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The Billionaire's Secret Affair: Shadows Of Temptation

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You're just like a snowflake Princess, beautiful and unique and with just one touch, you'll be wet — Andres Thorne His hand grabbed her waist. "Only a cheap sl*t will dump her fiance for a wealthy old man," he said huskily. She bit her lips as she stared at him speechlessly. F*ck! He was supposed to be mad at her, but her innocent eyes and irresistible s*xy body made him do otherwise. Want her in his bed... She wanted him in her. It had been long since he touched her. Eight good years. The way he stared at her, and his grip on her waist, made her juices coat her pant.

Chapter 1

"You married my uncle for his money, right?" he questioned, staring at Naomi coldly.

"I married Colbert because I love him. Why can't you accept that, Andres?" She returned, trying to match up to his energy. "You left me, so I moved on."

"You moved on because I left you?" he asked, searching her eyes.

"Yes. You left the country without telling me. For a year I heard nothing from you, so I moved on," she said firmly.

"And then you married my uncle like every cheap sl*t would have done," he fired.

She slapped him. "You have no right to speak to me like that," she warned. "Get out of my house. Colbert is not here."

"You're so unbelievable," he said and turned to go. He walked to the door and turned back to face her. "Do you know you look like you have been starved of s*x? Now, you want it badly."

"You are disgusting," she sneered.

"You're just like a snowflake, Princess, beautiful and unique and with just one touch, you'll be wet," he said with a s*xy ruthless voice.

He could see it in her eyes. He knew when a woman wanted him. It would definitely show in their face. He realized her n*ppl*s were standing too. It was obvious she missed his touch, his kiss and him in her. "Come to me," he commanded with a husky voice that no woman could resist.

And before the word 'Jack Robinson' she ran and jumped on him.

They began to kiss. Mouth against mouth, lips against lips.

Her hands drew off his shirt.

He carried her to the bed and dropped her on it. She turned him over. He removed her shirt as they continued to kiss. They rolled over. She unzipped his trouser. She turned him over again and sat on him. He unclipped her bra and tossed it to the floor.

He smiled, as he felt her hair, "I want you in my bed every morning and night. Your delicate body naked in my bed, everyday," he said huskily.

"I'm your uncle's wife," she reminded.

"That man is nothing but a monster. His ex-wife can testify to that," he said, tucking her hair behind her ear.

Then he continued to kiss her. He turned her over and began to place wet kisses on her neck. Then he continued to her chest, and down to her navel. She gave a very tiny moan. He unzipped her trouser and kissed her there.

She touched his hair. "Andres," she called out softly.

He raised himself and looked at her. "Any regret?"

"No... no regrets. I just wanted to say be quick," she muttered.

He touched her left breast and pressed it. He lifted himself and moved upwards. "Your pink n*ppl*s have turned very hard. They are so beautiful." He licked her n*ppl*s with the tip of his tongue and teased it. He bit it hardly, causing her to let out a moan.

Immediately, a car honked.

"Sh*t!" she exclaimed, sitting up. "Colbert is home. Dress up, Andres."

She quickly wore her shirt.

Andres dressed up as quick as possible.

"You have to hide," she pleaded.

"Don't panic," he said, calming her down. "Let's go downstairs."

They went downstairs.

The door's bell rang. Naomi rushed to the door and opened it. "Welcome back, Colbert," she said, and kissed him.

Andres watched them from where he was seated. Jealousy evident on his face.

"Andres," Colbert called out as he approached Andres. "When did you return?"

Andres stood and they both hugged. "I returned yesterday."

"That's great. I see you have met my wife," Colbert said, pointing at Naomi before noticing her trouser was unzipped. He thought she must have been getting ready to leave the house before Andres arrived. He had warned her never to leave the house without his permission.

Meanwhile, Andres stared at Naomi. He began to remember how he had proposed to her, not knowing his dad had plans of sending him abroad to further his studies. He made a lot of millions and came back a year later to marry Naomi and take her back with him. Unfortunately, he heard that she was already married to his uncle. He became so angry and left the country. He believed that she married his uncle because of his money and didn't wait for him because she saw him as a Papa's boy who was going to do anything for his dad, just to make sure he secured a place in his father's will.

Colbert was a billionaire, a well known billionaire. But now, Andres was a self-made billionaire. He established his own business and became very popular and even richer than his Uncle. He was the richest billionaire in town. His dad saw how big of an entrepreneur he was, his visionary leadership and business acumen and made him the CEO of his company. Andres wanted to reject the position since he had his own company, but he didn't. His company was abroad and in a few other countries but not here. He needed a reason to stay back here and keep his eyes on Naomi.

"Andres?" Colbert called out, interrupting his thoughts.

"I've met her," he said fiercely. "Isn't she old enough to be your daughter?" One thing about Andres was that he was always bold enough to speak his mind.

Naomi looked tensed.

"C'mon Andres, age is just a number," Colbert said. "Naomi, get us something to drink."

"Isn't that the maid's—"

Colbert's phone rang at once. He glanced at it. "Excuse me, dear nephew," he said and walked away.

"What are you doing, Andres?" she cried out.

"I'm trying to save you from that terrible man. I see how he's treating you. He has no value for you," Andres said quickly.

"Can't you see you're getting me into trouble?" she asked faintly.

"Just tell me you want to be with me and you'll be free from his grip," Andres said.

"I love Colbert, Andres. He was here for me when you weren't," she replied cautiously.

He walked to her and held her by the waist. "Lies. Your eyes tells me a different thing."

Her heart raced. Andres was drop-dead handsome and he knew she couldn't resist his charms. She couldn't in the past and she couldn't now.

"I have no reason to lie. Can't you see I'm happy?" She questioned. "Colbert is a wonderful—"

He bent down and kissed her lips. She tried pushing him away but he overpowered her. She surrendered to the kiss and kissed him back, matching his intensity.

"Take care, bye," Colbert said on the phone. He was loud enough to alarm Andres.

Andres heard him and stopped the kiss. He quickly went back to the couch and sat down.

Colbert returned. "Business calls. Very annoying when it's the wrong timing," he said.

Andres was not scared of anyone, especially not Colbert. However, he had a level of respect for Colbert, because he was there for him when his father wasn't. But Andres hated Colbert for the way he treated women. This time around, it was his woman and he wouldn't let Colbert treat her like he treated other women.

"Women are just so lazy. Always want to live on men's wealth. I will tell you this because you're a self-made billionaire like me, unlike James who got his wealth from our dad's inheritance, never find yourself a wife like mine. Go for a hardworking woman."

Andres couldn't help but wonder why Naomi married Colbert. It was obvious Colbert didn't value or love her.

"Andres son, let's have a drink," Colbert offered. "Why are you standing there, Naomi? Bring us something to drink." Naomi who was still recovering from the kiss she shared with a tempting Andres, began to walk away.

Naomi, with her captivating presence, possessed a cascade of midnight black hair that flowed gracefully down her back, framing her delicate face. Her eyes, deep and soulful, held a melancholy beauty that spoke of untold stories. The sadness within them added a mysterious allure to her persona. The shape of her finely arched eyebrows mirrored a subtle elegance, accentuating the intensity of her gaze.

Her lips, full and gracefully curved, seemed to carry an unspoken poetry, leaving a trace of enigmatic charm in every smile. The contour of her chin lent a delicate strength to her countenance, hinting at a resilience beneath the surface. Naomi's body, a harmonious blend of curves and grace, moved with an effortless poise that drew Andres' attention without demanding it.

The color of her skin, a radiant and warm hue, added to the overall allure, enhancing the contrast with her dark features.

"There will be no need for that," Andres said as he stood. "I came to see you, Uncle. To check up on you. I have a meeting with a business client in an hour."

"Thanks for checking up on me, Andres," Colbert said. "I'll see you off."

He walked Andres out of the house and to his car, where his driver and bodyguard stood with a black umbrella. "I have a feeling Naomi is cheating on me. I have a business trip this weekend. I would like you to keep an eye on her for me. If you suspect anything, let me know," Colbert said.

"I'm now in charge of Dad's company. What makes you think I will be free during the weekend?" Andres asked, trying not to show his eagerness to accept his uncle's proposal.

"Oh, I didn't think about that," Colbert said. "How about you check your weekend schedule? If you are free, you let me know."

"Alright," Andres said. "I doubt your wife will be cheating on you. She wouldn't dare cheat on you, because I saw how scared of you she was."

"I just have to be sure. If she's cheating on me, I will teach the b*st*rd she is cheating on me with a big lesson, and deal with her," Colbert threatened.

Andres didn't feel threatened at all.

"Okay. See you next time," Andres said. His bodyguard opened the car's door for him and he got into his Ferrari Enzo.

His uncle waved at him.

Andres put on his black eyeglass as the driver drove off.

Naomi watched them through the window. Immediately, Colbert turned and their eyes met. He had a horrific look on his face. Naomi, scared and panicked, turned away.

Chapter 2

"Where have you been?" Andres dad questioned, as Andres approached him.

"I don't have to report everything to you," Andres said, and continued going inside.

"You do realize, if I hadn't sent you abroad, if I had left you to play your silly romantic games, you wouldn't be what you are today?" James said harshly.

"Do you also want to take credits for my hard work? Gosh! Sometimes I wonder if you are my biological father, because we have nothing in common."

"If your brother was still alive, I would have disowned you and put all my hopes in him," his dad snapped.

"Jesus Christ! Stop it, dad! What do you want from me?" Andres asked angrily.

"I want you to get married," James proposed at once.

Andres laughed out loud. "Are you for real, dad?"

"I am," James retorted.

"No, you're not," Andres said firmly.


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