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The Billionaire’s Ex Wife

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After they had divorced for 5 years, when Mary accidentally saw her ex-husband, Tom, and Linda, who broke her marriage, she gave them a middle finger, which made Tom chuckle. The next morning, Mary woke up and found the man sleeping beside her was her ex-husband, Tom. They had s*x last night!!! Mary cursed herself and sneak out of the room.Then she met Linda, she threw the cash on her face and said mocked, "Thanks for your fiance's HARD work last night. Here is his deserved."

Chapter 1 Damn wet

Adina’s POV

One could begin with the amazing cool breeze that feels the air. Or One could even begin with the busy arena of the airport as people from all walks of life walked briskly to meet up with their flights.

Or one could decide to begin with the different voices of PSA’s which echoed loudly in the airport, one could clearly hear the French accent as they spoke. I walked with my mini luggage heading to board a taxi to my suite.

Hey there, I’m Adina, a senior hotel staff at the M’hotels back in America. I just arrived here in France because I was commissioned by my company to come here alone to invite a senior professional hotel manager, Ace.

I’m having a meeting with him at a restaurant tomorrow, so I have to arrive at my suite quickly in order to get some rest. Ace wasn't a dangerous man, but he’s not a saint either, so I have to be really careful around him.

“Taxi?” I called out, pointing to a Taxi driver eagerly looking for a passenger. I arrived at my suite at about 8 pm, freshened up and went to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

****** next day ******

I got up really early, ordered some coffee, and decided to take a little stroll around France. I know you may be wondering why I wasn't prepared for my meeting with Ace, hold up, I can explain.

He had actually called in this morning saying he has rescheduled our meeting for the evening today. I was so happy about that because at least I got a chance to explore France for a little while.

After a little morning stroll, I came back to my suite to get dressed for my dinner date with Ace, if that's what it is. Soon enough, it was 3 pm and I had to start preparing because, duh, I'm a lady and ladies take their time when dressing up. If you'd agree with me, signify in the comments.

So back to my dress up. I took out my very pretty dinner gown I had brought with me. Thank goodness I came prepared, I did my makeup, wore some cologne and my hills and soon I was done.

He was supposed to meet me up at my suite because there was a restaurant beneath which served as a great meeting spot. So I had to book one of the suites in it so it would be easy for me. When I was done I went down because apparently, I had to wait for some minutes before he showed up, how disrespectful.

“Sorry I'm late, I was a bit busy with some stuff.”

“It's okay, can we go straight to business?”

“How forward? Won't you at least order something? Like a drink or anything?”

“Nah, I'm fine.”

“Nope, I insist.”

He stood firm by his words and called on a waiter to bring us a bottle of wine. Right after we were served, we went right into business. While we spoke I noticed he threw flirty words at me, but I just pretended not to hear them.

Not sure I mentioned this earlier, but the reason I was commissioned to invite Ace, was because it was the only way I could compete for the post of a hotel manager, and since he was a professional I had to travel all the way to come get him.

I just ignored whenever he threw advances at me and continued the conversation, just then my eyes caught two familiar beings. It was Tyson and Sophie.

They were both seated a few miles away from me and Ace’s table. I got irritated by their presence in an instant. Tyson was my ex-husband and Sophie, whom he was having dinner with, was his first love. Sophie is a well-known beautiful model and the root of my divorce with Tyson.

With mixed feelings, I rolled my eyes at him, which made him chuckle. The look on Sophie's face exhibited jealousy, she gave Tyson a possessive kiss and shot a provocative glare at me. She really thought I gave a fu^k about her relationship with Tyson.

I let out a sneer and secretly gave her my middle finger and shifted my sight away from them. I turned back at Ace to continue my conversation while sipping my glass of wine.

I suddenly started feeling funny and excused myself and headed to the washroom to calm down. Just then Ace showed up in the female bathroom with a smirk on his face. It was then it dawned on me that he must have added anaphrodisiac into my glass of wine as my body was already on fire.

“Hey beautiful”

“ You son of a bit^h,” I said, raising my hands in order to give a resounding slap, but he held my hands before I could.

“Hey, watch it.”

“You added something into my glass didn't you? Huh? ” I screamed with the last strength I could muster in me.

“Come on Adina, don't be so stubborn. Allow me to ease the tension eating you up down there, hmm?”

He was moving closer with every word he uttered until I was pinned to the wall. I tried breaking free, but my strength failed me. Suddenly a muscular figure barged into the scene and it was my husband Tyson.

“Who the hell are you?” Ace asked.

“Leave the lady alone,” Tyson said sternly.

“Stay out of this dude, it's none of your business.”

“I'm afraid my fist doesn't agree with that man.”

“I said get out!...” Ace said, approaching Tyson, but he ended up getting the beating of his life which sent him running.

I just stood there watching the drama they both played with a confused expression. What I was going through right now was far worse than watching these two fights. I was about to fall to the ground as I had lost my balance, but Tyson caught me right on time.

We stayed in that position staring into each other's eyes intensely, my body was on fire already and all I just wanted at that time was to pull him into a kiss as those beautiful hazel eyes shot stares at me.

“Come on Tyson, don't just stand here staring. You should know how I'm probably feeling right now if you were truly my husband. Do something about this, please” I cried inwardly.

I'm so d*mn wet right now, oh my god, how do I handle this?

Chapter 2 Hard Work

Tyson’s POV

I had just finished yet another meeting and headed for my suite, where I saw Sophie sitting on the bed watching some Tik Tok. I went to the bathroom freshened up and we both decided to have dinner in the restaurant downstairs.

Sophie got dressed and we both went down, just halfway down the food, I noticed a familiar face sitting a few miles away from our table. It was Adina, my ex- wife, she rolled her eyes hard the minute she saw me. I just chuckled as I watched Sophie be the possessive woman that she was and Adina being the sassy and sarcastic woman I know.

The ladies were still pulling off their stunt and Adina was carried away, I noticed the dude she sat with placed something inside her glass of wine. He sure was up to no good. Minutes later, after Adina drank that glass, I noticed that she started feeling some type of way so she excused herself to the bathroom.

It wasn’t long before this said guy followed her too, at this point something was


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