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The Billionaire's One-Night Stand!

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"There's no love between us." Flora Smith said voice determined. Matthew Charles narrowed his eyes and then answered her: "You're right. There's no love between us. We're legally husband and wife." These four words, "legal husband and wife," how could he say it out of his mouth so easily? She frowned at him and saw a mischievous smile on his handsome face. He said: "Even children have it, and there is only one marriage certificate between us and a legal husband and wife. This paper you can take it whenever you decide. I follow you." So many years have passed, from a fatal mistake to a one-night stand. Flora Smith is a single mother raising children alone until she grows up. Her child clings to Matthew Charles for half an inch and does not leave! It is true that in giving birth to a child, only the father is number one!

The Beginning Of Mistakes!

Sometimes, people will come across their life's destiny by chance and by chance. No one can predict it.

In the bathroom of the VIP room of the five-star ROYAL INVITE hotel, the sound of water had not stopped until now.

The warm and hot water quickly glided through the soft, feminine curve, then dropped straight to the cold tile floor, washing away some anxiety and nervousness of the girl taking a dip in the water.

Flora Smith was in the shower humming an unknown tune softly, and then as if thinking of something, her cheeks suddenly turned a hidden pink.

The steam in the bathroom was misty, covering the mirror with a layer of mist.

She reached out and wiped the mirror.

In the mirror immediately appeared a face have red lip and a slim chin.

She laughed, continuing to hum as she put on her delicate satin nightgown.

Outside, the phone rang, extremely urgent, as if urging the other to hurry up to answer the phone.

"Hello, Patrick. Did you get off the plane?"

The smile on the corner of her lips grew even brighter, and she unconsciously glanced at the wall clock. Like waiting for something …

On the other end of the line, she could hear her boyfriend's voice.

"I'm sorry… Flora, listen to me calmly. Due to some problems, my flight was delayed for several hours, and I didn't tell you because I was afraid you would worry. But just now… there was a notice of flight cancellation."

Thinking of his lover far away, waiting for every second, Patrick Jones could not bear to inform her of this bad news. But how can it be? It is the reason for force majeure. For a long time, Flora Smith also said nothing.

There was an awkward silence between the two of them like never before. Patrick sighed, adding:

"You don't sad. I just booked a plane ticket for the nearest flight tomorrow morning. Maybe tomorrow morning, when you wake up, I'll be there!"

Flora's excitement was poured with a bucket of cold water, drowned out her longtime lover's expectant mood.

Her hand subconsciously tightened her skirt, and she sighed, her eyes involuntarily fixed on the red wine bottle on the table. It's been five years. They have been together for five years.

There was only silence around her, so still that the clock on the wall ticking seemed too noisy.

Five years have passed, but she and he only stopped holding hands, hugging and kissing, never going to the last step.

Today, her longing for him has condensed into action after a long separation. She musters up all her courage and decides to give herself to him.

Flora has bold actions that are different from her daily routine.

She sighed decisively, threw her cell phone aside, and got up from the king-size hotel bed.

The hand hesitated but finally reached for the bottle of red wine on the table.

When she went to buy this wine, she deliberately chose a wine strong enough to give them more courage when they were together but ended up using it to get themselves drunk. She is such a failure…

Flora tried to hold back her frustration. Then she looked around for a bottle opener.

It is her first time opening wine and also her first time touching alcoholic beverages.

She unwraps the piece of paper around the cork, inserts the sharp end into the center of the pin, then forces the cork up.

Although the tips were straightforward, it took her 10 minutes to do.

Flora Smith also did not waste time pouring the glass prepared on the table as a standard rule when enjoying wine, but held the mouth of the bottle close to her mouth, pouring the wine straight down her throat.

She wants to drink to forget the shame. However, Flora quickly became intoxicated. Suddenly, she let go of the hand holding the wine bottle. Then, the bottle was dropped on the living room floor and shattered into small pieces.

She was also confused by alcohol, lying on the bed.

Flora knows her courage will disappear tomorrow when Patrick returns.

Perhaps tomorrow, she will be weak again, not daring to have rebellious thoughts, let alone act again.

Flora has been Patrick's girlfriend for five years, but this is the first time her crossed the line.

Who knows how much longer it will make her next big gallop?

At the same time, in the lobby of the Royal INVITE hotel...

The receptionist girl still on a probationary period, stared unblinkingly at the man who had just entered.

He is tall and well-proportioned. So he wears a suit that fits his body well. And, he can directly walk without looking at face, just considering his body proportions.

However, God seems to feel that favoring him like that is still not enough, giving him another flawless handsome face.

“Hello… hello… hello sir….”

The receptionist stared at the customer's face until he walked closer to the front desk, she hurriedly bowed his head and said hello.

The man who had just entered frowned, looking displeased.

He likes professionals. This ROYAL INVITE receptionist needs to be more professional by his standards.

"Is she the new receptionist?"

The receptionist girl nodded like a chicken pecking rice with a passionate smile. Matthew Charles frowned even more. These days, the quality of the hotel staff is poor. He tapped the table with his hand, clearly a little impatient.

If she were the regular receptionist of ROYAL INVITE, she would have respectfully put the room card in his hand, then respectfully invite him away. Matthew said:

"Vip room 2109."

The receptionist had not yet recovered and looked at him dumbly with wide eyes.

"What did you say?"

Suppressing the urge to hit women, Matthew repeated his request.

"Please give me the room card for VIP room 2109."

Asking this new receptionist to give him the room card reserved for him seems complicated.

With the red color on her face, the receptionist did not have time to withdraw but was startled by his emotionless tone and hurriedly searched for the room card for VIP room 2109. Give with two hands.

"Ah, yes, sir, this is the room card for Vip room 2109! Sorry for the poor service!"

Matthew Charles reached out to take the room card, to glance at the whispering people not far away. If he heard correctly, those people just said to each other:

"Behold, look, the receptionist girl has already lost her soul with a glance from our boss. Our boss is getting more and more attractive. She can't catch his eye. If he's becoming our mistress, it is indeed a blessing for three generations."

What kind of nonsense would they dare to let words in his ears? Receiving a warning glance from the general boss, the people on the other side quickly fell silent and fled faster than a catfish.

Matthew didn't care about those people anymore and headed straight for the elevator.

It was late at night, and the entire elevator lobby was empty, with only Matthew leaning over, waiting for the red number displayed on the electronic board above the elevator to jump from the bottom floor to the top floor, then "ting" a voice.

The elevator door opened.

He went straight inside, casually leaned on the side, and pressed the top floor of the hotel building.

The red number once again jumps from 1 to 21.

His long legs walked quickly to room number 2109. He then swiped his room card, but the scene inside made him uncomfortable.

The room was less clean than in his memory.

Mathew Charles felt surprised.: Why is someone else in his room? Did he go to the wrong room?

Filled with suspicion, he stepped back from the door, looking closely in the room number.

Yes, 2109 is correct.

Then there is only one possibility, that is…

"It's that old trick again? No matter how many times I say it, they still deliberately put girls who are eager to change their lives into my room."

He saw the person lying on the bed wearing a bright red satin two-piece dress. From the back, he could only see the loose hair on her smooth back, a part of her hair randomly scattered on the dirty mattress on the bed.

The face is unknown, but the quality could be better.

"Having fallen asleep, she still threw her things around. Any person can indeed do this job these days."

His foot accidentally stepped on something. He took a step back, and then his cold face changed when he found out that what he had just stepped on was a woman's underwear.

The scent of alcohol wafted through the air, and he frowned, ignoring the dazzling color of the underwear, he saw the broken wine bottle and dark red liquid on the floor.

He doesn't know how the girl can climb into his bed. He leaned over again, wiped a little dark red liquid on the tip of his finger, and then brought it up to his nose to smell.

These guys were good at finding girls this time. They found a sneaky girl who got drunk and climbed into his bed. Very good!

He secretly scolded himself. He had no work ethic in bed but accidentally forgot his principle of keeping herself clean and not touching shady transactions...

The hands of the clock tick just past 11:30, an excellent time to sleep or to start the nightlife.

The corners of Matthew lips curled up slightly, and his eyes fixed on the red wine-stained floor.


The person on the bed was probably upset, and a soft moan escaped his throat.

Then she reached out, pulling herself up a little bit.

A delicate satin dress not covered her thighs. She is even more attractive, with half of her thighs exposed from the skirt.

Matthew did not seem to notice the beautiful scenery. He took off his clothes and went straight to the bathroom. His face was still cold, as if he was holding back his frustration.

The faucet just came out, and the warm water rushed down. Matthew suddenly thought: He also had a work ethic and know how to shower before 'work'.

Realizing that he had just let his thoughts flow freely to something impure, he frowned slightly, turning the faucet to cold water.

After a second, the warm water changes to cold water.

His mind cleared up for a moment.

Goblins Seduce Men!

"Mr. Patrick… You're back already??"

Flora uttered a sentence, and she felt extremely uncomfortable, as if a burning fire was burning through her body.

All over her body, from top to bottom, there was a burning sensation everywhere.

"It's hot! Brother Patrick...! I want water...! Cold water..."

When Matthew stepped out of the bathroom, What caught his eye was the erotic image of the girl lying on the bed.

He can even hear the small moan from those pretty pink lips.

Her eyes were tightly closed, and her thick eyelashes seemed to hold a few tears.

This girl's face was much more beautiful than he had imagined, at least more beautiful than the "high-class call girls" that the others had prepared in the past.

"Are you so eager to serve me? Unfortunately, for the time being, I have no interest in these flirting games, so I had to let you


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