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The Broken Billionaire: Love's Darkest Shadow

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Ryan Grey is a self-made billionaire at the age of 26 who no longer believes in love since his past was messy when it came to relationships. He moves to a new city hoping for a new start where he establishes a branch for his ever expanding company. In Georgia, things start out good but this doesn't last long. He meets Diana, an ambitious young and attractive woman who catches his eye. She happens to get a job in his company where his identity as the CEO is kept a secret even to the staff. He slowly grows fond of her and the unexpected happens. He starts to fall in love again. Deciding to give love one last shot, he throws caution to the wind and goes all in. He falls in love deep and despite having an ex who is still after him, he decides to settle for one girl. His one true love. Everything goes on good and just when he thinks that his stars are aligning, he discovers a secret about Diana that breaks him shaking him to the core. In a story filled with love and hope for a chance at life again, darkness looms in the shadows. Deception, betrayal and guilt roam free and seek to ruin a perfect match. What will Ryan do? Will he ignore the red flags and stick to his perfect fantasy world where love prevails or will he end up crushed again. It takes a lot to hurt a man who is in love, but what happens when you break a man in love?

A Crazy Idea

Diana and Mitchell had been best friends since high school and had gone through the worst and best in life by each other's side. Now at the age of 23, since they were both age mates, they were at that stage in life where they wanted to get their lives in order. Both were single and had gone through the system of education graduating with first-class honors in university.

Diana had a degree in marketing while Mitchell had one in catering and hotel management. Diana worked at one of the companies in town as their marketing strategist and Mitchell worked as a hotel manager in town, both jobs had good pay and they rented an apartment together so that they could split the expenses and be able to save up the extra money for future endeavors.

As they sat in the living room of their two-bedroom apartment that they rented, they watched TV while surfing social media sites just to catch up with the modern world

"Look at this," Mitchell said to Diana as she showed her an update from one of the gossip groups.

"What are-- it says tech billionaire brings his company into town as he wants to invest and create more job opportunities in our town," Diana said as she read the post." Hmm, I didn't know that we are going to have a billionaire in town."

" Are you thinking what I'm thinking? " Mitchell teased.

" What now? " Diana asked. She knew that Mitchell had some of the craziest ideas and was ready to hear what she had to say now.

"I say, we try to get this billionaire to date one of us. I mean he could be the solution that we have been looking for. Can you imagine having a billionaire boyfriend?" Mitchell asked.

" I knew you were going to say something like that. First of all, nowhere in that post does it mention the billionaire nor does it show his picture. And isn't Global Tech one of the few companies whose owner is not known to the public?" Diana asked for clarification as she tried to reason with Mitchell,

"Besides, what if he's a seventy-year-old man?"

"Old guy I can work with, as long as he pays my bills and spoils me like the gem I am. And who says we can't dig up and know the identity of the billionaire? Can't be that hard, we can use our feminine side to get what we want."

"Oh my God. You are giving me gold-digger vibes right now. Okay, I can work with that. So you want to tell me, you think there aren't other girls out there who have had the same thought? " Diana asked

"Ok, don't you dare judge me. I'm young and I need money," Mitchell said with a bougie voice," and the difference between us and those other girls is that we are going to act on our plan instead of just thinking it through. So are you with me or not? " She asked Diana.

"I don't know Mitch," Diana answered unsure of what to think of the idea.

"Come on, what if he's a young rich billionaire who happens to be single?" Mitchell asked

"Why is it that people always think that billionaires don't have girlfriends or wives? " Diana asked.

"Uuhm haven't you read every other book that has a billionaire? Most of them don't want to get attached to someone or they just have a cold heart " Mitchell answered.

"And what if this rich billionaire has a cold heart?" Diana asked

"Well every cold heart just needs some warmth and eventually it'll melt," Mitchell said.

"You sound so sure. Maybe his heart is just too cold to melt," Diana said as she tried to discourage her best friend a little bit.

"Stop being a negative Nancy and at least give some backup on this. If you don't and I become successful, don't come looking for me when you want some money," Mitchell teased.

They sat together and surfed through the updates trying to get some more information about the billionaire despite Diana trying to avoid the whole topic but to no avail. Mitchell made sure that Diana helped her with stalking every activity of Global Tech to see any loopholes that would suggest who the billionaire is. According to all that they could find was that the company mainly invested in activities that involved people who were considered as the young generation from the ages of somewhere 18 to late 30s, therefore, they concluded that the billionaire was possibly around this age bracket. This excited Mitchell even more as she saw that they had an actual opportunity to find the man who was still young and would not be considered too old for her. Diana just helped her best friend since she knew the chances of her getting a billionaire were slim to none. Upon further poking around, they found out that Global Tech was seeking to hire new people for their new building in town.

"Yes, finally! An opportunity" Mitchell said as she waved her phone in front of Diana's face. When Diana read the story carefully and started laughing

"I think you should read that story more carefully," Diana said with a smirk. When she read the post carefully, her joy suddenly turned into disappointment when she realized that the only job openings were in the marketing department. After a short tantrum, Mitchell had an idea and Diana could see it on her face.

"What's that look for?" Diana asked.

"I just had the craziest idea," she answered

"Oh no, if it's what I'm thinking, I'm not going to do it. There's no way I'm going to be your inside woman in that company. I already have a job," Diana said the moment she knew what Mitchell had in mind

"I'm sure it doesn't pay as much as this would pay," Mitchell reasoned.

Meeting Ryan

Diana had left the apartment to escape Michelle's desperate pleas for her to apply for the job at Global Tech so that she could have an inside person in the company. She went down the street and went into a coffee shop since she needed some caffeine in her system.

She just didn't see it as much of her concern and didn't want to quit her job so that she could apply at the company. While waiting for her turn in line, a young handsome man came and qeued behind her waiting for his turn too. She hadn't had the opportunity to look at him better but she could smell his cologne on him and it was kinda intoxicating. It was not that concentrated but it was definitely enough to get her attention.

By the time it was her turn to make her order, she was already getting tired of standing and when she walked up to the lady, her smile faded. The lady had on this no-nonsense look and barely smiled back at any of the customers. She ordered her coffee black with some cream on it to which


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