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Introducing "The Contract to Find the Billionaire's Lover" Matt is thrown into a tumultuous journey of love and loss following his father's untimely demise. In a twisted turn of events, his stepmother Cathrine manipulates him into a marriage with Angela, solely for her own gains. But Matt, a billionaire with a will of steel, resolutely refuses. Angela, cunningly advised by Matt's stepmother, sets a trap for the billionaire by enticing the newly appointed maid, Kate, into a contract as a spy. Her mission? Uncover Matt's true love and to enable them destroy their relationship. Unbeknownst to Kate, this contract holds deadly consequences, but the truth gradually dawns on her. As Matt confides in the maid, revealing his heart's desire to reunite with his childhood sweetheart and continue their love story, Kate realizes that she is the very person he seeks—the one true love he longs to reconnect with. The burning question arises: Will Kate deny her true identity, pretending ignorance, and spare herself from a dangerous fate? Furthermore, what will the billionaire do if he too discovers that Kate is his childhood friend and lover? Will their shared history ignite a flame that cannot be extinguished? As the truth about the contract unfolds, what actions will the billionaire take? Will he be able to defy fate and protect his newfound love? Join us on an emotional rollercoaster as we delve into "The Contract to Find the Billionaire's Lover."


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