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The Billionaire's Fugitive Son In Law

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When Alora returned with her strange husband, Hanson, her aunt, Carol, and cousin, Molitta, kicked against the flash marriage. To them, he was a fugitive, a poor, broke man with nothing to offer. They wanted Alora to marry the rich billionaire business tycoon, Sir Edgar, and had already arranged for the marriage to take place in a fortnight. Hanson's identity was hidden, and even Alora believed he was helpless and relied on her to pull through. Together with Alora, Hanson was ridiculed and despised by everyone for being poor and miserable. To satisfy their sinister wish, Alora was abducted by Carol and taken to her betrothed. Will Hanson go to her rescue, or will he succumb to the pressure of making Molitta his lover?


“A letter from House Keil just arrived,” Carol stated, her expression blank.

‘A letter’ Alora felt a wave of dread washed over her, frightened that her worst nightmare was finally here. Resigned, she cast her head low and remained quiet.

Carol waved the letter in the air “Your engagement is scheduled for a fortnight from now, Alora. Prepare yourself.” A smirk crossing her face as she thought about the wealth the marriage would bring.

Alora’s breath ceased as her fear was confirmed. Anxious, she clutched her guitar with her lips pressed together.

“And put that dreadful thing away,” Carol snapped.

Alora quickly set the guitar aside and stood up. “It... it’s for my father, Aunt Carol,” she stammered.

Annoyed, Carol scolded her. “Don’t mention your deceased parents,” she said, scanning the stable. “And why are you idle doing nothing, you pitiful sloth? A guitar won’t put food on the table,” she bellowed. “You can play for the ghosts all you want, but get out now and do something productive,” she ordered.

“I’ve been working all morning, and Molitta... she asked me to wait,” Alora replied, her voice shaking.

“Don’t bring up my daughter,” Carol warned. “Go to the city center and fetch the milk gallons. Also, remind your godforsaken customers to pay their dues. I’m not running a charity here.”

Alora hesitated. “It’s... it’s almost noon; I should wait a bit longer,” she mumbled.

“I don’t care what time it is. I won’t tolerate your idleness,” Carol sneered and walked away.

With a heavy heart, Alora left the ranch on foot. There was still time, and she didn’t need a horse.


*** *** ***

“Ryan, let go of me,” she cried, struggling to keep her balance.

Ryan grunts. “You pathetic fool, do you think you matter?” He moved closer and pulled her hand.

“But she’s going to be the ruthless tycoon’s lady soon. You should be wary of her,” one of Ryan’s cohorts pointed out mockingly, and the other two laughed.

“What does it matter? It will just make her a higher-ranking maid,” Ryan replied.

Giggling, he pushed her away and was about to kick her when someone intervened.

“Hey, you rascals, what’s this about?” The stranger shouted.

Seeing the intruder approaching, the boys quickly ran to their car and drove off.

“Are you alright?” the stranger asked the local country woman. “Miss, I can go after them and set them straight,” he offered.

Shaking her head, she adjusted her navy blue short-sleeve dress.

“Who are you?” he inquired, noticing her striking blue eyes and dubbing her the ‘blue-eyed maiden’.

His directness surprised her, but she remained silent.

Realizing his mistake, he tried to correct himself. “I... um, I mean my young mas...” he stopped abruptly and sighed. “Sorry, ma’am, I’m John, and the young man,” he gestured nervously to the brand-new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4X4, having promised his young master that everything would go smoothly this time. “He’s new here and needs some guidance. If you don’t mind,” he paused, hoping she wouldn’t walk away.

Silent. The harsh mid-summer sun beat down on her, searing her tanned skin. She glanced at the car but couldn’t see inside due to the tinted windows.

Observing her, he noted that there was nothing particularly remarkable about her appearance, yet she carried herself with a certain grace even after the boys had mistreated her.

Undeterred, John persisted. “You can come meet him, ma’am. He’s nobody, and I only helped bring him here.”

When she remained silent, he resigned himself and prepared to leave. “Never mind, ma’am, I’ll go now,” he said, turning away.

Hanson watched his chauffeur and the local woman from inside the car. He found himself in this unfamiliar place, far from the chaos of his previous life, all thanks to John’s insistence. Hopefully, this would be the last hurdle, and he could soon return to his former life.

Nevertheless, he craved a comfortable bed to rest his weary head. He hid his true identity and believed that staying here would keep him safe from those who sought to control him.

As John headed back to the car, she called. “Wait, Mr. John.” She felt compassion for the stranger but was unsure how to assist him.

“He just needs a place to stay for a few days, ma’am, and then he’ll be on his way,” he explained. “Not a hotel...” he paused, deliberately withholding information about his young master. “I mean, he doesn’t want that kind of exposure. Just somewhere more secluded.”

Her blue eyes scanned the area and settled on a large building nearby. He followed her gaze and read the signpost aloud, “City Hall,” but she quickly objected. “No, no, not there,” she stated firmly.

Perplexed, she observed the bustling crowd entering and exiting the city hall and muttered to herself. “City Hall is even worse for privacy than a hotel, and they don’t offer accommodations.”

As she pondered another option, a sudden realization hit her, leaving her feeling hollow. She tried to process the thought but found it unsettling.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” he quickly apologized, realizing his error and deciding to find a more suitable plan for his young master.

“No, John, please stay,” the young lady unexpectedly called out to him.

He stepped out of the car. “I apologize, ma’am. I shouldn’t have assumed,” he apologized once more. “City Hall is not the right place.”

Despite finding the conversation about City Hall strange, Hanson remained calm. She was now closer, and he observed that she didn't exhibit the boldness of the Western women he was accustomed to; instead, she appeared nervous and skittish.

“It’s okay,” she mumbled.

John gasped. “It is!” excited at the prospect of using the idea as a cover for his young master. “What do you need for this, ma’am? I’m willing to pay anything,” he asked eagerly, already thinking of ways to convince his young master.

“Nothing,” she murmured. “You said he has nothing.”

“Oh, yes,” he uttered, scratching the back of his head. “He’s a nice guy, and I’m doing this for him,” he explained quietly, preoccupied with the challenge ahead. “Are you sure you want to do this for...”

She nodded. “Yes.” Despite the craziness of the situation and not having met the man in question, she agreed without hesitation. “I mean, we can go to City Hall. He wants privacy, and I can only take him home if...”

As the car door opened slowly, anxiety gripped her and the reality of the situation sank in.

“We get married.” Hanson and the local woman murmured simultaneously.

Hanson never imagined finding himself in such a bizarre scenario and was determined not to be persuaded by John into this impending disaster.

“It might not be a bad idea,” John interjected quickly.

“This... this is...” Hanson started to speak but fell silent as he looked at her again.

For the twenty-one-year-old country girl, this was the only way to allow the stranger into the ranch. It appeared to be the only viable option at the moment, and John had earlier come to her rescue.

Despite feeling a flutter of nerves, she found herself inexplicably drawn to the stranger. Initially wanting to flee upon seeing him, she felt rooted to the spot, completely captivated by his presence.

The stranger, with his strong build and commanding presence, stood out in the bustling area. His well-fitted, expensive gray suit accentuated his masculine frame, and his neatly styled ebony hair added to his polished appearance.

Despite his impressive demeanor, she remained unfazed. She knew he would only be married to her until he found a better option.

“I’m Hanson,” he introduced himself. “And this is my first time in Providence.”

She was mesmerized by the sound of his deep voice and the strong, masculine scent that surrounded him. When she finally spoke, she heard herself whisper, “I am a milkmaid.”

Observing his boss’ determined stance, John pulled him aside. He had brought his young master to this remote town in the Peak Coastal Region and was determined to ensure their mission's success.

“What are you thinking, John? Treating me like a pawn in your game,” Hanson questioned.

“She doesn’t know your true identity, sir. This is the perfect cover, trust me,” John defended.

From where he stood, Hanson glanced at the local woman and bit his lip in exasperation, wondering what kind of woman would agree to marry a total stranger.

“She thinks I’m just helping you, and I’ve got everything figured out,” John reassured, and with a distressed voice, he added. “You have to do this for the old master, sir.”

Shaking his head, Hanson returned to the local lady. Despite her shy demeanor, there was something about her that hinted at a noble background. Perhaps it was the way she had curtsied to him or her dignified posture.

“This is a crazy idea,” he muttered under his breath.







"What!” the curious onlooker exclaimed. “Who is this gorgeous stranger with her, and what business does she have at City Hall?" she pondered.

Unbeknownst to the duo at the City Hall, all along someone had been closely watching the local lady’s every move —Aimee Steele. Aimee, who remained inside her air conditioned car, had never seen the male stranger before and was eager to discover his relationship with her niece.

"I should hold off on involving anyone just yet," she decided.

Had Aimee not known her niece as well as she did, she may have made snap judgments and contacted the Steele family right away. But she chose to hold off, thinking there must be a good reason for her surprise guest.

“So what do I fill in?” Hanson whispered to his soon to be wife.

Startled by his voice, her mind raced with wild thoughts. Despite trying to reassure herself, she couldn't shake the feeling of unease about what she was about to do.

Living with her


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