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The CEO's Contract Bride

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“There you go…” He growled, his eyes glazed over with pure lust. “I like to see… Smell… and Taste the place I would like to ruin” He inhaled deeply. My stomach flipped, and I let out a breath I didn’t think I was holding for long enough. “We shouldn’t be doing this…” I nervously whispered but I still spread my legs anyway. My nails would have dug the table if the material wasn’t so strong. I gasped as soon as his breath fanned my arousal, and I almost moaned. Did he even hear what I was saying?! “I am your husband, this is my office… And you are mine… I see no wrong in this little plum” He grunted, and soon before I could say a word, he plunged his tongue deep into my core. It was at that time, that I knew rainbows could be beautiful. *** Mia’s life takes a drastic turn when she enters a contract with a mysterious man to bear a child, Only to discover he’s her ex-boyfriend’s uncle. As she’s drawn to his allure and prowess, her ex-boyfriend tries to win her back and expose their unconventional relationship. But when her husband returns with a gunshot wound, secrets about his past begin to unravel. Torn between safety and uncovering the truth, Mia must choose: Succumb to her ex’s promise or stay with her husband and risk everything for the truth.

Ryan's Betrayal

-I would use Mia’s POV throughout the chapters.-

8:30 PM, Westlake Village, Los Angeles.

The rain poured. I was glad I could rush into the restaurant with just a few drops to dampen my clothes.

The server standing by the door handed me a cloth to wrap around my body, and I accepted it. His face lit up with a welcoming smile I had no choice but to return.

A thank you was about to leave my lips when I froze in my spot. There he was, the man I had loved for 3 years, kissing another woman.

My body shivered, and I found my bearing again, moving closer to where he was. The fancy restaurant didn’t matter, the table of four didn’t matter, neither did the aroma of food matter.

I blurted out my thoughts. “So I rushed out of my house looking all beautiful just to find you kissing another woman?” I asked, my fist tightening against my purse.

Ryan, shocked, focused his attention on me. There was panic in his eyes before it returned to a cold, indifferent one.

“Seat down first...” He ordered in a cold and detached tone, quite different from the warm and sweet voices that whispered and said sweet nothings to me.

I refused to sit and remained standing there. I knew that if I sat on that chair, I would be nothing more than an object and wouldn’t be able to show my anger.

“Just say anything you want to say. I have a hunch, but I want you to say it yourself,” I asked in a muffled and tired voice. My lips bore the marks of my teeth as I tried to mask the intense trembling coursing through me.

“Let’s Break Up.” I wobbled as the words left his lips, feeling the urge to throw up.

“What?” I asked in a whisper.

“Yes, Mia. I don’t love you anymore. Can we not do this to ourselves? You were boring and you wouldn’t even let me fuck you, how do you think I would stay loving a woman like you?” He frowned tired of saying too much and I got it, I was now a pest to him and it didn’t matter.

He even looked away from me and at the woman by his side. A gentle warmth emanated from his eyes as they fixed upon her, while his gaze towards me grew cold.

Tears clouded my eyes, as I swiped it out of my face. It was a promise I made to myself to never cry for a man and I won’t be breaking that rule for a stupid man like Ryan.

I rushed out of the restaurant, not forgetting to return the cloth to the server. Whipped my phone out of my purse and dialed Maisie’s number.

here was this need to just get swallowed by the night. Every bone in my body trembled to bring me down to tears, but I didn’t want to cry, not here.

Once Maisie’s line went through, I tried so much to hide the pain in my voice as she asked what. I wanted to spill it to her, but swallowed it down.

“Let’s go partying Maisie... I am sick of everything. Let’s just go party.” I urged her and she hummed in response.

“Alright meet you at the club in 10 min” she urged, and I quickly hung up the phone. 

I hailed a cab and jumped, almost thoroughly soaked. I immediately texted Maisie to bring a dress for me.


Finally, as I stopped at the Red Run club, I found Maisie already waiting for me with a bag in her hand. As always, she looked hot, as if she was made for the party.

She spotted me and her face lit into a smile. When she accessed my condition, she frowned.

Great, I guess I looked like a rain-soaked puppy in the rain.

She rushed towards me and dragged me to a public bathroom for a change of clothes. We had to hurry because the place smelled of old men.

Once we were out, hearing the thumping bass echo out of the club, my bones were cackling with the need to jump in.

Once we approached the bouncers, they easily let us through. The bouncers easily let us through, and Maisie, being of high class, received special VIP perks because she could afford it.

My mother got hospitalized and yet I couldn’t even afford her medical bills... One should pity me.

I followed beside her, hand in hand, as they led us to our usual spot, the VIP lounge. It felt more like a cozy space above the dance floor where crowds of people gathered and rubbed bodies against each other than a place with loud music.

If it wasn’t because of Maisie, I wouldn’t find myself in this club for no reason.

Laughter and chatter, plus the music, created a vibrant symphony that would draw you to join them on the dance floor. And Maisie was no exception. She even forgot to ask what was wrong, but after looking at me from time to time, I knew she still cared about me.

The VIP section was mad lively too, but not so crowded. Servers were all around at the beck and call of the people here, so I could order two bottles of vodka to be delivered to the table that was meant for me and Maisie.

Maisie went into the groove as soon as she stepped into the VIP lounge. Some of her regular friends found her and they began to shake it on the dance floor.

My vodka was the only thing I could use as my companion. Uncorking the bottle despite the server who offered to help me, I was ready to get drunk tonight.

Pouring in a glass full of vodka, I raised the glass and swirled it a bit, watching the disco lights reflect on the clear liquid. Remembering what the doctor told me, I downed it in one go, scrunching my nose into a frown because of the bitter taste.

Pouring in another glass, I remembered the words that Ryan said to me and downed the vodka harshly, my fingers gripping the glass tightly.

Slamming the glass on the table, I glared into the distance. “You fucking bastard!” I yelled as I poured more into the glass and downed it in one go.

I regret not slapping him once or twice—we had been together for quite some time. How could he change in just a short period?

I was just on the verge of tears when I felt someone was staring at me. Too long for me to notice.

Taking a slight turn of my head, I made direct contact with a hottie. Dangerous steel-blue eyes that judged me like I was the one who murdered his whole family.

I mean, why was he looking at me so intensely? But for one thing, he was hot.

“You wouldn’t even let me fuck you...” Ryan’s words echoed in my head and I could not help but check this specimen with my eyes scanning him from head to toe.

Taking my bottle of vodka and my almost empty glass, I walked to my prey. 

If Ryan dumped me because I didn’t have sex, maybe fucking another man would please him? I smiled at the stranger while I came closer to his desk.

The craziest thing was that he never broke contact with me.

I sat beside him, funny a very hot businessman like him was sitting alone with women flaunting their bodies on him. Was he really okay down there?

I poured myself another full cup of vodka and then another one into his glass, which was empty.

“I wonder what a fine man like you is doing here alone?” I asked.

I had made sure I sounded seductive and not scared with the slight tremble in my voice.

 I was already nervous inside because I didn’t know how to request a one-night stand from a stranger I barely even knew.

“Would you like to get out of here and turn up the heat?” He suddenly asked in a gruff voice, throwing me off guard. 

He ran a hand through his tousled black hair, and my stomach bubbled with excitement.

No voice had ever influenced me until now, but as soon as those words slipped out of his lips, I felt an intense heat in between my legs and I tightened them by instinct.

“If you are ready...” I blurted out as I downed the whole cup of vodka, and he showed me the most lovely smile ever as he downed his cup too elegantly without even spilling a single one.

Extending his hands towards me, he lifted me from the sofa and took me with him, and I could not help but follow behind him like an obedient cat.

“Mia?” I heard my friend call out for me, but I couldn’t even think straight.

“I am going to be a woman, Maisie...” I whispered without even looking back.

One Night

I found myself in a private room I never even knew existed in the red room club. 

The room was aesthetically pure black as if it was made for him. I stood by the door as I watched him slowly remove his suit and undo his tie.

When he was done, I could see his hard and muscled chest threatening to rip his collared shirt apart. 

He was the definition of slim but muscular. Looking ripe in every area, I couldn’t help but look at the slight bulge in his pants.

“Is something bothering you?...” I heard him ask as he stepped closer to me. I sucked in a sharp breath as soon as I heard his voice. Could a person’s voice be this unholy?

He cooly looked at me like I was his prey and I saw I could lose myself in his unpredictable gaze. Was this going to be the best decision I could make?

“You seem interesting, little bunny,” he mused, as his long fingers gently tucked a strand of my hair I didn’t even know was there, beh


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