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When Tara Coleman walks in on her husband cheating on her with her best friend and colleague from work, she is devastated by her husband’s  betrayal. She serves him divorce papers and packs her things, goes back to her parent's house but discovers she is pregnant. Fearing her husband’s attempt to be involved in their child’s life, she flees to a new city to start a fresh life for herself and her unborn child determined to build a future without her ex-husband. She settles in a new city and even gets herself a new job and a house, gives birth to her son and enroll him to school. Everything goes well until one day her son comes back home with a gift from a ‘stranger’ which she doesn’t think much of but warns her son against taking gifts from strangers. A few days later she attends charity event and has her nanny babysit her son for her little does she know that a life-changing  moment awaits her at home. As she walks into her house that night, she hears laughter coming from her son’s playroom. Curiosity piques her interest, and she quietly opens the door and to her surprise, she finds her husband Mark with their son playing together. Mark Coleman not only acknowledges the pain he caused her and expresses his sincere desire to co-parent their child together. She denies the possibility of her son being his but he knows the truth. Is she willing to forget what he did to her and focus on bringing up their son? Is there a chance that their love can be rekindled and give it a second chance despite having just discovered a new found chance at love with a mysterious colleague from work?

Chapter 1

Tara Coleman

In the eight years I had known my husband, I would say he was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Mark was the definition of a good boyfriend, fiance, and husband after we got married three years ago.

Yes, we dated since our last year of senior year in high school, went to college, and after five years of dating, we decided to get married and start a family together.

However, in the last few months, I noticed that he just grew cold and dismissive. He would cut me off, avoid me every little chance he got, and spend most of his time at the office, showing little of himself at the house.

Something tells me that he was out with his mistress or has found himself another woman, but how could he do that to me? We love each other, and we promised to remain faithful to one another at the altar; it was part of our wedding vows.

“You keep accusing me of cheating, and yet I have done nothing of the sort. Do you want me to prove your point, or what exactly do you want me to say?” He questioned me as soon as I confronted him about the whole business trip that he lied to me about.

“No, that is not what I meant, and you know it. You told me you were going on a business trip, and when I called your office, your PA said she knew nothing about a business trip or whatever name you gave your little escapade.” Did I respond, trying not to raise my voice because I was honestly speaking? He was getting on my nerves, acting like the victim of circumstance.

“I would never cheat on you, and I can’t tell you every detail of my life, Tara. We are married, yes, but there are things I need to take care of as a man of the house and the CEO of Colin Pharmaceuticals Limited. You know I am a busy man. Tara, please, let’s not discuss this now. I am tired and I need to rest. I suggest you do the same, and maybe we can pick up from where we left off this conversation tomorrow.”

“Okay, since you won’t tell me, I will find out for myself. Wait, is this because of my medical condition? The doctor said, I am not entirely infertile; I could give birth; we just need to keep trying.” I asked, and he snorted and then went to be straight.

“I wish not to talk about this and no, it is not about a child. God will give us a child when the time is right. Come to bed or stand there the whole night.” He declared, and I stood there, looking at him like he was a stranger to me. I couldn’t sleep the whole night; I kept thinking of the possibility that he was cheating on me. I couldn’t fathom the thought of him having another woman, so I ended up sleeping in the guestroom.

After turning and tossing the whole night, I had to go to work and since I didn’t want to spend the day feeling sorry for myself, I asked my driver to take me to work. Mark had already left and I didn't bother asking if he was okay or not.

Later in the day, Mia, my best friend, came to see me at the office, She looked happy and since we hadn’t seen each other for days, we decided to catch up.

“So, how have you been? I told myself that I wouldn’t get married unless I witnessed my best friend enjoying her marriage.” She asked and I chuckled.

Mia and I had practically grown together. We were inseparable and became best of friends after her family moved into our neighborhood about ten years ago. I trusted her with my whole life; I never knew that she would be the one to be disloyal to me one day, I had my whole trust in her and I always told her every part of my life.

“Nothing much. One thing I know for sure is that you are afraid of commitment; if you get over that, you can survive in marriage. There is no perfect marriage, by the way; the happy couples you see out here are also going through something but what matters is how you solve your problems in private and learn that no one is perfect.” I explained and she chuckled, sipping her wine and squinted her eyes at me questioningly.

“Something tells me that you have a lot going on on your end. Do you mind sharing? A problem shared is half-solved.” She begged and I smiled. I knew she was the only one I could trust and someone who could understand my quandary.

“Yeah, I know you already read my mind; it is about my husband Mark. I have reasons to believe that he is cheating on me. I have no evidence, just circumstantial.” I complained and she shook her head, placed her glass on the table then took my hands in hers. She rubbed them reassuringly before she finally spoke, "You have no idea how much your husband adores you, my friend. That man worships at your feet and always speaks highly of you, even in your absence. You remember how obsessed he was with you back in college?” She asked and I smiled at the thought of it.

My love story and Mark was one of a kind; everyone revered what we had and the girls were always jealous of what we shared. That is something I craved for years after we got married but my grip was getting looser day by day. I couldn’t remember the last time Mark’s love towards me was so genuine and straightforward.

“Yeah, I remember all that but the spark is gone, Mia. Mark doesn’t look at me like he always did back in the day. I don’t know if he is seeing another woman or if he is weighed down by work or not but I miss him dearly.” I poured my heart out and my ‘best friend’ consoled me; she gave me an idea that a part of me wished I never heeded, and a part of me thanked her for opening my eyes.

“You are probably just overthinking; Mark loves you and that will never change. If there are a couple, I always look up to you guys. Maybe he is overwhelmed by the piled-up work on his desk, the reshuffling of the board members and all that. How about you surprise him tonight, go out there, get him his favorite wine, buy him his favorite cologne, or get him his dream car? I know he can get it himself since he has the money but it would warm his heart if it came from you. I am not married but I know that marriage is a two-way traffic, Don’t wait for him to surprise you, do that and win his heart back, make him feel loved, and trust me, you won’t feel the distance anymore.” She advised and I smiled.

Taking her advice was probably the dumbest idea I have ever heard. “Thank you, my friend. I don’t know what I could do without you. I have a lot of work today, which I am sure I will finish late, but I am certain that by 9 PM I will be home to surprise him, I hope this revives our marriage; I don’t want to lose him.”

That statement was the last I made to Mia, and it was for a good reason that I even had a friend I could rely on and someone I could count on.

I worked the rest of the day anxiously, as I didn’t know what to buy Mark that evening. However, I got help from my PA to arrange all the paperwork in order, and I ended up finishing earlier than my scheduled time. I wanted to surprise Mark so I didn’t tell him about me going home early.

I asked my driver to drop me off at the gift shop. I got him a Rolex watch, an expensive designer perfume to match his set, his favorite red wine, and a miniseries. I just wanted us to do a movie night, talk about everything, and let it all out, Little did I know!

“Ma’am, do you need me to help you with the bag?” My driver asked as soon as I walked out of the wines and spirits shop.

“Yes please, and drive faster; I am running out of time.”

When we got home, I reached for the rear-view mirror to check myself. I applied the red lipstick and brushed my curly, dark hair away from my freshly applied mascara.

Glancing down at my neatly done nails, I smiled at my reflection, took the shopping back, and walked to the house. Everything looked normal, apart from the weird and fearful looks I got from my workers, I ignored them as I got rid of my heels and headed upstairs.

I knew Mark was probably in his room and the sound of the tip of my sharp heels against the marble floor would announce my entrance.

When I got to our bedroom door, I sighed deeply, contemplating whether to knock or just let myself in. I wanted him to be surprised; I didn’t know what his reaction would be so I was panicky, to say the least.

After summoning enough courage, I pushed the door open and called his name softly, “Mark Honey! I have a surprise for you!” I called out but the scene before my eyes betrayed my frail body and I felt the energy I had slowly leaving my body as I watched the horror in front of me.

“Why?” I uttered miserably as I watched my best friend Mia on top of my husband, riding the hell out of him. Both of them were shocked to see me and they immediately jumped off from the bed, reaching for the sheets to cover themselves.

“I can explain; it is not what you think, babe. This is the work of the devil; I swear to God!” Mark begged but I was done seeing his ugly face, I chortled angrily and banged the door behind me as I ran to the nearest washroom.

Chapter 2

Tara Coleman

It was only a few minutes—twenty to be precise—but it felt like an eternity to me. It was taking forever to pack my things in the three large suitcases. I would forgive Mark for anything, but cheating on me with my best friend was beyond my imagination. The two people I loved and trusted the most just ripped my heart apart and smashed the life out of it.

“Baby, please don’t leave me. I swear she has been throwing herself at me, and I just lost my control; my body failed me, but I promise I will never betray your feelings again.” Mark begged from outside the door, but there was nothing in this world that he would say to me that would change my mind.

When I walked out of that washroom after calming my heart and convincing myself that it was just a nightmare I would wake up from, I had already made up my mind. I looked at the three packed suitcases and sighed. I texted my driver to come upstairs and help me take them to my car outs


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