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The CEO's extramarital affair

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Gong Shichen, a once ordinary girl, suddenly became the focus of envy and admiration of countless women in the city. Her destiny took a sharp turn at her wedding with Ling Yanhong. As Gong Shichen walked through the white wedding gates, her face beamed with happiness, yet at the other end of the hall, her groom Ling Yanhong exuded a hint of indifference. Newspaper headlines, internet gossip - all described this lavish yet mysterious wedding. The arrival of the city's tycoon Zhuang Wentian and the first beauty Luo Wenke only added to the spectacle. Ling Yanhong, the shining star of the newspaper industry, but in his married life, his wife Gong Shichen felt his coldness and detachment. What made him so indifferent to marriage? This question lingered in Gong Shichen's mind. And Zhuang Wentian, the patriarch of Shanghai's wealthy family, his presence added more mysteries to the story. Was he indifferent or innocent? What secrets did he hide behind this extravagant wedding? This formidable man, how would he affect Gong Shichen's fate? But most captivating of all was the first beauty, Luo Wenke. Her beauty, wealth, and demeanor enchanted countless men. Yet, deep inside, what troubles and helplessness did she conceal? Her appearance was destined to make the story even more intricate. In this world full of power, wealth, love, and hatred, what challenges will Gong Shichen face? Can she find her place amidst the torrent of high society marriage? A storm is brewing, and how will she face it, and what choices will she make?

Chapter 1

The pristine bridal gown, embodying purity and romance, accentuated the wearer's unparalleled innocence and captivating charm. Meticulously crafted by the French master Daniel, the Ocean's Love series, aptly named "White Cloud," adorned Gong Shichen's figure with exquisite elegance.

It's hard to imagine that just twenty-four hours ago, she was punting on the River Cam under the English sky with her classmates, preparing to celebrate their graduation ceremony. Even the graduation trip was planned. Then, an international long-distance call summoned her back.

As a member of Cambridge University's Management Department, Gong Shichen was an exemplary Asian student—obedient yet diligent, understated yet gentle. With her genteel demeanor, she attracted admirers of various ethnicities, yet none could capture her heart, let alone secure her consent.

In England, no one knew she was the daughter of Shanghai's magnate, Gong Jialiang, let alone the burdensome mission she carried. Even Gong Shichen herself sometimes failed to comprehend why she existed. Her path was meticulously paved by her parents, smooth and devoid of joy.

Now, completely complying with her parents' wishes, after understanding the situation, she donned the bridal gown she wasn't emotionally prepared for.

Marriages among aristocratic families often entail sacrifices for familial interests. Gong Shichen didn't resign herself to fate, but if the groom were Ling Yanhong, the only son of the Ling family, it was a different story.

With a small secret tucked away, feeling a mixture of gratitude and resignation, under her parents' earnest gaze, for the Gong family's interests, she was willing to don the bridal gown and marry Ling Yanhong. This not only earned her parents' approval but even elicited a sigh of relief from her usually stern brother.

Her sacrifice was evidently worthwhile; Ling Yanhong's interest in the Gong family was considered their stroke of luck.

The Ling family's wealth, evident from the grandeur of the wedding, aside from the exorbitant value of this unique bridal gown, was unparalleled. The lengthy train reaching eighteen meters, and the four identical quadruplets serving as adorable flower girls, showcased the meticulous planning and considerable effort invested in this wedding.

The procession had caused a traffic jam downtown, necessitating additional traffic police to manage the lengthy convoy, truly astonishing bystanders.

With four extended Lincoln limousines, four Rolls-Royces, four Maybachs, and a wedding car, elegant and extravagantly luxurious, pedestrians paused, capturing photographs, offering praise, and engaging in discussions.

As for the other decorations and arrangements, the layout of fireworks and floral displays, the red carpet and crystal spheres, naturally, were impeccable. From start to finish, this was a wedding grander than even royal ceremonies.

Gong Shichen, who once dreamed modestly, could never have imagined such a lavish wedding.

Even with the Gong family's considerable wealth, they couldn't have orchestrated such a wedding. Of course, it was a different story for the Ling family. Undoubtedly, from this day forth, the Ling family's opulence and market value would become hot topics of discussion on the internet.

As the newfound belle of the Ling family, Gong Shichen emerged as a dark horse out of nowhere, becoming the focal point of public attention.

At this moment, Gong Shichen resembled a wind-up doll, awaiting to fulfill the duties of a bride step by step.

From learning about the wedding to donning the bridal gown, awaiting the arrival of the wedding car, Gong Shichen hadn't yet glimpsed the groom's visage.

True, compared to ancient feudal households, she couldn't possibly remain unaware of Ling Yanhong's appearance. However, she did indeed agree to marry a man she hadn't seen in ten years.

Asserting nonchalance would be deceptive; after all, encountering such a spectacle for the first time inevitably evokes a degree of unease. Yet, what truly unsettled her was the groom's delayed appearance and the uncertainty of his current demeanor.

"Feeling alright? Relax a bit!"

Seeing her sister's tension, Gong Shijun couldn't help but pat her slender shoulder. Gong Shichen today looked particularly beautiful and serene, akin to a young bride prepared to wed a prince. She exuded princess-like delicacy, coupled with the intelligence and sophistication of a modern woman.

Gong Shichen didn't deny her own beauty at the moment, but compared to Ling Yanhong, rumored to be the city's most handsome man, she couldn't help but feel nervous and curious.

Why did he choose the Gong family? Was it because he once promised to marry her?

Can one believe the words of a ten-year-old? Perhaps they've long been forgotten, after all, children speak without reservation; how can one take it seriously?

Gong Shichen wasn't so naive as to believe that Ling Yanhong chose her as his bride because of a childhood promise.

After all, this world isn't a fairy tale. Ling Yanhong, a figure of prominence in the business and entertainment circles, naturally had desirable suitors.

It's just that a woman more mysterious than the cherished wife of a renowned superstar had never been caught by the paparazzi, so everything was hearsay. Yet, the rumors were so close to reality that it made one believe Ling Yanhong indeed had a confidante.

"I heard there's another, even grander wedding at the other hall?"

Gong Shichen, somewhat bored, attempted to conceal her inner tension and curiosity while casually inquiring about the protagonist of the opulent mansion wedding that had stirred up Shanghai.

If it were just the Ling family, it might not be so bustling, but with another heavyweight figure added, it's a different story.

"Well, what a coincidence. It's Zhuang Wentian. They say he's marrying quite an extraordinary woman!"

Gong Shijun, usually stern and serious, wore a smile tinged with curiosity, indicating that perhaps his curiosity lay not here but in the simultaneous occurrence of such massive weddings, which seemed rather coincidental!

Gong Shichen was not unfamiliar with the Zhuang family, although her knowledge of Zhuang Wentian was more distant than that of Ling Yanhong. At least Ling Yanhong had sat at the same table with her, albeit for a short half-semester.

As for Zhuang Wentian, she had only seen him in gossip newspapers and on television. What kind of man was he?

He was a remarkably successful man, one that other men couldn't hold a candle to. Compared to Ling Yanhong, was the latter not his match? This question exceeded Gong Shichen's realm of understanding, causing her to pause and contemplate the daunting query.

"Shichen, are you ready? Yanhong is here!"

Gong Jialiang rushed in, looking flustered. Apparently, climbing the ladder to acquire a son-in-law like Ling Yanhong was no easy feat for any prospective father-in-law; rather, it was comparable to welcoming half a son into the family.

"Everything's ready!"

Though Gong Shichen's heart couldn't help but tighten, she couldn't help but anticipate Ling Yanhong's appearance. What did he look like now?

As Ling Yanhong strode in, Gong Shichen couldn't divert her gaze. As she had anticipated, he was even more handsome than the posters, more dashing than on the internet. She might not be the most beautiful bride, but he was certainly the most handsome groom.

With a straight and resolute nose, elegantly arched eyebrows, narrow yet bright and deep eyes, tightly pursed but seemingly thin lips, impeccable facial features, a slender neck exuding elegance and nobility, a meticulously styled haircut, exuding a poised and distinguished aura, not to mention his tall and commanding figure clad in a pristine Armani suit. The neat, impeccable bowtie and the rose pinned to his chest, emblematic of the groom, completed the ensemble.

Gong Shichen stared blankly, assessing this man.

His sharp gaze fell upon Gong Shichen's face, unabashedly scrutinizing her features. Gong Shichen's intuitive heart skipped a beat.

Chapter 2

Gong Shichen knew deep down that this wedding had nothing to do with love. Yet, when she laid eyes upon this remarkably handsome man, her heart couldn't help but chill faintly, tinged with a hint of bitterness.

His choice of her, she knew not the reason. But she knew her reasons for marrying him: one, for the Gong family's interests; and two, a ludicrous promise she surprisingly remembered, hence consenting to this union.

Ling Yanhong's gaze was penetrating, his sculpted visage exuding a compelling aura from every angle. Especially when his eyes narrowed slightly, those deep pupils emitted a mesmerizing radiance.

However, when this radiance swept over Gong Shichen, there was no trace of emotion involved.

Yet, in the fleeting moment when his eyes flashed with a hint of surprise, his lips involuntarily relaxed slightly, rendering him even more handsome.

Evidently, the bride's appearance pleased him considerably, even more so than he had imagined.



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