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The CEO's Courtship Diary

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In the bustling city of T, there resides Yinqi Qing, a seemingly ordinary girl hiding a multitude of secrets. Raised in an orphanage, her formative years were tinged with loneliness, fostering a penchant for guarding her heart closely. Only in the company of her steadfast confidante, Song Zhiqiao, does she occasionally allow her smile to grace the world. Yet, amidst the facade of routine, fate orchestrates occasional surprises for her. Meanwhile, Leng Haoyu, a successful CEO navigating turbulent waters in matters of the heart, returns to T seeking solace and a fresh start. With his focus honed solely on his business pursuits, he remains haunted by memories of a lost love. Crossing paths with Yinqi Qing was never part of his plan, yet destiny intertwines their lives in unexpected ways. Pei Yun, scion of the Pei Corporation, enters Song Zhiqiao's life with earnest affection. However, an unforeseen revelation uncovers the profound bond shared between Song Zhiqiao and Yinqi Qing, posing an insurmountable obstacle in Pei Yun's pursuit of love. Mrs. Chen, the nurturing figurehead of the orphanage, exhibits an empathetic understanding of Yinqi Qing and Song Zhiqiao's inner turmoil, offering a comforting presence amidst life's uncertainties. Meanwhile, at the quaint establishment known as "Autumn Breeze," Maya and Xiao Gang, two devoted waitstaff, embrace Yinqi Qing and Song Zhiqiao as kin. Within this cityscape of intertwined emotions, the serendipitous encounter between Yinqi Qing and Leng Haoyu promises to be anything but ordinary. Though their hearts bear the scars of past traumas, their meeting ignites a spark of hope. What unfolds between them remains a mystery, as does the trajectory of Pei Yun's romantic aspirations. Can the bond between Yinqi Qing and Song Zhiqiao withstand the test of time? This is a tale teeming with suspense and heartfelt emotion, where the destinies of an unassuming girl and a stoic CEO converge in unexpected ways, captivating readers with its profound narrative. Amidst the enigmatic backdrop of the city, their story unfolds, leaving readers spellbound by its unpredictable twists and turns.

Chapter 1

Another autumn arrives, with a gentle breeze caressing the surface of the lake, creating layers of ripples that gleam brilliantly under the radiant sun. Yinqi Qing stands by the lakeside, indulging in the rich autumn breeze. With half-closed eyes, she gazes at the lake, her cool face adorned with a faint smile. She adores autumn, for it brings her joy. Whenever winter approaches, she wishes for time to pass quickly, for winter marks the beginning of her nightmares.

"Suddenly, the phrase 'the journey began' carries a warm atmosphere. If applied to us, wouldn't it be cleverly evocative? I never imagined things would unfold like this, with strangers barging into one's life..." Yinqi Qing's enjoyment is interrupted by the ringing of her phone. She retrieves her phone and glares at it.

"Hello, Qiao qiao, what's up?"

"Qing'er, where are you? Xiaoxue is sick today, and Chen Mama needs to take care of the child, so I have to take her to see a doctor. Could you handle the café today?" Song Zhiqiao's tone sounds as if she's burdening Yinqi Qing, but she knows Yinqi Qing will surely agree.

"Alright, don't worry." Yinqi Qing reassures. "Just remember to tell me what's wrong with Xiaoxue. And make sure to come early tonight. Does your friend Pei Yun know how to get there?"

"Uh... Qing'er, how do you know I'm taking Xiaoxue to see a doctor? I'm supposed to go on a date with Yun later." Song Zhiqiao looks puzzled and a little embarrassed.

"I don't know. You just said it yourself. Anyway, you can't bail out tonight. You must come, or else you know the consequences! Alright, I won't nag anymore. Hurry and take Xiaoxue to the doctor!" Yinqi Qing hangs up, smiling at her phone. "This fair-weather friend of yours won't have it easy with me! She doesn't know why, but she only smiles when talking to Song Zhiqiao!"

As Yinqi Qing arrives at the entrance of "Autumn Love", she reminisces about the early days of opening the café. She and Qiao qiao worked hard to save money, and it was not easy to establish this café. She was genuinely happy back then, the first genuine joy since that incident! Because Qiao qiao knew she loved autumn and autumn breeze, she named the café "Autumn Love". They decorated it together, resembling autumn, with the hammock ropes matching the color of maple leaves, adorned with maple leaves. There's a bar counter, and the walls are decorated with Qiao qiao's paintings. This café is famous in T City, not just for its coffee but also for its ambiance and name, which warmly welcomes everyone who steps inside.

As Yinqi Qing enters, she hears a commotion and the sound of a girl crying. She looks towards table 12, where the noise is coming from, and furrows her brow. She heads to the changing room to put on the attire representing "Autumn Love". Afterward, she points to the source of the crying and asks Xiao Gang, who is wiping the bar, "Xiao Gang, what's happening over there?"

"Miss Qing, you're here. That big shot over there ordered hot coffee, but we served cold coffee instead. However, he let it cool down himself while he was on the phone. Just as Maya was passing by with another coffee, he stopped her, and then..." Xiao Gang glares fiercely at the big shot, expressing his dislike.

"Ah, I see." Yinqi Qing nods and walks over to table 12, thinking to herself, "Maya is such a timid girl. She cries at the slightest provocation. But isn't this big shot a bit unreasonable?"

It hasn't been long since Leng Haoyu returned from abroad, planning to establish the headquarters of his company in T City. His friend invited him for coffee today, and he had heard about this café. He intended to visit upon his return but didn't expect his friend to cancel last minute, citing his girlfriend's sudden illness. He smiled inwardly, "I didn't expect him to falter. Haven't I fallen for it before? But all I got was empty excitement!"

Initially cold-hearted, thinking about these events stirred ripples in Leng Haoyu's eyes, like a calm lake suddenly stirred. He casually picks up his coffee and sips, bitterness accumulating within him, merging with the bitterness of the coffee. What started as mere ripples turned into turbulent currents. Just then, a waitress passes by, becoming the scapegoat.

Approaching table 12, Yinqi Qing hears the clink of the coffee cup against the saucer and a deep, magnetic voice saying, "What are you crying for?"

Leng Haoyu's behavior disgusts Yinqi Qing even more. She approaches Maya calmly and instructs, "Maya, go attend to other tasks. I'll handle this."

"Qing'er..." Maya is choked with emotion, unable to speak. Upon hearing Yinqi Qing's instruction, she leaves.

"Hello, sir. I'm the manager of 'Autumn Love'. May I inquire about your dissatisfaction?" Yinqi Qing asks coldly, her eyes fixed on Leng Haoyu.

"There are plenty of dissatisfactions. I asked for hot coffee, not cold. It's awful. And the service is terrible!" Leng Haoyu vents his frustration.

"I see. However, I heard that you let the coffee cool while attending to other matters. We should have reheated it promptly. That's our mistake, and I apologize. Next time, we'll improve. Regarding the service, our waitress was in tears because of your words. She was wrong to do so. Regardless of what customers say, we shouldn't cry in front of them. Please forgive us for that as well. I'm sure your next visit will be different." Yinqi Qing's words seem to acknowledge their faults, but she shifts all responsibility onto Leng Haoyu.

"You..." Leng Haoyu is rendered speechless. He's usually patient in public, but he's at a loss in front of Yinqi Qing.

"Sir, if the coffee doesn't meet your expectations, please don't take it out on the cup. I believe you won't drink it anymore. So, could you settle the bill? Thank you." Yinqi Qing takes the opportunity to press on before Leng Haoyu can respond.

"You..." He lifts his hand to speak, but no words come out. He's taken aback by her assertiveness.

"Sir, please settle the bill. Thank you."

Leng Haoyu realizes his mistake upon looking at Yinqi Qing and hearing her voice. He mistook her for someone else. Yet, her large watery eyes are indeed captivating. Yielding to Yinqi Qing's insistence, he takes out his wallet and leaves some bills on the table before hastily exiting "Autumn Love".

Watching Leng Haoyu's retreating figure, Yinqi Qing chuckles to herself. Though customers are like gods, some gods are better avoided. With a face that could mesmerize young girls

, his character leaves much to be desired. But aren't most men like this nowadays? Except for Qiao qiao's companion, that is. Yinqi Qing tidies up table 12 and leaves.

Outside, Leng Haoyu, still fuming, kicks his car numerous times. Despite his stoic expression, he attracts quite a few female onlookers. Observing the crowd, Leng Haoyu raises an eyebrow, feeling slightly better. Driving away, he ponders why he couldn't find his words in front of that supposed manager. Why did he lose control? Was it because his charm had diminished? No, it must be because of her large, watery eyes. It couldn't be because his charm had faded!

Xiao Gang comforts Maya, "Don't mind such arrogant people, especially those who think they're handsome and rich. Qing'er is sensible; she won't blame you! Otherwise, she wouldn't have helped you. You know Qing'er's personality, cold on the outside but warm on the inside! Usually, Qiao qiao handles these situations, but this time it's Qing'er. Even though Qiao qiao isn't here, it shows how much she cares about us! Don't be upset."

"I know, Xiao Gang. But, you know what? This person is quite famous in the business world. That's why I didn't retort. I was afraid it would bring bad luck to 'Autumn Love'! But considering the current situation..." Maya nervously fidgets with her clothes, her face filled with worry and fear.

"Maya, you silly girl, no matter what, you shouldn't let yourself be so wronged. I hired you to work, not to be mistreated! Don't worry, I'll handle that guy for you. As for your next question, remember, if anyone dares to touch Qiao qiao's 'Autumn Love', Pei Yun won't go easy on them!" Xiao Gang scolds with concern, treating Yinqi Qing and Qiao qiao like siblings. When they're upset, he's even angrier than they are.

"Suddenly, the phrase 'the journey began' carries a warm atmosphere...” The phone interrupts their conversation.

"Hello, Qiao qiao, how's Xiaoxue?"

"Hey, Qing'er, you don't care about me at all! You're only concerned about Xiaoxue. Don't worry; Xiaoxue just has a cold, nothing else. By the way, I'll be back at the café soon!"

"Qiao qiao, I was just teasing you. Go ahead and enjoy your date. Leave the café to me. I won't let Pei Yun's intimidating gaze scare me!" Yinqi Qing replies with a playful smile.

This smile leaves Xiao Gang and Maya dumbfounded because they know Yinqi Qing doesn't usually smile. It's the first time they've seen her smile since coming to "Autumn Love". Normally, her face is cold. They love Yinqi Qing's smile because it looks so sunny and adorable! They never dare to ask why she doesn't like to smile!

"Is that so? You don't have to. I'll handle it for now. When it gets colder, I'll hand it over to you, alright?" Song Zhiqiao asks, concerned.

"Okay, then. Thanks, Qiao qiao." Yinqi Qing's smile disappears instantly upon hearing that Song Zhiqiao will be back in a while. She clenches the phone, thinking that winter is coming soon.

"Why are you saying these things? You're so stubborn. I'll be there soon. Bye." Yinqi Qing hangs up and sits next to a tree outside "Autumn Love", gazing absentmindedly at the stars above.

Chapter 2

Yinqi Qing gazed absently at the stars in the sky, reminiscent of another day, but now the world has changed.

"Father, Mother, look at the stars in the sky, they are so beautiful! Twinkling like fireflies!" Seven-year-old Yinqi Qing's face lit up with a radiant smile as she pointed to the stars, her eyes brimming with joy.

"My dear, come here to Daddy! The stars in the sky are indeed beautiful, but my darling's eyes are even more dazzling, like my wife's, containing a galaxy!" Yinqi Jieqi spoke with paternal warmth, pulling his daughter closer and placing her on his lap, adoringly watching her.

"Daddy, is what you said true? Mommy, Daddy said my eyes are the most beautiful, just like yours!" The innocent and adorable Yinqi Qing, hearing her father's praise, felt no shyness. And her mother blushed like an apple beside them!

"Yes, my Qing'er is the most beautiful, the most adorable, and the happiest girl in the world." A picture of happiness and harmony, yet be


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