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The Billionaire’s  Nanny

The Billionaire’s Nanny

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I cleared my throat to alert him of my presence in case he had forgotten someone was in the office with him. "Sit" his deep voice commanded and I almost melted at the spot. I dragged the chair and sat on it. "Good morning sir" I greeted "Mr Ivanov will be fine" he raised his head to look at me for the first time since I walked on here Fuck me sideways Where has this man been all my life? I couldn't help but drool over this specimen of a man before me. I had seen a lot of handsome men but this one looks like someone who just stepped out of a magazine cover. His black hair was neatly styled and his chiseled features,his jaw perfectly shaped. The most captivating thing about him was his eyes. He had brown eyes and I could look at him all day. He was dressed in a black suit that looked quite expensive, it was paired with a black button -up shirt with the two top buttons undone and a matching black tie. "You can take a picture, it lasts longer" Leilani has just discovered a life changing news and at the same time, receives an offer for a job she loves to do. She comes into the family without any thoughts of falling in love or getting attached. But somehow, they work their way into her heart and vice versa. Just when she thinks she has found happiness, fate disrupts their life.

Chapter 1

Finding a job  has to be the hardest thing as an adult. I've submitted my CV in every organisation I came across but they all proved abortive. It seemed like there were no available jobs in the country. I was fired from my last job because my boss made a pass at me and I rejected him.

My name is Leilani Alejandra, I was of Italian descent. My dad was Italian and my mum white. I am twenty- seven years of age and I'm a brunette. One special thing about me is I have blue eyes and I loved that about me. I was on the thick side and I had a round ass with perky boobs. I haven't seen my parents since I was twenty two years old.

Let's not go into that for now

Today, is another day to go job hunting. Honestly, I would say life sucks to us who don't have enough money and bills to pay. I always wished I was born into one of those powerful, wealthy families whose children don't bother about looking for jobs. They just finish school and they already have a position in their parents company. The sound of a car honking brought me back to reality, I didn't even realize I had been daydreaming and standing in front of a car.

"Sorry" I shouted and quickly moved out of the way

"Sorry for yourself bitch" the man said angrily. I scoffed. I already apologized, did he have to hurl insults at me. I was already frustrated as it stands now and now this??

Could this day get any worse. Why can't I have a good day for once in my life

I stopped in front of a huge building Carasa. There was an advert for a job vacancy, I had never heard of this company before until I saw it today but I just entered the building anyway. Everybody was running around, busy with something. I walked to the receptionist desk, there was a woman behind it typing furiously on the computer.

"Good afternoon ma"


"Good afternoon ma" I said again this time with a louder voice

"What can I do for you?" She asked rudely and didn't bother raising her head to look at me

"Errrm....I wanted to know if there was a job vacancy here?"

"We are not hiring"

"But, there was an advert for a job vacancy in front of the building" she finally raised her head up

"I just said now that we are not hiring again. Are you deaf or your just stupid?" She asked

"Excuse me?"

"Leave, before I get security to throw you out"

If they were not going to hire why bother put an advert out to the public. And that receptionist was very rude. I should have punched her square in the face to reset her brain, how dare she insinuate that I'm stupid.

"Arrggghh" I screamed in my head, It seems the universe is against me.  Why is life treating me like this. Was I a bad person in my past life.

I could feel my eyes starting to sting but I held myself back

"It seems you might end up being a waitress in Mr Vincent little diner for life" I thought to my self. Mr Vincent barely paid much, I just accepted the job so I wouldn't be idle. I checked my watch and I barely had three hours until my shift.

I hailed a taxi so I could go home and take a nap before it's time for me to work. I opened the door to my apartment and nearly screamed.

"You scared me Quinn" I told my best friend holding my chest and she just kept on laughing

"What's so funny, I almost had a heart attack. Why are you home by the way" I asked curiously because she never came back home until late in the night

"Well, I told my boss I was not feeling too well and he asked me to take the rest of the day off" she said still laughing

"Why would you do that? You and I know you're perfectly fine"

"But my boss doesn't know that" and we burst out laughing together

"So how did the job hunting go? Did you find any one?"

"No" I fell on the couch "Was I cursed not to find a decent paying job?"

"What happened?"

"So I saw an advert for job vacancy and so I walked into the building and I asked the receptionist and she said they were not hiring and I was like but there was an advert outside your building for a job vacancy and she asked me if I was deaf or stupid"

"Wait, you mean a bitch really said that to you" I nodded

"Before I forget, I heard some of my colleagues talking about a rich man who is looking for a nanny for his children and immediately i thought about you, I know how much you love children. I asked about the pay and it is really good. Are you interested?"

"Yes of course. You don't know how happy I am" I said excitedly

"But the problem is that you are going to leave with them"

"What!!!!, Can't I come back home every night and report to work the next morning" she shook her head

"My colleague said he wants a live in nanny"

"But I can't leave only you here"

"Don't worry about me. I can take care of the rent of this place and you can come home on the weekends. It won't be a problem"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes" I smiled and hugged her

"So how can I apply for the job"

"I'll help you submit your CV and then we pray and wait that you get the job"

"Thank you so much for your help"

"Anything for you babe but until then let's drink" she stood up and went to get a bottle of wine

"I won't drink too much because you know I have to work" she came back with the wine and two cups

"You should quit that job you hardly earn anything" she said as she filled the cups with wine and gave one to me.

"I know but I get tips from the customers and it had helped keep me occupied while I look for a better one"

"Let's have a toast. To new beginnings"

"To new beginnings" we clinked our glasses and drank from it. We smiled at each other.


I arrived the diner at 7pm and I met Mr Vincent, the kind old man that employed me. He was a really friendly man and very nice

"Good evening Mr Vincent"

"Good evening Leilani, I hope you had a nice day today"

"Yes Mr Vincent, what about you?"

"I did too"

"What of your wife?"

"She's fine. She asked me to tell you to stop by when you can and she asked me to give you this cupcakes" he gave me a box of cupcakes

"They are so pretty" I said and put one in my mouth, I moaned at the taste. Mrs Celia was a good baker and she was like a mother to me and Mr Vincent a father to me.

"These are so good. You should have some" I said offering him one

"No thank you, I've had enough already. You should share with your friends" he said.

Quinn would really love these, I mean who wouldn't. Mrs Celia makes the best cupcakes

"Tell Ma I said thank you and I really loved them and I would visit her whenever I had the chance too"


"Let me get to work now" I said putting on my apron and leaving Mr Vincent to finish whatever he was doing.

I started serving the customers who had come to the diner, some regular ones and few new ones. One of the reasons I liked working here was because the old men were not perverts, nobody had tried to harass me or touch me in a manner that I don't like because I might end up in jail because I'm scared I'll kill the person. By the end of the night I had gotten a tip of $300. I was excited for real, at least I could buy some personal things and pay some bills and after the bad day I had I was compensated with something good. Mr Vincent had left already and asked me to lock up and I  was left alone. I took my cupcakes and locked the diner. I started walking home. Luckily for me, my apartment was not that far.

I felt something coming out of my nose and I used my hand to clean it and I looked at it.


I moved my head back and used my fingers to hold my nose to stop the bleeding. I started feeling dizzy all of a sudden. I've been having these recurrent nose bleeds and it was becoming to frequent for my liking. I also had red spots on my body and whenever I brushed my teeth, I bled a lot.

Chapter 2

My butt hurts from sitting for too long. I sat patiently in the lobby waiting for my name to be called so I can see the doctor. I prayed in my mind that the nose bleed was nothing serious because I often hear people complain about nose bleeds and how stress caused it. I just needed to be sure it was the stress of looking for a job that caused the nose bleed.

While I waited for my name to be called, I was watching a movie on my phone titled 'Orphan' when a ball hit my head hard. I touched the place the ball made an impact to check if it was bleeding. I looked up to see who threw the ball when I saw a small blonde boy, he looked like a six year old or he might be younger than that. He looked guiltily at me with fear in his eyes. I looked around to see if he was with somebody but there was nobody


"Hey little boy" I said but he did not respond he just kept looking at me. Was he dumb?

"Come, I won't hurt you. I just want to giv


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