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Harmony Gold

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Mia, a once strong model, had endured the betrayal of her fiancee and her best friend on the very day they were to make their vows. Plunging her into a world of heartbreak and despair, with immense courage she exposed their treachery before their very eyes, bearing witness to the shock on the faces of business partners and family members. With embarrassment and anguish in the eyes of her fiancé Peter Williams, he left the altar and ran as fast as his legs could carry him with his face downwards as everyone looked at him with disgust. Feeling satisfied and determined not to cancel her wedding, she got married to his best man leaving the witnesses in utmost awe. Going into a marriage of convenience with his best man Liam Andrew, a handsome, cool and charming billionaire, who thought to save her day by saying yes to the marriage vows. News of their marriage spread like wildfire around the world bringing her newly found husband into the spotlight of her life as a model. Consumed by jealousy and bitterness, her ex- fiancée lurked in the shadows, waiting to strike and shatter their burgeoning happiness. As the stage was set for an epic showdown, the threat of ruin hung over their heads like a dark cloud, casting doubt on the future they dared to envision together. In this treacherous battle of love and betrayal, the question remains: Will Mia and her billionaire companion withstand the onslaught orchestrated by her vengeful ex-fiancée? Or will their love crumble beneath the weight of his malevolence, criticism, leaving them adrift in a sea of heartbreak and despair? Only time will reveal the fate that awaits this entangled trio, ensnared in a web of passion, deceit, and the relentless pursuit of redemption.


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