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The Billionaire Personal Assistant

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After the fatal accident that claimed the life of her brother and mother when she was just a child, Bridget was living a peaceful and simple life but full of self-denial. She only has two major men in her life, her father and his college best friend, who is secretly in love with her. After many years of searching for a job, she was called for an interview for the position of personal assistant. On her way going, she was almost knocked down by a car. The driver walked out of the car and apologized, but the CEO inside the car blamed Bridget for being careless. She insulted the CEO on the spot. After some minutes, she got to the interview venue and met the CEO in the office. "This is the perfect opportunity to make her pay for what she did." the CEO muttered as she saw her.

Chapter 1

Bridget POV

"Mum!" I screamed with my tiny 7-year-old voice as I struggled with my balance against the seat belt as the car summersaults over and over again. One second, my head was up facing the roof. The next second, my head was facing the floor of the car.

I could hear everyone in the car screaming around me. It's just like a movie to me because it happened unexpectedly. I looked towards my left side where my brother was, I could see his blood splitting around as the car summersaults. There is no way I could help him out. Everyone is looking for a way to be rescued.

I was looking at him when I noticed something coming out of my two noseholes. I put two of my left fingers inside the two noseholes to see what is there, as the car keeps summersaults.

"It's blood" I muttered with my eyes widened. It seems today will be my last day on earth because there is no way of escape. I was already saying my last prayer when the car hung in the air for some seconds, which seemed to be more than an hour to me.

As I was about to look towards my brother whose blood was splitting around the place we were, the car made heavy contact with the ground, which made me scream in pain, but not at the top of my voice. I had lost my energy because of the pain in me.

I hit my head with the roof of the car three times before I could get my balance on the chair where I was seated. The window mirror shattered into pieces on our bodies in our seated positions. I closed my eyes for some seconds and took a deep breath.

I opened my eyes and was surprised to see myself in the hospital laying on the bed. I could see the bandage on my left hand that was stained with my blood and i could feel it on my head. I know we had a very terrible accident but I don't know that I was badly injured.

I find it difficult to forget this, especially in the recent weeks, the thought keeps coming often and often. I guess I have to see Mr. Raymond, my psychologist, to help me out this time around. I was still on this thought when I heard a knock on my door.

"Bridget, you have to start preparing now!" David, my roommate said.

The voice I hear from outside my room snaps me out of my thoughts. It took me a while to realize that my mind had been in another dimension.

The call that interrupted my thoughts was obviously from David, my roommate. But why did he have to yell out like that?

I opened my eyes a little bit. I could see the brightness of the day through my curtains. I picked my phone from the stool beside my bed to check the time. The alarm clock was ringing for more than 20 minutes but I couldn't hear it "f*ck!" I muttered.

I don't know what pushed me to look at the wall clock. But as I do, I exclaim, "Oh sh*t!"

I stood up from bed immediately to start preparing for where I was going. It's almost 8:30am. I have an interview at ten on the same day. I was still holding my phone when I heard the voice of my roommate wanting to know if I was already up or still in bed. "Bridget?" he said.

"Yes, I am up." I replied as I was going to the bathroom to take my bath.

I went to the bathroom and stared at the mirror. Looking at myself from the mirror, I could see my heavy eyes because of the tears. I saw a scar on my head as I finished brushing my teeth.

Tears wanted to roll out of my eyes but I managed to control it and that made me notice a tiny pimple on my left cheek. "I can't let it be there and grow", I said within myself. I had a limited time to spend in the bathroom. "I will fix it when I come back" I said, as I rubbed it with my left hand.

I put on the shower and let it fall on my body and cleanse the tears away, the water is cold just like the day I saw my brother in the cold of his own blood.

I wish the water could wash away all the pains I have experienced in the last 15 years. Not now! I don't have time to think about that right now. All I need now is to get a job. I need it for many reasons, and the major reason is because I am broke.

I got out of the bathroom and walked straight to my room. My room is not in order, my table was messed up with my previous designs. I can't do anything till I come back from my interview.

I have to be in Mr. Charles office before 10:am for my interview. I have to leave early to meet up because of the traffic. I walked straight to my wardrobe, i took a glance at the clothes inside and decided to go for my blue gown. Not too long, just a little bit above my knees.

I wear it after drying my hair and putting a wig on my head. I applied my makeup gently to make me look more beautiful. I looked at myself in the mirror, I could see my s*xy shape and that made me be more attractive.

"That's fine, I need to go now" I muttered as I winked at myself through the mirror.

I locked my door as I stepped out of the room. I haven't walked too far from my room when I perceived the aroma of fried rice and chicken. A smile filled my face as I walked down to the sitting room.

I went to the sitting room and I heard the sound of music in the kitchen. No other person can be in the kitchen than David. I walked slowly and stood at the entrance of the kitchen. I looked at him as he was dancing to the music he was playing on his phone. He looked at me and twisted his waist with a wink. I could not hide the smile on my face as I looked at him.

"Miss sleep, Your coffee is on the table" he said as he was serving the food.

David and I have been friends for more than 9 years. We went to the same school from elementary school to college, we always protected ourselves whenever anyone tried to bully any of us.

We decided to leave together after our days in college since we have been friends for a long time. There's nothing we don't know about each other. I know everything about him and vice versa.

He brought my food to the dining table. I finished everything within a twinkle of an eye. He was surprised as I finished my food in a short time.

"Take it easy babe." he said.

"I'm running out of time, and you know I really need this job." I replied, sipping my coffee.

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault, I shouldn't have kept you late last night." he apologized.

"It's fine! Just pray that I get the job."

"I'm d*mn sure that you have been employed already," he said as he sat on the small stool beside the dining table.

"Yeah! I believe it." I said as I packed my things on the dining table. "What are your plans for today?" I asked as I posed in front of him.

"Wow! I'm sure the CEO will want to have you. What's his name again? Hmm hm" he said as he tried to remember his name.

"Stop it! That's not what I asked you?" I said, frowning at him though I wasn't angry.

"Remind me his name..hmmm... Yeah! Charles Richard. CEO Charles Richard will definitely want to have you."

"Stop that now!" I said. I don't like to pick an argument with him because I will always lose. There's no point in arguing with a person I will never win.

"Ok! I know what I am saying. To answer your question, I will be going to Kingsley's place today" he replied.

"Alright, just be good, I will soon be back" I said as I placed my hand on his shoulder.

"I feel like eating you up" he said, looking at me with a low, charming voice.

"No! That can't happen now." I took my leave immediately.

I saw the busy road as I stepped out of the house. I wasn't surprised about that because I knew that everyone would be out for their daily business.

Everyone looks serious, just like the way I looked. Maybe their problems are as serious as mine. Maybe they made a mistake in the past and they haven't resolved it. No one knows what's going on with them? Well, maybe they have nothing to think about. Their life might be free from obstacles.

I got to the car park where I would take a car to the place I was going. I boarded the next taxi looking at the information I got about the person I will be working with in the coming days.

Charles Richard is the CEO of Dwellsmith company with a billion dollar turnover. He is a popular businessman who is known throughout the world. I applied as his personal assistant and I was told to come for an interview today. I graduated from school as an accountant. I studied accounting during my degree program. I have applied to other companies but I haven't been called for interview.

Taking the job as his personal assistant is just a waste of my degree, but I have no choice. I am broke and also have my dad in the hospital where I have to pay for his treatments. I have done some research about him but I was unable to get his pictures.

I got to my destination earlier than expected. I wasn't expecting to get there early because of the traffic on the road. I was looking at the office building which was opposite where I was standing.

I checked the road to see if there was an oncoming car before crossing to the other side. The road is free. I got a message from David as I was crossing the room.

"Are you there yet?" He asked.

David is just like a mom. I hadn't left for 2 hours when he asked if I was there yet.

I was about to reply to his message as I was crossing when I heard the screeching sound of the tyre close to me. I wanted to run but my legs failed me.

I remembered what happened to me years back that put me in this present situation of mine. I fell on the ground as I saw the car coming towards me, but the car stopped making a resounding noise like the way I heard it that time.

Chapter 2

"Are you okay?" A man with a black suit came from the driver's side to help me gain my balance. I was unconscious for some minutes thinking of where I was but the wound on my legs reminded me that I was about to get crushed by a car. At least the driver was polite despite being wrong. He still walked up to me to ask for my well being.

"Are you sure you are okay or should I call the emergency?" He asked the second time when he didn't get any response from me.

I can't afford to miss my interview and would rather go for my interview than to go treat myself in the hospital. I was about to tell him that I was fine and good but before I could get the word out of my mouth, I saw a man interrupt rudely, his voice was more authoritative, bold and deeper.

"That's not necessary" he said as he walked towards us.

I looked at him to know who was talking, I couldn't believe the person I was seeing. The man is so cut


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