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The Billionaire’s Unexpected Baby

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Luna Hadid, a young woman with an average background has just gotten promoted to being a full-time worker and was to celebrate with her Boss and other workers. “Do you drink?” She replied; “No Sir, I have zero tolerance for alcohol” “It doesn’t kill, just have a sip” She had no choice but to drink the spiked drink and ended up getting sexually harassed by them. “Aren’t you ashamed of doing this to a woman who could be around your daughter’s age?” Asher Shaw stood out in the crowd with his icy voice. He was able to save her from these older men, but did he save her from himself?

Chapter 1

Luna stood with both hands poised right behind her, her heart beating like a party drum as she awaits the announcement at the meeting session.

“Congratulations!, Luna” Mr. Eric, the director declared.

“You have been promoted and as of this moment become a full-time employee at SQ cooperation”

“Oh my!” A squeal of happiness escapes her lips as she finds it difficult to react.

“You’re worth it, you did your best while working as an intern” Mr. Eric uttered, with some face grinning.

“Come here, you deserve a hug too” Luna takes it as a normal gesture and ran into his arms, he folded her with both hands placed right above her ass.

“Tha…Nk, you sir, I should head out to round up my works” Luna smiled happily whilst stepping away.

“Inform your coworkers, we should celebrate you,” Mr. Eric said to her as he sits back on his chair whilst adjusting his position.

“This is overwhelming! I’m so happy to be a part of this company, I won’t ever take your kindness for granted sir” she indirectly showed her appreciation and exit his office immediately.

Luna wouldn’t stop bouncing happily until she got to her desk, she was expecting this day but she never thought it’d be so soon.

After working as an intern for just 3 months, it looks like a dream but it finally came to pass.

“Congratulations, how about I treat you to a dinner?” One of her coworkers, a young man said to her.

“Thank you, Mr. Eric said there’d be a party for all staff tonight so I’m not sure if that would work” she replied.

“Oh, alright then” he just strides away.

And she didn’t forget to drop the good news for her best friend.

[Ariaaaaa!!, I’m a full-time employee and my salary is doubled now]

Time passed by hours. Luna was done for the day, she cleared her desk and turned off her computer.

Luna stopped at the bathroom to wash her face and apply some face oil to her dry skin. She has full lips which give her this glaring appearance.

After that period, she leaves the office to grab a cab as the location for the party was a little bit far from the company.

“Luna? you’re still here?” Mr.Eric urged his driver to drive to where she was standing the moment he saw her backside from afar.

“I had some things to do” she lied, looking inside the car from afar only to notice there were two more men with him.

‘His friends, I guess’

“Come on, hop in,” he said to her.

She was expecting that but she didn’t expect him to ask her to join them in the second-line passenger seat where he was seated.

Luna hopped into the Benz van with a smile and got tired at a point because she didn’t sign up for all the questions thrown at her.

“You must be lying, how can you be blessed with all these and not have a boyfriend?” Mr. Eric’s friend asked, she was so attacked by the question itself.

“What do you mean by all these…sir?”

“Trying to act like an Angel?, you’ll know what I mean by that soon” The middle-aged men laughed it off while she just had a puzzled face.

Upon their arrival at the 5-star Club, she went in with them while the other employee was already seated in the exclusive corner provided for them.

Luna knew something was wrong the minute she was asked to come to sit with Mr. Eric and his friends.

“You’re like the celebrant here, you don’t have to sit with them” She nodded her head regardless of the eye signs she was getting from her co-workers.

Luna was happy that her thoughts failed her as she was only enjoying the delicious barbecue fish served to them.

“Do you drink?” Mr. Eric asked.

She replied; “No Sir, I have zero tolerance for alcohol” with a nervous chuckle.

“It doesn’t kill, just have a sip” His friends jokingly said.

She had no choice but to drink from the tiny glass.

It was only a minute later that she started feeling uncomfortable, the men adjusted their chairs to her side and begin their unhealthy and ridiculous behavior.

They didn’t stop at touching her thighs, Mr.Eric took the lead by stretching out his leg from under the table between her thighs.

“Hmph” Luna groaned uncomfortably when she felt a hard press on her private part.

“Please stop, I…” she was barely alive to say a word and no one knew what was going on.

Even though the staff knew, she wasn’t the first victim.

“Ah” she let out with a yell.

“You can take her to the room while I pay the bills,” Mr. Eric said to his friends and the moment they pulled Luna up to go with them, she jerked away and fell into the arms of a young man.

Her eyes were partly open but she cannot deny the hotness and that she was being held by the most handsome man on earth.

“Aren’t you ashamed of doing this to a woman who could be around your daughter’s age?”

Asher Shaw stood out in the crowd with his icy voice and charismatic figure.

“We didn’t do anything…” it was so obvious and because it was a club, illegal things were seen as legal so no one could support Asher.

Asher didn’t argue with them, he picked up the bag he thought might belong to her and carried her in a bridal style to his car.

Luna had already unbuttoned his shirt before he got to his car.

He drops her so she could stand straight and probably ask her about where she stays but his eyes saw what his mouth couldn’t explain.

He was forced to accept that he has never seen someone with such perky boobs and a perfect hourglass body with a bouncing ass, he gulped at the thought of seeing her naked and at the same time wondered if he was different from those men.

Wild imaginations ran through his brain and he couldn’t think straight.

“You smell…” Luna grabbed his collar and pulled him till his body was grinding against her chest.

She kissed him with her left hand rubbing on his hairy chest, and Asher without hesitation reciprocated the kiss.

‘I definitely won’t be able to stop myself’ Asher to himself.

Chapter 2

Luna let out soft muffles as she rolled to the left side of the bed, her phone rings almost at the same time and she just stretched her hands to the bedside desk for it.

‘Aria’ she thought to herself as her eyes swiftly opened.

“Where are you? I’ve been standing in front of your door for the past 30 minutes!” Aria said from the other end.

“I’m inside, just wait a minute, I’ll op…”

“I doubt if you are inside, your door is locked from the outside” She cuts in before she concluded.

“No, I’m inside, lying on my bed, just wait” she drops her phone immediately and tries to get up.

“Hahahaha” Luna busted into hysterical laughter the minute she noticed what was wrong.

She wasn’t in her one-room apartment, it was a rather king-size bedroom.

‘What’s going on?’ as much as she tries to find a clue of where she might be, nothing seems to touch her brain.

“Ouch” Luna gasped in pain when she tries to put down her feet but was unable to.


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