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The billionaire's affair

The billionaire's affair

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Adan Cheriton, a middle aged young billionaire and the owner of Cherry Bordello and a sex addict whose past lead to his present, falls in love for the first time in his life with a young divorceé, Yamileth Weston. Their love life gets entangled as one of the girls whom Adan had sex with in his past claims to be pregnant for her and threatens him to marry her. Yamileth is broken hearted as she can't stand seeing her husband's seed growing in another woman's womb. She is aware of the past life of her husband. He use to have sex with his employees every morning in his brothel room. They come to an agreement to give this lady a large sum of money that can take care of her and her unborn child for the rest of their lives but she refuses. Every woman didn't only want his money alone but also his sex toy and body. Adan was great in bed and this lady can't lose out on him so she rejects the money, wanting to be his wife. Yamileth loses a baby to Adan before and has issues with conception again. Adan is stuck between accepting this woman because of her child but he loves his wife and can't do that. What will Adan do? Will he leave his wife for a total stranger because he has a son with her or will he make her his second wife? Adan wakes up after a long coma in the hospital only to find out he had a doppelganger taking his place on earth. What will Adan do when he finds out he has a doppelganger? What will happen to Adam when paying the price of his doppelganger? What will happen to his marriage with Yamileth? Find out what happens next in this interesting novel which is full of erotic romance, suspense, revenge, betrayal, lies and deceit.

Where is the condom?

In a large city of Canada, men and women are walking to and fro on the streets. Cars are moving freely on the road also. A new toyota land cruiser prado pulled over in front of a tall and magnanimous building which has over five floors in it.

On top of the wall entrance is a sign board that reads "Cherry Bordello" with a golden and exquisite design around it. At the entrance are flowers of different colors, species and fragments. The front door is opened as a man in black suit from head to toe gets down and opens the passenger door. Another man gets down and opens the other door.

A young billionaire, dressed in an ermenegildo zegna bespoke suit with a brown leather skin shoe came out of the car. He is carrying a black jet hair which makes him look younger and compliments his aura and seductiveness. He walks into the brothel building in a haste as though he is late for an appointment while his three bodyguards follow him suit.

Everyone bows to greet him but he doesn't respond; rather, his bodyguard answers the greetings. His secretary stands up and greets him as he walks into the office.

"Take my briefcase to my room!" He commanded rather than instructing his bodyguard. He signs some papers and leaves the office for his room.

He dials some digits on the telephone in the room.

"Send my breakfast!" He thunders into the speaker and hangs up. After two minutes, there is a knock on the door. He doesn't respond to it as the person knocks again.

"Come in!" He fires.

The door is opened and a lady in a red wine short dress walks in.

"Why did you waste my time? Do you want me to fire you?" He asks without even looking at her.

"I'm sorry sir." She apologizes as she rubs her chest, fondling her breasts as he looks at her with those burning and cold eyes.

"Get to work!" He says to her. She starts to caress herself, rubbing her curves and smacking her lips.

"What is this fool doing?" He says to himself in his mind as he stares at her.

"Will you also waste my time here? Undress!" He yells at her. The huskiness in his voice scares her as she begins to open her chest buttons and removes her dress slowly, leaving her dangling big breasts without a bra as she lowers her dress to her waist, revealing her G string pants.

On the sight of those big tits, he swallowed some saliva as he licked his lips inwardly.

"What are you waiting for? Do you think you can seduce me? Take off everything and come here now!" He thunders again as she hurriedly removes the dress and pulls down her pants. Her big butt jiggled as she walked seductively in her heels towards her boss.

"Adan my love…I've always wanted you in bed baby." She whispers into his ears as she pushes him down on the bed. He looks at her strangely as she plays with his tie while caressing his waist region, looking for his dick which was already erect by now.

He pushes her away on touching it.

"No woman dares undress me! Such courage, woman!!"

She backs off while he takes off his clothes by himself, removing his jacket, shirt and belt while he remains with his white singlet and trousers on. She takes off her shoes as she sits on the bed to watch him.

"Get on the bed." He says to her in a husky voice as she did so.

"Where is it?" He stretched his hand to her but she looked at him, confused.

"What's it sir?" She asks, not knowing what he wants.

"Where is the condom?" He asks her as she wears a shocked look.

"Oh…my bad…I forgot to come along with it sir. Let me order for one." She says without any remorse in her voice.

"Do you think I have time to waste? Answer me!"

"I'm sorry Mr. Cheriton…in that case then let's do it like that…huh?"

"You must be mad! Have I ever had sex with any of you without condom on?"

"But…I don't bother getting pregnant for you…I really don't care…please sir."

"Pregnant? You must be stupid! No woman dares to see or feel my body talk more of my nakedness! Now leave and call someone else for me before I lose my temper!"

"Sir…am I that bad for you? Check me out…I've got everything a man needs in a woman. Please sir…give me a chance. I can suck your tits well, play with your dick, I can do anything for you…please give me a chance…I'm really great in bed please sir." She is already on her knees, begging him on the bed.

"You must be stupid! Get out!"

"Please Mr. Cheriton…please…please…" She continues to beg him as she unexpectedly pulls him in to kiss him when he slaps her on her chest, just above her breasts.

"Ouch…" She cries out in pain as she bends down.

"Get out of my room or you are fired!!!"

That was the height of it, the lady now knows that he is really serious as she leaves the bed and begins to dress up in tears while pleading for her job. He watches her with disdain in his eyes.

As soon as she leaves the room, someone else walks in.

"Sir…I hope there is no problem." The lady who walks in asks.

"Who sent me that fool?" He raged in anger.

"I…I did sir…did you enjoy her?" She asks him with fear in her voice.

"You did? Hmm. Becky or whatever you call yourself. You have two options now, get on my bed and do what that old fool couldn't do or you lose your job!"

"Yes sir." She says immediately as she begins to undress in joy. Apart from the call girls who work in the bordello, other women were not considered classy enough to be in bed with Mr. Adan Cheriton, the country's youngest billionaire.

Every woman wants him in bed but he hardly looks at others. This is Becky's chance of having a good time with her boss and this means an additional eight thousand dollars in her bank account by just giving her body to him for a few minutes.

Before Adan could turn, Becky is already undressed.

"Good." He said to her as he admired her body.

"Hmm…not bad. Where have you been all these while?" He asks her, not recognizing such a beauty for a long time.

"I've been around sir…just that you never noticed me. Here…your condom." She says to him as she hands him a condom packet.

"I like you. You came prepared…I wish to have you every morning."

Becky is smiling and blushing her heart out. Her cheeks turn red in excitement at the mention of him saying he likes her. He never says that word to anyone.

Suck my tits

"Suck my tits." He says to her in a tender voice as she immediately gets to work. As if knowing how he works, she doesn't bother asking him to take off his singlet as she shifts the right side towards the left armpit and begins to suck on the right tits. He caresses her back as he feels every bit of pleasure rising up in him.

Exchanging to the next tits, she sucks on them harder while she circles the areola of the other breast with her finger. He moans loudly as she nibbles on his tits. She gets up when she is done as she packs her hair as though she is done.

Pulling her into bed, he starts to touch her, romancing every part of her body. Scattering her well combed hair.

He pushes her down on the bed as he brings out his long, big dick out of his trouser and wears the condom while she licks her lips on sighting his huge dick.

Slowly, he travels around her neck with his fingers caressing her. Her body temperature begins to rise as she feels every


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