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The Billionaire Mafia's Wife

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He is relentless and a beast while she is a princess and a runaway bride. Devon is running away from her own family who wanted to marry her to an old rich man when she met Daemon, the cold but cunning mafia who heads the rival mafia group down south. She begged him to take her in to which he agreed to her surprise. He proposed marriage to her in exchange for one condition, that she bears him a son to carry his name. Without hesitation, she said yes because she planned on running away too on the day of their wedding but the mafia, her mafia, wouldn't let her go easily.



Review after half of the novel

❤️ i love ❣️❣️ this novel chemistry it has pleaseant to read it the story plot just were awesome 😘 I recomonded to my friends also they also like it 🫰 👁️ The story of mafia world was on the another level when I start reading it I didn't release time i'm just become addicted to this novel. Devon anemia chapter was just awesome waiting for continue reading and how maddy real face came out waiting for that 👁️

June 11, 2024

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