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“Well I haven't given it any thought,” he said. “But I can definitely see the appeal of seeing my woman tied and vulnerable before me.”  His gaze lingered on her throat, making her swallow nervously. She squirmed in her seat, and cleared her throat, trying to hide the effects of what his words were truly doing to her— to her insides. “Well, as we were saying, women really—” “Have my handprint on her *ss, thighs. My hand on her neck, choking her as I pound her in ecstasy,” he paused, and stared at her wrists, with his eyes hooded with desire. She discreetly squeezed her thighs together and took a large gulp of air. He smirked, his eyes not missing her subtle display. “her hands bound to my headboard, mine for the taking.” *** Ever had a one-night stand that changed your life? Well, that’s the story of Britney Jordan. As Britney prepared to move to London, she had a lot of plans laid out, but that plan did not involve having a one-night stand with a handsome stranger, and she did not plan to run into her ex-boyfriend, Jayden. She received the shock of her life when she found out that her handsome stranger was her close friend’s younger brother, Josephat Stone, and that he knew all along. And what's worse? He was going to be her new boss. She wants nothing to do with him, but he wants to do everything with her. And with Jayden trying to get her back, things are bound to get complicated. Conflicted, Britney will have to make a choice. Either way, someone's heart will be broken.

Chapter 1

Life after graduation had not really been what Britney Jordan envisaged. Graduating from college with a high grade was one thing, and getting a job was another. Binghamton was a small place where connections mattered a whole lot. And for Britney who had no one of great influence and power, she knew she was utterly f*ck*d. In high school, Britney had envisaged that at 28 years she was going to already have a steady well well-paying job, be married, and probably be expecting her second baby…. But here she was, penniless and utterly alone.

Six months after graduation, Britney had finally found a job at a small restaurant, owned by the sweetest elderly lady, Becca Franny. Too ashamed to go back home after graduation, and desperate to fend for herself without the aid of her parents, Britney spent weeks searching for openings at malls, bakeries, and restaurants. She had totally given hope and was considering returning back home until she walked into sweet old Becky’s Diner. Sweet, kind, and accommodating, Becca gave her the job immediately. The pay wasn’t anything much, but at least it was enough to take care of her necessities. It’s been three years since then and counting and Britney still worked at the same old bakery. So yeah, Britney's big dreams of working at a big company had not been fulfilled yet.

The telephone rang, and Britney answered the call. “Becky’s Diner, how can we help you?”

“Hey Britney,” the voice greeted.

“Oh hello Mr.Paul,” she recognized the voice instantly. “Hello, what will you like today? The usual?”

He chuckled. “Seems like you know this old man too well huh?”

She laughed. “Of course I do sir. We’ll have it ready and packaged for you.”

“Thank you, I’ll have my son come pick it up soon.”

“That will be perfect, have a good day!” She ended the call.

“James! Mr.Paul would like his usual prepared, Pete is coming to pick it up soon!” She yelled

“Okay! I’ll have it ready!” He yelled back

The doorbell chimed, indicating a new customer. When she was settled, Britney left the counter, book in hand to take the lady’s order.

“Welcome to Becky’s Diner ma’am, what can I get you?”

“I’ll have creamy garlic chicken pasta and a glass of juice, thank you.”

“Creamy garlic chicken pasta and a glass of juice,” she wrote it down. “Okay, I’ll be right back with your order ma’am,” she smiled at her.

Several satisfied customers and six hours later, Britney’s shift was over, and she was ready to go home. Living on a tight budget, Britney found every possible means to cut costs. From living in the shady part of town because the rent there was cheap, to living off cheap takeouts. Some days, she would even go without eating dinner, just because. Deep inside, she knew she couldn’t live like that forever. She needed to find a better job, or worst case scenario, return home. Her parents have tried countless times to help her, or better still, convince her to return home. But each time, she blatantly refused. Her friends were not spared from the wrath of her stubbornness. Best friends from childhood, Christie had tried multiple times to convince her to leave Binghamton, and move to London and stay with her, but still Britney was adamant. The truth was, she just never wanted to feel like a burden to anyone. Not to her friends, and certainly not to her parents. She wanted to fend for herself, and let her parents focus on her younger siblings. Johnathan Jordan was a senior in high school, and Jane Jordan was a junior.

Her apartment was just a fifteen-minute walk from the restaurant. And soon she was unlocking the door, and entering her rickety apartment. It was an old one-bedroom apartment, but at least she had a place to return to after the day's hard work. She went straight to the bedroom, took off her clothes, and jumped into the shower. Once she was refreshed, she lay on the bed and decided to call her mother.

After the second ring, she picked. “Hey mom, good evening, how are you?”

“Hello Brit darling, I’m good dear. How is everything?”

“Well I’m coping mom, just have a lot of things to do this month. My rent is due, and my landlord is breathing down my neck, but I’ll figure a way out don’t worry.”

She sighed. “Britney honey, aren’t you going to return home?”

“We’ve talked about this Mom,” she groaned. “I’ll figure it out.”

“Okay, okay, at least can your dad and I send you some money for your rent? Just to ease your stress please?”

“Mum, I’ve told you not to worry, I’ll figure it out okay? Where’s dad anyways?”

“He is at work, and don’t try to change the subject young lady,” she warned.

“Mom please can you just drop it?”

“No, I cannot Brit. Just this once okay? I just want to help.”

She chuckled. “ I see where I got my stubbornness from. I’ll appreciate the money, thank you very much.

“Now, was that so hard? I’ll send it first thing tomorrow morning okay?”

“Yeah Mom, thank you very much,” she smiled. “ I have to FaceTime Christie, tell dad, Johnathan, and Jane that I Said hi okay?”

“Okay pumpkin, tell Christie I said hi too okay? Bye, honey, I love you.”

“I love you too mum, bye.”

Once the line disconnected, she quickly FaceTimed her best friend.

“Hey bestie,” Christie waved, once it connected. “Well don’t you look like sh*t, how are you?”

“ I’m fine Chris, just the usual you know? I think I want to start job hunting again, I can’t keep living like this.”

Christie sighed. “I’ve said this Brit, and I’m going to keep saying this, you need to leave Binghamton, there is nothing for you there. Come to London, and live with me. You need a change of environment boo, and who knows, you might get the job of your dreams.”

“You know I don’t want to be a bother Chris,” she sighed.

“Who said anything about you being a bother? You’re my best friend Britney and I love you, so you can never be a bother. So what do you say? Want to come to London and have a fresh start?”

She chewed her lips, deep in thought.

“Come on Britney, you know you need this fresh start,” she pressed on and yet was met with silence. “Come on Britney make up your mind, the anticipation is killing me!!”

“Well, when should I leave ?” She smiled slightly.

“Yes!!” Christie cheered, “That’s more like it. When do you want to leave? So that I can book your flight.”

“Oh Chris, you’ve done enough already, you still want to pay for my flight?”

“Stop talking Britney,” she waved her off. “It’s my money, and I decide how I want to use it. And right now, I want to pay for my best friend’s flight. So, when do you want to leave?”

She shrugged. “ I don’t know honestly, I don’t really have anything much, just my luggage. Will Saturday be good?”

“ Saturday is perfect,” she grinned. “Okay! See you on Saturday bestie.”

“Thank you so much, Christie,” she said.

“You’re welcome boo,” she blew her a kiss. “Now shoo away and start parking, I have a flight to book. Bye!” She ended the call.

Britney dropped her phone and looked around her. She couldn’t believe that she was finally taking her best friend’s offer and leaving Binghamton. As she arranged her luggage, she prayed deep down that she made the right decision.

Chapter 2

Saturday came faster than she expected. And by 10 am, she was loading her luggage into the booth of a taxi, and heading to the airport. Soon, she was leaving the waiting room, and boarding the airplane. The next 8 hours were a blur, and soon the plane was landing at London city’s airport. She rolled her luggage out, her eyes searching for Christie. She definitely didn’t need to search for long though. Standing close to the exit was a grinning Christie with a big sign that had ‘Britney boo’ written on it, and beside her was an extremely attractive man she did not know. She waved at her to show that she had spotted them, and began to walk towards them.

Once she reached them, Britney engulfed her in a hug, while the man took her luggage away from her, putting them in the booth.

“Who’s the hottie?” She whispered in Christie’s ear, making her laugh.

“Britney, meet my boyfriend, Jake,” she gestured to him. “Jake, my bestie friend, Britney.”

“Hello Britney,”


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