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The Chief's Arrogant and Adorable Wife

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In the dazzling city lights, his deep purple eyes, reminiscent of the profound stars in the night sky, captivated hearts. However, this charismatic and self-absorbed CEO focused all his attention and indulgence on just one woman—her. She, a cold and astute female special agent, once a meticulously trained national ace, now reborn as an heiress. Despite her changed identity, she remained the decisive and capable woman she had always been. He, renowned for his domineering and self-assured demeanor, had a widespread reputation. Yet, in the face of her, he turned gentle like water, leaving an indelible mark of possession deep within her heart. He had once declared, "I will confine you for a lifetime, are you ready?" The authoritative tone carried a profound affection for her. However, she was no ordinary woman. Every time, she would smile lightly with lowered eyes, escaping from his cage. She would challenge him, saying, "Mò Lěng, I'd like to see if your cage is impregnable or if my freedom is unbreakable." Her eyes sparkled with an unyielding light, as if challenging the unknown destiny. Thinking she could lead an ordinary life, she unexpectedly discovered that he, who had always regarded women as accessories, was actually a member of the national special forces. Her death became entangled in a staggering conspiracy, making her a crucial figure in this grand plot.

Chapter 1 Treason

S City.

The headquarters of the National Security Department is named "Jiutower," situated in an inconspicuous suburb. The entire exterior of the building is made of black glass, preventing any outside onlookers. At the entrance, two burly men in military attire stand guard, tightly clutching sniper rifles in front of them. Their legs spread apart with a foot's distance, exuding a stable presence that enhances the imposing aura of this hundred-story building.

Inside the building, a sense of oppression pervades as everyone moves hurriedly, their nervous expressions evident.

"Hurry up, they'll be here soon," a man in a suit, with a slightly anxious demeanor, coldly eyes everyone, scanning the surroundings.

"Boss, they're here!"

A person shouts, and the man in the suit quickly emerges from a side door.


During the final mission handover, Feng Xi's mood is surprisingly good. As she gazes at the building, its deep colors suddenly brighten, and a faint smile appears on Feng Xi's lips.

For the last time as a special agent entering this building, she skips any disguises and walks in directly. Feng Xi, as a habit, casually greets the guard at the entrance, her footsteps not pausing for a moment.

"Feng Xi..." The guard's eyes dodge for a moment, immediately composing himself. His shouted voice even carries a hint of tremor. The guard secretly regrets his timidity. How can he be so nervous now, even when facing national figures, after never being nervous before?

Hearing the call, Feng Xi halts her steps, turning to look at the guard. She delicately captures the fleeting strangeness in his eyes, but her expression remains unchanged as she responds, "Yes?"

The guard, looking at her cold gaze, shivers inexplicably but still extends his hand, pointing to the security gate beside them and lowering his head to speak, "Routine check."

Baffled, Feng Xi furrows her brows in confusion. Special agents of her rank usually don't undergo such checks when entering.

"Oh, don't misunderstand. Important people are coming from above, and everyone needs to undergo a check," the guard explains hastily, observing Feng Xi's furrowed brows.

While Feng Xi is still feeling puzzled, her instincts as a special agent make her want to inquire further. The man who left in a hurry earlier suddenly appears at the entrance.

"Boss," Feng Xi nods politely, but underneath, her eyes reveal a hint of hostility. He is her immediate superior, but he has done something... and she hasn't gathered evidence yet.

The boss lightly acknowledges with a sound, undergoes the check, and walks past.

Seeing even her superior undergoing scrutiny, Feng Xi's confusion dissipates, and she proceeds inside.

In the hallway, usually quiet and devoid of people, Feng Xi senses something unusual. Passing by an office, she hears suggestive sounds.

Turning her head, she finds a man pinning a woman against the wall, engaged in an intimate act. Feng Xi rolls her eyes and knocks on the door, saying, "Knock it off."

The duo inside panics, releasing each other and hurriedly adjusting their clothes.

"Next time, close the door!" Feng Xi remarks before continuing on her way.

Working in this place is torture. While the special agents can interact with others, these employees find solace in unconventional ways.

Although forbidden, Feng Xi understands their plight.

In the vast office, used for the final mission handover, Feng Xi calmly walks in. The dim hall suddenly brightens with over a thousand watts of light, making her squint.

As a special agent, Feng Xi has a unique sensitivity to danger. Her first instinct is to find cover. However, realizing that this is their headquarters, with the hall empty and no hiding spots, she quickly adapts.

Her thoughts race, and Feng Xi feels an unusual atmosphere. She recalls her superior's inexplicable gaze earlier and senses something amiss. It strikes her that her superior discovered her knowledge and took preemptive action.

Feng Xi adjusts to the intense light, scanning her surroundings. In the dim corners untouched by the light, her fellow brothers and sisters in arms, who once fought alongside her, stand on the second-floor corridor, surrounding her. They wear solemn expressions, adding to the solemnity of the moment.

In an instant, the hall falls silent. Feng Xi doesn't see her superior; is he hiding because he's afraid?

"Feng Xi, for the crime of indiscriminate killing of classified personnel, stealing and selling intelligence to foreign entities, and treason, the evidence is irrefutable. Do you understand the charges?" Her superior's voice resonates through the loudspeakers, lingering in the vast hall.

A chilling aura instantly emanates from Feng Xi. She, a special agent, has never been plotted against like this. However, in a moment, she regains her composure. Having anticipated such a situation, Feng Xi understands that her superior has fabricated a wealth of evidence. Saying anything more would be futile and a waste of time.

"Then don't blame me for being ruthless." Her superior's voice carries a hint of ruthlessness and faint disappointment.

The surrounding special agents exchange glances, some surprised but all maintaining impassive expressions.

In this group of special agents, Feng Xi is the most senior. They all know her, but the evidence, both physical and testimonial, is as solid as a mountain.

"Yunfeng, deal with her!" The superior's voice, stern and urgent, cuts through the silence.

Yunfeng's body trembles slightly, but he still moves forward, descending from the second floor.

Feng Xi is also taken aback. The crime is not yet proven, and it requires three trials before execution. Her superior seems overly eager. Feng Xi frowns, realizing that her superior's involvement in this matter is far from simple. In the National Security Department, who would dare to order a direct execution?

"Feng Xi, do you have anything to say in your defense?" Yunfeng, her admired colleague with limitless potential, approaches with a Mauser pistol, trembling and unbelieving. He asks the question that seems foolish.

"Unjust actions will lead to self-destruction." Feng Xi speaks coldly. At this point, she understands that her superior has fabricated a massive amount of evidence. Saying anything more would be seen as evasion, and she doesn't need to explain – time is of the essence.

Chapter 2 Escape!

The handsome and refined features of Yun Feng slowly appeared under the light, attracting attention with his noble and cold demeanor. He was someone she had personally trained.

Yun Feng raised his hand slowly, aiming at Feng Xi's temple.

"Do you really... betray the country?" Yun Feng still couldn't believe it. In every mission, she performed flawlessly—swift, precise, and ruthless. Her elegance, charm, and depth were unmatched.

Her loyalty to the organization and the country was evident to him. Thus, he was puzzled and found it hard to believe.

Feng Xi closed her eyes, feeling the cold gun barrel against her temple. Despite that, her body trembled slightly, struggling to hold back.

She was a woman, but not an ordinary one. She wasn't afraid of death.

She had risked her life numerous times in secret missions, achieving outstanding merits. She had imagined various scenarios of her death—perhaps a plane crash or a mission fa


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