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The billionaire’s secret wife

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Scarlet Yu is a simple girl. She's willing to do everything just for her sister's sake! And one day she made a contract with the very famous business tycoon Tyron Zaires. She agreed to be the Billionaire's secret wife for a reason. What if they fall in love with each other? What if Scarlet will suffer a lot of challenges that will come to her life, with Tyron? What if Tyron will leave her after his great love come back? Will she be happy in the end? Let's step into Scarlet's little world and witness her contracted marriage with the billionaire Tyron Zaires.


"Bye Miss Yu"

Zen said goodbye to me. I smiled at him and waved.

"Bye Zen. See you tomorrow"

He smiled and left the office. I breathed a sigh of relief. What a day >_< My body is so sore from bending over and sitting in my office.

By the way, I am Scarlet Yu. 20 years old and working at Designer's Dream Company or DDC. Compared to other companies it is very small. My job is as an interior designer and I work for my sister.

She has heart disease. Surgery is required and the hospital bill increases every day because of the medicine. She is also in a coma. Three years ago.

I was brought back to reality when my phone rang. I took it from my handbag and looked at the texter. It's just 'T'.

“I'm in the villa. Where are you?”

Oh, Is he back again? I just replied 'okay' and quickly arranged my sketches in a folder then took the bag and went down to where my car was.

I immediately started the car when I got in. After two weeks he will come back? but in fairness, he doesn't forget me huh.?

It only took a few minutes before I arrived at the private villa where I live now. I removed the seatbelt and took my things before getting out of the car.

I opened the door and there, I saw him standing with a glass of wine in his hands. I walked causing him to turn to me. He heard my heels echoing.


I greeted him after I put down the folder and my handbag. I put my hands around his neck and kissed his cheek.

'Hello Sweetheart'


He kissed me on the lips after saying that. Just a touch. He also encircled his hands on my waist. After he put the wine glass.

This is my husband. Tyrone Zaires. I'm the secret wife of this Billionaire. Huh, don't me! We only got married because we had the same needs. he wanted a wife and I wanted money, so yeah, we end up like this.

"I didn't expect you to come home today."

"Well, I just check if you're still breathing here. "

I laughed softly then hit him softly on his chest. Crazy too.

"Mr. Zaires why not double my money, you know"

He shook his head so I let go and gave him puppy eyes. Lord, please help me. Dr. Wang stopped treating my sister because I have been not giving him money for 5 months for the medicine. What about my sister? What if they also lose their energy just watching? >_<

He lifted my chin and I didn't realize that I was bent over thinking. He stared into my eyes for a moment.

"Why, isn't it enough? I've given you a house, expensive dresses, and others, do you want me to buy you other things?"

I smiled at him and put my hand on his neck again. Yep, this simple dress I'm wearing is worth thousands. They thought it was just my stuff but no. These are signature collections by well-known designers.

"Yeah, but--"

"Give me a baby then, I'll give anything you want even money."

My eyes widened. I immediately bent down when I felt my face getting hot. Gosh! I didn't defend myself >_< I heard him laugh and I got more nervous when I felt his breath on my neck.

I tightened my grip on his tux when he kissed me there. I closed my eyes.

"Think about it, sweetheart."

He whispered and before I could react, I heard the door close. The baby is not included in the conversation! but my sister. I owe half a million to the hospital and my 20 thousand salaries per month are not enough.

I just sighed and walked up to the room. It looks like he won't sleep here anymore. Because he sleeps in his office or his condo not here in our house. I just cleaned my body and put on my pajamas.

Actually, his record as a husband is not too bad. When we got married, he never hurt me. Physically. We know each other inside the house but not outside.

Only his grandmother knew about our marriage and of course his friends, and others who were close and were there that day. Our marriage is legal and he is the only one who can divorce me. That is our agreement.

Aish. I'll just go to sleep now. Good night.


Dark Hills Bar

"Man, how's it going?"

Liam asked me. He's a doctor and the trusted Doctor among us. He's also popular. I shake my head and take a sip of my liquor.

"It's good and everything's okay"

I spoke. They knew about my wife. I can't hide her from them because they are the only ones I expect.

"Hey boys."

I didn't bother to look up because by the voice, I know it was Gretzel. The famous Fashion Designer in the world.

"Hey Gret, how's life? I haven't seen you for a while "

Zeke asked him. Zeke owns this Bar and is one of the most famous Bars in the world. He has wine collections from different countries and he also has his own company for wines. Those are his ideas.

"Yeah. I'm kind of busy every day, you know me guys and I know you guys too. So, I think you feel me and were even"

Gretzel answered him. I just keep quiet and listen to them. I have no use for them. I was just wondering if my wife gives me a chance to own her so that I will have my heir or heiress.

I felt Gretzel's finger on my shoulder sliding down my chest. I looked at her seriously but she just smiled.


[ continuation]

I held her hand and put it down beside her. She knew that I have a wife, and every single one of my friends knows about her even the public, but they don't have any idea about 'who is she' simply because she doesn’t want to be in showbiz and in magazines.

"Gretzel, you do know that I don't see you the way you see me, so please control yourself in public places"

I seriously said. I saw her surprised but she immediately recovered and smiled at me. People think that my wife is a gold-digger and I don't think she is coz if I didn't see her in her painful days maybe she also didn't help me get my inheritance from my grandfather. She knows my intention on marrying her is all because of my inheritance and she also needs money, so we agreed. But fvck my grandpa wants a 'little Zaires' so it only means I haven't gotten my full inheritance yet.

"*giggles * oh Ty, don't you find me attractive? I wish you would marry me instead of that girl..."



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