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The billionaire's captive bride

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Desperate to save her mother from a life-threatening illness, young and innocent Elena signs a dangerous deal with a ruthless billionaire, agreeing to become his wife in exchange for a life-changing sum of money. But she soon discovers that her new husband is not only cold-hearted and cruel, but also has dark and twisted desires that he forces upon her. Despite being trapped in a luxurious mansion, Elena was subjected to unimaginable torture and severe treatment by her new husband. She tries to escape multiple times, but every attempt fails and her husband's wrath only intensified. As Elena struggled to survive and keep her sanity, she discovers that her husband's true motivation for marrying her was just for his own selfish desire. As time went on, Elena slowly began to chip away at the walls around her husband's heart, and a strange bond began to form between them. But can Elena truly trust her husband, and will their relationship ever evolve beyond the twisted power dynamic that binds them? In this dark and steamy romance, Elena must navigate the treacherous waters of love and survival, and ultimately decide whether her husband's transformation is genuine or just another one of his cruel games.

Chapter 1 Young and innocent Elena...

Sometimes, life isn't as sweet as we wished them to be. To keep pushing is a risk and quitting is meant for cowards, but the best isn't to quit.

Elena was a very pretty and elegant looking lady, she only managed to finish her highschool until her mum suddenly fell ill and her story changed from that day. She struggled to pay her mum's hospital bills and feed herself.

Elena was in the hospital with her mum who was battling with a deadly illness, she is the only one Elena had got and Elena wished she would wake up one day and realize that all these were nothing, but just a dream. She loved her mum so much that she would do anything to save her life.

Suddenly, Mrs. Lupe, Elena's mum began to gasp for air, Elena was frightened and startled.

"Mum, mum" Elena shouted with her eyes looking all red and puffy. Obviously, she had been crying.

She immediately ran to the doctor's office to call him, and a few minutes later, she came back with the doctor.

The doctor administered some drugs to her and she became calm almost immediately.

"Miss Elena," the doctor called, releasing a heavy breath.

"Yes, doctor," Elena answered, sniffing.

"Your mum is stabilized for now, but we must carry out the operation on her before the next two days and if that fails to happen" He paused for a while.

"I'm sorry, but we might lose her"

Elena tried all she could to hold her tears, but it kept flowing freely and wetting her clothes. She has done virtually all that is within her powers to make sure that Mrs. Lupe received her due treatment, but all her efforts looked like they were nothing and the doctors are not helping at all.

"Doctor, please don't allow my mum to die, she is all I have got. Help me l promise to pay back, please, I beg you doctor" She wept as she went on her knees, pleading and crying profusely.

"Miss Elena, I'm sorry, there's nothing l can do about this. Make the deposit and we will carry on with the operation, just look for a way to raise the money " The doctor blurted without pity.

Elena threw herself to the ground and began to wail loudly, she scattered her hair all over her face and right now, she looked like a mad woman.

"Doctor please, my mum is dying. Please save her" She shouted, holding onto the doctor's leg.

"I'm sorry, there's nothing l can do miss" He replied releasing his leg from Elena's grip and then, he walked out of the ward.

"Mummy please don't leave me, oh no I can't bear the pain of losing you" She continued to cry. Her heart was broken and all hope seemed to be lost. Not knowing what to do, she stood on her feet and ran out of the hospital. She was running and crying loudly. The thought of losing her beloved mum clouded her senses that she didn't even care about where she was headed.

She ran into the busy road and without looking, she ran into the road and came face to face with an upcoming car. Luckily for her, it was not at a great speed, when it hit her, she slumped and everything immediately turned blank.

"Mario listen to me, you need to do something about this" Jake yelled, walking behind Mario.

Mario was a young, crazy and heartless billionaire who never cared about others, he treats people like trash and always derives pleasure in inflicting pain on others, especially the female ones. He is also very charming and handsome, every woman would have wished to spend the rest of their lives with him, but his cruelty will kill even before you realize it. He had tons of businesses all over the world and no one dares challenge him.

Jake had been his childhood friend and the only one who could talk to him anyhow he wanted without being punished. He knew Mario very well and had tried to make him change a little, but Mario paid deaf ears to him.

"Mario, you need to listen to me, Mario" Jake continued to yell after him as they got into Mario's mansion. Mario paid no attention to him and continued to walk towards the stairs, heading to his room.

"Mario" Jake shouted loudly and that made Mario stop on his track. He slowly turned to him, with a deadly glare.

"Have you lost it Jake? One more word from you, l will send your head flying up the sky" He threatened through gritted teeth and Jake swallowed a lump.

He knew his friend very well and it would be unwise to provoke him further in such a state.

"Is everything okay Jake?" Mrs. Benita asked, coming out of the kitchen. She was an elderly woman and also Mario's cook.

"Oh, Mrs. Benita"

"What has he done this time? I heard your voice" She enquired.

"That guy is becoming heartless as the days go by. I can't believe he knocked down a young lady who ran into the middle of the road without looking and he left her there, he showed no concern at all " Jake explained as he ruffled his hair.

"Oh my God? You should have stopped him by all means. What if something bad happens to her? What if she was troubled and didn't know when she got to the middle of the road?" Mrs. Benita questioned.

"And you think I didn't? You know him very well, he would have tried to listen if the victim was a male " Jake replied.

"You are right, but..."

"Mrs. Benita" Mario growled and Mrs. Benita flinched, she was shaking and wished the ground would open up and swallow her.

Mario stood at the stair, staring at them with bloodshot eyes and then slowly began to stride down the stairs.

The atmosphere became very calm and tense, the only thing that was heard was Mrs. Benita's heartbeat

Chapter 2 Elena's dilemma

Mrs. Benita froze on the spot when Mario got closer to her. Jake had to intervene by standing between them.

"Mario, stop. You can't hurt her, she is an elderly woman" Jake retorted, slightly pushing Mario back.

"Seems you are fed up with your job here. Next time, I won't hesitate to discharge you without a second thought" Mario roared, breathing heavily.

"I'm sorry, sir, It won't happen again" Mrs. Benita apologized with her head bowed low.

Mario glared at her for a while before walking back to his room.

Mrs. Benita breathed in relief and without wasting one more time, she ran into the kitchen leaving Jake there.

The next day, Elena woke up on the hospital bed, thankfully, she only sustained a little injury on her forehead and another on her right knee. She woke up with a throbbing headache, the first that came to her mind was her mum. She looked around and noticed Eva sleeping beside her, she was


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