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The Billionaire's Maid: Entangled with The Triplet Brothers

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I didn't bother that we were at a party and that people might be looking at us when Amber grabbed me and crushed his lips against mine. I kissed him back hungrily, loving the taste of whisky on his tongue. Then Allen pulled me onto his laps and ordered me to do a lap dance for him. I ground myself on him, feeling him get harder as I moved. A groan escaped from his throat and I smiled, loving the effect I was having on him.Alex's hands played with my swollen core until I could take it no more."Please..." I whispered, craving the pleasures that the three brothers could give me.Nancy, an adopted maid, finds herself unexpectedly entangled and irresistibly pulled to the handsome triplets of the Watt family. Despite the inner inner conflicts warring inside of her, she couldn't deny the growing connection that bound her to each of the brothers.Will she continue to resist the alluring call of passion and love, or will she surrender to the seductive pull of the triplets and become a maid made for them?

CHAPTER 1: Whose Birthday Party

~ Nancy~

"Hey baby doll, we need more drinks over here", the boisterous voice of Allen, floated over the sound of music and laughter.

It was my eighteenth birthday party. Or, it was supposed to be; because, there was no way that this gathering that I'm seeing right here could be my party. How could it be my birthday party and all the faces here were strangers that I'd never met in my life? And how could the celebrant be the one serving up drinks to the strange guests instead of being the center of attention?

All my life, I thought that finally being recognized as an adult would be cool. I thought that being eighteen was going to change a lot of things. Like gaining freedom and getting away from these triplets who have made my life almost hell all the years that I had lived with them. But today, I'm eighteen, and everything is still the same as it had been all these years.

My eyes went back to the table that housed the three heirs of the Watt family. There was Alex, the first triplet. As usual, he was seated with a stoic expression on his face. Of all the three, he was the calmest and most mature.

We started off on a rough patch since their mother took me in as a foster daughter eight years ago. Her car had mistakenly hit me while I was accompanying the orphanage director to meet my prospective adoptive families. But by a twist of fate, she decided to take me in and I would be forever grateful to her for that decision. She gave me a family love that I'd always craved for and she has been so good to me.

But her sons, the triplets of the Watts family, have decided to always be a thorn in my flesh. Bullying me and making fun of me is like an entertaining sport for them and I've had to live through their daily taunts.

I really tried to be on a good path with Alex, the eldest of the triplets, but unfortunately, he and I are still on that rough patch. I mean, there's no way that I'll try to be close to someone who calls me "red onion slice" because of my curls. Safe to say that of all triplets, he is my worst bully.

Opposite Alex, was Allen, the most cunning of all the brothers. The quick-witted one. Nothing barely goes unnoticed by him. The first time that I tried to masturbate in my room after reading an erotica, he had somehow managed to barge into my room at that point. And the most embarrassing part?

He didn't even try to cover his eyes or act shocked. All he did was throw some side remarks about getting a vibrator and getting some sexual healing; all the while laughing. He is the biggest douchebag.

Then beside Allen was Amber. He is the most lively, and quite nicer than the rest of his brothers. Though he still bullies and taunts me now and then, he and I have grown closer to each other over the years.

"Come on, sweetheart, do we need to pay extra for the drinks?" Allen's voice interrupted my thoughts again, making me roll my eyes at him.

They should have just said that they threw this lavish party for themselves, not for me.

A party that I wasn't even recognized as the celebrant? And a party where I kept on serving drinks to their guests and entertaining them. I sighed, took some already filled flutes of champagne from the bar and walked over to their table.

"Here" I said, dropping the tray on their table. "Do you need something else?" I asked.

They all ignored me and continued guffawing over irrelevant things. When i saw that they were not going to reply, I turned to leave. Just as I put one leg forward, I tripped on someone's foot and while trying to regain balance, mistakenly knocked over the flutes of champagnes on their table.

Their howls of laughter tore through me like a sharp blade. I tried to contain the rage that pooled in my chest, threatening to burst and scatter everything in its part. I quickly picked up my glasses and put them back on, shame running through my limbs. I felt the start of a tear prickle my eyes before I saw a hand stretched towards me. I looked up and saw Amber.

"Here" he said, extending a hand towards me.

I took his hand and pulled myself up, my eyes immediately going to where the stoic faced triplet sat.

"It's your birthday party. Why do you look so upset?" Alex asked, his voice so calm.

He couldn't possibly be asking me that question, right? I knew that he was the one who had stuck out a foot for me to trip. And here he was, acting so calm like he had no idea about what had just happened.

I heard Allen snicker and I turned to glare at him. Unbothered by my reaction, he tugged at my shirt, holding it up as if it was dipped in some kind of waste. "At least you can finally get rid of that shirt. You look like an old maid in them. Maybe then, you can get a boy to notice you. Or aren't you tired of subjecting your middle finger to that kind of torture?"

My cheeks flamed when I understood what he was insinuating. He was going to use that single incident to taunt me forever. I was sure of it. That annoying slob!

I felt a hand on my waist and turned beside me to see one of their friends looking sleazily at me. "You know you could always use me instead of your fingers. I wouldn't even complain" he said, winking at me.

Before I could reply him, Allen had already wrenched his hands off my waist. While I was still watching, Alex leaned in and whispered something to the guy, which made the smile on his face wipe off immediately and he quickly apologized to me.

I didn't care whatever it was that they told him, but it didn't change the fact that they were all douche bags. Except maybe Amber.

I stood aside, watching the party go on and the atmosphere getting more lively as more drinks left the bar. Amber and Alex by now were dancing with some very pretty girls that they had been talking to.

While Allen still sat, his gaze never leaving mine. It made me uncomfortable, because I could swear with everything in me that all he was replaying in his head was how he saw me masturbating two years ago.

I averted my gaze and tried to focus on what was happening around me. At least I could look at the people dancing even if I couldn't dance at my own party. By the time I brought my gaze back to Allen's table, he was gone. I breathed a sigh of relief, glad to have gotten rid of him at last.

"Thought you could get rid of me so easily?" a voice said behind me.

I almost jumped as I turned to see Allen behind me with a smirk on his face.

How the devil had he gotten here so soon?

I opened my mouth to retort but before I could, a scantily dressed blonde waltzed to his side and wrapped her arms around him. "Don't tell me you ditched me for your maid?"

Smiling in a corny way, he led her away from me and onto the dance floor. But before he could get out of ear shot, I heard a statement from him that made me throw caution to the wind.

"She's just an unattractive nerd with low self esteem. You shouldn't worry about her."


I'm a nerd whose low self esteem wouldn't let her be attractive to men, right? Well, at least I am attractive to my fingers!

Boiling with rage, I picked up a flute from a table nearby and downed it in one gulp. Then I took another, and another, until the whole room felt like it was doing a 360 spin. I just knew that I'd made a mistake because from my previous experience, getting tipsy equals to me being horny.

At that point, all I wanted to do was quench the fire that was slowly starting to ignite in between my legs. I knew that I had to get to my room immediately. I left the hall and walked up the stairs that led to my room, sighing in relief when I turned the handle and found out that I didn't need a key because I was far too wasted to remember where I kept my key.

I flopped myself on the bed, kicking off my sneakers and pants almost at the same time.

With my eyes closed, and focusing on the man in my imagination who surprisingly had a striking resemblance to the triplets, I slid my fingers down to my heated center.

CHAPTER 2: Consenting

~General POV~

"I need you to follow Nancy and see that she's okay," Alex said to Amber.

Amber scrunched up his face, bringing his ears closer to Alex. "What was that?"

"Go check up on Nancy. She left the party before it even began. Check to see that she's okay" Alex said, raising his voice a bit higher so that his brother could hear.

Amber looked around the hall, his brows creasing with worry when he realized that Nancy was truly nowhere to be found around the party.

"I'll try to text her," he said and took out his phone from his pocket, but realized that his battery was flat.

Allen, sighting what was going on, strolled to where the duo were and crossed his arms across his chest, amused by the display that he was witnessing. Amber, knowing what his brother was capable of, turned to face him fully. "What did you do to her?"

He raised his hands in surrender and gasped dramatically. "What do you mean? I'm innocent. What would I possibly do to o


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