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''The billionaires obsession'' is a dark romance novel that explores the themes of love, obsession, and the dark side of power. The story follows a young lady who is majoring in economics named Isabella Waverly. She is passionate about learning and hopes to become wealthy someday. Alexander Knight is a powerful and wealthy businessman who employs Isabella's mother as a cook. Isabella thinks Alexander despises her because of his excessive guarding of her throughout their relationship. Isabella is resolved to leave Alexander behind and start over. Alexander Knight is a nuanced and enigmatic person. He suffers from bipolar disorder and has a dark, twisted side. Isabella Waverly is the only woman Alexander has ever had feelings for. He is completely enamored with her and will stop at nothing to keep her close. Isabella's life will be ruined if Alexander does not agree to let her go. As Isabella and Alexander negotiate their complex relationship, the tale follows them. Alexander wants Isabella, but she is adamant about getting away from his grasp. The narrative is chock-full of peril, passion, and suspense. The plot revolves around love, obsession, and the perverse side of power.

Chapter 1

POV of Isabella


My mother inquired, her face beaming, as she moved to the counter with the blended fruit in the pink glass cup, "What was the name of that girl, the model on that fashion station we watched two nights ago?"

She had thick black hair, which I fortunately got from her. As she was cooking, I rolled my eyes and questioned why she hadn't fixed her hair in a doughnut style. For days, my mother had been begging for the name of the female model, and I must admit that I was growing sick of hearing it.

"The person who wore that purple dress..." When I didn't react, she stumbled and gave me a thinking look.

She asked me the same question again, and this time I stabbed the China breakable plate in annoyance, glaring at her briefly, before rinsing and wiping the plate clean.

"Isabella, you didn't reply. I've noticed you've been moping around for a few days—what's wrong? Her tone was heavy with worry, and her Italian accent was obvious.

My head shook. "There is no problem. Aside from the fact that you keep asking me what the model's name is. It's wearing thin."

I like her. Because of this.

I peered at her intently while squinting. How would she express her admiration for a female model? Oh no, I questioned what she might be doing at this moment.

The previous time she questioned me suspiciously like this, she got a golden retriever for the young master Alexander, and needless to say, he wasn't pleased with her. Everybody in the mansion was on edge for days as he moped around the house.

I have no malice, sweetheart. She laughed. When will you turn in the assignments you mentioned to me, by the way?

We're taking a quick break, mother. When we resume, I'll submit them.

She looked at me suspiciously as she turned around. Then, wouldn't your lecturer consider you to be a slacker?

"No. He is conscious of our vacation. I spoke in a deadpan manner.

"Whatever. Since things have evolved over the years and I also attended college, I'm simply wondering. She snorted and resumed her task without pausing to look at me with narrowed eyes.

"I'm not arguing now, am I?" I sang.

Being a third-year student at Premium University in Aurelia, Florentia, wasn't particularly enjoyable because the academic setting required us to be stretched and fully prepared for personal growth and usefulness in our fields of study. However, I was studying economics, which I loved with a passion, so that was a good compensation.

I would graduate and find a great place to start working when I was twenty-two, which would be exactly a year from now in August. I could hardly wait for it, to put it mildly.

Although my institution had high standards and everything, I loved it because it had given me so many life experiences and allowed me to meet so many incredible individuals. Not to mention the fantastic chances it gave pupils. The only issue I had was that this one person—whom I really did not like—was somehow intertwined with every aspect of my existence.

The individual was also covering my tuition.

Since I was probably in high school, he was my mama's employer and the one who handled all of my bills. He simply sent chills down my spine with his icy manner and naturally tightened jaws.

He appeared to be looking for a problem in everything with his penetrating blue eyes, which were constantly inspecting. But he and his family had always supported me since I was a child, and I was grateful for that. They even treated me like the last born, who deserved all the pampering and attention because I had never once been in need of anything.

I shook my head and rolled my eyes upward, only to find the portrait of the young master hanging on the wall directly across from the kitchen, where I was standing, at the opposite end of the room. Even in the portrait, he had his normal blank expression. As if he were disinterested in life.

I slowly clinched my hands and looked at his face impassively before returning to my task.

I cleaned my hands and grabbed my phone to check my Facebook and Instagram notifications after my mother left the kitchen.

I sighed as I went on the model's account and looked at her most recent photos, sneering when I spotted the one my mother had been inquiring about. A few seconds later, I couldn't help but sigh again in a dreamlike manner.

White Sebastien, an Italian model, worked for numerous agencies all around the world as long as they could pay her. She had the ideal model figure, looked stunning, carried her body with grace, exuded incredible confidence. She had a really admirable explosion and slim body. The majority of people who knew her or had worked with her in the past reported that she was incredibly humble and fun to hang out with, but that wasn't really my concern.

I moved to Harry Styles and Zayn Malik's postings and made crazy obsessed remarks on them with a silly grin after double clicking on her photographs to indicate that I had just liked them. My mother reentered with a sigh, adjusting the mitten to make sure her hands were at ease in it.

What was Declan's request the last time?

"Oh. You are aware of how troublesome he is. He arrived to check on the welfare of his boyhood friend.

"So, he's starting back up with you guys too?"

"Sure. Most colleges start classes the same week. For academics, it was only a one-week break.

She inspected the corn soup and hummed her approval before extending the spoon in my direction so I could sample it.

"I call it the flavor of love."

Yes, you have been giving me the taste for years; therefore, there is no way that I could suddenly forget it. She shoved the spoon farther into my face, despite my inquisitive brow being lifted.

"Be quiet and begin to taste it."

"Mama, this is good." I gave her a compliment and gave her a proper finger-lick.

Please prepare the bath for the young master, my love, should I forget. He had been in his study for some time. After a brief pause, she resumed her task.

My face stiffened into the same old grimace. I logged off of Instagram without liking Shawn Mendes' photo, in which he was grinning while staring at something.

the young master.

I felt besieged, and I could feel my heart thumping repeatedly in my chest.

Now that the other stay-in house helps, Mimi wasn't accessible at the time, Genevieve wasn't around, and the final one, Rosie, was on vacation visiting her relatives in India. I felt afraid. I stood up from the stool with hunched shoulders knowing I had no alternative but to prepare his bath as soon as possible, wiping the remaining soup mark on my dress with my right hand.

"Yes, mom," I gave a melancholy reply and left the kitchen. Each step I went up the stairs seemed like my legs were heavy. I could already smell his woodsy cologne halfway down the hallway.

He was wearing a powerful, substantial Cologne, which fit him because he was a powerful demon. He wasn't a tiny demon, but rather the devil himself. Being tall, good-looking, and convincingly attractive, he exuded an unsettling air. I had to inhale the smell since it was so overpowering, and I couldn't help myself. With a subtle click, I closed the door to the young master's room as I went into his bathroom to get ready for his bath.

I knew I needed to let him know I had done it. I promptly entered the study and carried out the requested action while making as little noise as possible.

The bath is waiting for you.

I slightly cleared my throat because he didn't turn his head up.

I averted my gaze to avoid staring at him as the tendrils of his silky black hair fell over his face as he was focused on the paperwork in front of him. It didn't feel entirely appropriate to stare. His jaws were clinched firmly.

He was certainly attractive, though, and I couldn't argue with that. He had incredibly angular blue eyes that made me think of the ocean and a sharp nose. His slightly red lips were accentuated by his cheekbones, which were prominent.

Yes, he had good looks and exuded confidence, but he was also terrifying in every aspect, so I made sure to avoid anything connected to him whenever he was around. Although it had been challenging in the past, I was relieved to be accepted into the private institution because it meant I would no longer have to move around with the 'young master' in an odd manner.

But for the time being, I had just returned from the private hostel where I was staying, so I knew I would just have to get by until I headed back to school.

Salutations: "Welcome, sir." It was virtually impossible for me to hear myself speak because I spoke so quietly.

"Hmm." Slowly, he grunted. He finally raised his head and gave me one of his expressionless stares, successfully reminding me that I was wasting his time.

"Yes?" He spoke abrasively.

He continued to have a rigid expression, which made me worry about how he would appear in his workplace. His workers must feel really intimidated around him. I remained silent while observing his two eyes as they focused intensely on me. I was puzzled as to why they did so after he tightened his jaws even harder.


The bath is waiting for you. I swiftly opened the door and quickly closed it behind me as I backed away from the man. Rather, ran.

I was aware that he detested me. Now I was certain that he had only done it because I could clearly see the raw irritability in his eyes. What the heck was up with that man?

He truly did have a plan in mind when he thought he could treat everyone however he pleased, especially me. Usually, he took his time gazing into my heart and soul, as if I harbored the world's sins and he wanted me to burn.

You finished it? When I returned to the kitchen, Mama questioned I relaxed and exhaled after rolling my eyes.

It was past time for me to start looking for a job so I could stop having to travel home for the holidays, earn money, and begin setting aside money for my future.

I needed to take control of my life. It wasn't like he paid my bills, but he did, I guess. If I wished, I could have purchased a plot of land with the money I had in my account. Then again!

Most importantly, I had to keep my distance from him.

Chapter 2

POV of Isabella


I had just returned from the ranch, which was a mile away, and as I made my way back to the mansion along the lonely trails, I noticed I was missing Phina. I met Phina in my first year of college, and she quickly became my greatest friend. She was also the closest friend I had to a sister, which was wonderful because I didn't have many friends because I was sort of an introvert.

When I realized I wasn't alone anymore, the smile turned into a frown. A mischievous smile was slowly flickering across the lips of Declan, an estate worker and one of my boyhood pals, as he walked in my direction.

He yelled, "Aha!" while I was quite close to him, and I couldn't help but laugh at how stupid he was. Did he really believe that I was so blind that I failed to see his approach at all?

He complained, "Isabella, I haven't seen you in ages. I ignored him and chewed my bottom lip in


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