoping my permission to go out would be granted.He looked at my face and down at my hands to confirm. "Alright, but come back. I got another task for you." He finally allowed me. Immediately I dumped the pieces; I returned to peek at them. "You can't force me to love you, Angela. You are a beautiful woman, go out there and get yourself a man." Matt spewed out. I seriously didn't know why I wanted to hear more. "What are you doing there?" I heard a warm strange feminine voice behind me asking. The voice shocked me to my inner core. My head hit the door open wide and I sat on the floor causing all eyes to be on me. Being inquisitive is not the best.

Chapter 2 SPY ON HIM

Chapter 2 SPY ON HIM"Who are you?" I turned to look at the old woman and asked. Her dress was just like what I'd seen on television. I had never set my eyes on one physically. She looked at me as I was on the floor. "Catherine!!" Matt yelled looking surprised and naive. "I will need to talk to you right after this session." She looked down and whispered to me. "What are you doing here!?" Matt asked."I…Sir…no…Matt…" I trembled again as I tried to answer. "I'm not talking to you Kate, I mean Cathrine." He intervened and signaled me to get my ass off the floor. Angela ran to hug Catherine and cried. She was old enough to cry that way. Tears fell profusely as she could not control them. Immediately her eyes met mine, I looked in a different. "You've changed Matt, I didn't bring you up this way. T


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