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The CEO's Little Intern

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Josie Garcia is in her final year of University studying Business Law. She is selected for an internship with a fast-rising company. She was overly excited at first because they only take three students each year for internship and she made that list. She was happy to be selected for the Research Department but life had other plans for her. Christian Evans... They say he is a self-centered billionaire that believes he is a King and everyone else is below him. The majority of his employees had never seen him up close or in person. Respect is what he demands but never gives. He built his company from the ground and it became a Giant Company in less than three years The entire City admires his success and many females would love to be his but he had never had a serious relationship since he believes all women want the same thing ‚Money. What will happen when he meets Josie Garcia? A clumsy twenty-two years‚Äô old shorty that does not have a filter‚

chapter 1


7 AM

“Beep. Beep.” There goes that d*mn alarm clock.

“Ouch!” I fell off the bed trying to get my annoying alarm to turn off. That thing is trying to kill me. 

I can’t remember setting an alarm this early in the morning. My *ss hurt so much from the fall.

I tried getting up but my body is tangled in the bedspread. I managed to fall once again, now my butt cheeks are sore. I felt like crying.

I am the main definition of being clumsy but I can’t help myself. Things just happen, you know?

“Knock, knock.” I heard the door and I know definitely that is my mom. She must have heard my fragile bones crack not too long ago.

I shouted from my floor before she could open the door, “I’m fine.”

She opened the door and came in, “Josephine Garcia, where are you?” She cannot see me on the floor from where she is standing, she would have to come around the other side of the bed.

My mom always calls me by my full name when I am being clumsy. I am surprised she had to ask knowing it is a usual routine for me to fall off my bed.

“I am on the other side mom.” I answered wincing in pain. I have fallen so many times in my life that I know for sure that Mother Earth is my bestfriend.

My mom came around the other side of the bed and helped me out of the duvet. After I got up, she pulled me to sit on the bed and I know there will be a sermon coming. I love my mom the most but she does talk a lot sometimes but what can a girl do other than listen?

“Honey, don’t be late for your intern interview today.” My mom said softly and I shuddered at the thought of going out. “I know that you are still hurting over what happened and I am hurting too sweetheart. It is hard to not be angry about the fact that my little girl was almost… you know… that thing but thank goodness it did not happen. Life goes on and you can’t live in isolation for the rest of your life.” My mom started crying after she finished speaking and it broke my heart to see her like this.

I should have started my internship two weeks ago but an incident happened a week before and my Principal literally begged the company for me to start two weeks later. I wanted more time but the company would not budge further. They said they would get someone else if I couldn’t make it today.

I sighed thinking of that. If not for me, then for my parents. They had always been there for me, not as a duty or responsibility but because they really want to see me become successful. I am literally an adult now and would need to go on my own soon or later but I would definitely prefer the later or none at all.

“I am sorry mom! I have been home for the last three weeks and I know it is time for me to get back out in the real world.” I started crying as well.

“Silly girl, who asked you to be sorry? It was not your fault. I just want you to get back out there, be your fun and jovial self again. Maybe this internship will help take away your psychological trauma.” She wiped my tears while smiling through her sobs. “Okay, go and take a shower. I will take out your outfit while you’re at it.”

I forced myself to smile, “Thanks Mom, you are the best.” And I ran off to the bathroom.

Standing in the shower, I started having flashbacks of the night that could have been my last.

I was held back at class three weeks ago completing a group project that was due the next day.

I left campus around 9 pm that evening. My home is around ten minutes’ walk from the College campus so I normally do just that. Five minutes into walking and admiring the brightly lit moon, I felt someone following me but whenever I looked back I did not see anyone.

I picked up speed, I had no time admiring the beautiful moon anymore. As I bent the corner of the last block to get to my home, there was a man waiting there. He was dressed in full black and mask, I thought I was suddenly a part of a supernatural movie.

I was so frightened that I screamed and turned to run the other direction where I was now blocked by two other men dressed in the same costume.

The last thing I heard before they placed a handkerchief damped in chemical over my nose was, “We are going to have some fun with you tonight and if it is good enough, we might keep you as our s*x slave instead of killing you.”


“Get me a new Intern Assistant.” I shouted at my Assistant Roger Simms who is also my bestfriend.

“Please shout at someone else, do you think your shouts will solve your problems?” He fired back at me. Honestly, he is the only one that can keep me in check. Well, sometimes.

“Then do you expect me to go and get an Intern by myself?” I am already doing them a favor by hiring Interns to begin with. I don’t know why I bother to put up with this m*th*rf*ck*r of An Assistant. “You know there are many capable employees here that will be happy to take your job?”

“Who cares? Go and get one of the capable employees and see if the company won’t be empty of humans soon.” He rolled his eyes and got up from the couch heading towards the door.

“Where do you think you are going?” I asked him through gritted teeth. If he wasn’t my friend and the fact that he knows me better than I know myself, I would have fired him before I even hired him. The only person other than my mother who dares speak to me in such a tone.

“I have work to do, I cannot sit and listen to your blabbering all day.” He walked out of the office. In fact he has a lot of work doing, he is not only my Personal Assistant but also The General Manager. That is why I always get an Intern to assist him and also to get someone who can get me coffee and run errands. I am giving them an opportunity to experience working with Christian Evans. A Self-made Billionaire of ‘The Great CE Business and Law Firm’.

chapter 2


I got ready with the help of my mother. I must say I look gorgeous.

I later joined her and father in the dining room for breakfast. My mother would never let me go out without eating plus I am a little foodie. I won’t skip meals to please anyone, sorry but not sorry.

“Mom, Dad, I am leaving now. Wish me luck.” I kissed her on her cheeks, hugged dad and rushed through the door. She was saying something but I did not hear her.

I don’t want to be late for my interview that I did not want to attend but since I am already going, why not be punctual?

I rushed to the bus stop in 6inch heels, pencil fitting knee length high waist skirt. A light make up and my hair combed in a high ponytail. I twisted my ankle a few times and I was surprised I haven’t fallen yet.

In the bus I had to stand, the bus was jammed in the early mornings with people going to work and where else they needed to go. As a matter of fact, some of these people have nowhere


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