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The billionaire contract wife

The billionaire contract wife

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Cassie is a beautiful lady who came from a poor home. She didn't have a better life. She had to drop out of the school because of the lack of money. Her life continues until she meet… she met a handsome billionaire who offered her a billionaire dollars to be his contracted wife. He want their marriages to be contracted. Would their contracted marriages continue forever? Would they fall in love with each other? Who is going to fall first. The billionaire has a lot of dark secrets in the past which had to do with Cassie. Would she find out about the secret? What is the secret about?

Chapter 1


I hauled my ass into the apartment after a marrow-deep stressful day. My feet hurt from waiting tables all morning at Pauline’s Breakfast Café and cleaning floors all afternoon at the Whitney Museum of American Art, while my mates were in school.

My evening shift at Kigali’s bar didn’t start until six p.m., and I was so tired, that all I wanted to do was rest.

My roommate, Jade, was not around, that in itself was a small miracle, and I was grateful. Our utility bill was overdue, and it was a wonder that they had not cut us out yet. This month, it was my turn to pay, and I didn’t know how to explain to Jade that I hadn’t paid it yet.

I felt the sweat that had gathered at the base of my chest slide slowly to my stomach and down. This summer was so hot! I stood up to put on the air conditioner, but it wouldn’t come on. I flipped the light switch, but I met darkness from the bulbs. I shook my head in worry. Our electricity had been cut, and it was my fault.

I walked down to the fridge to get something to eat, anything, but the rows of empty fridge shelves that stared back at me reminded me how I had failed to pick up the groceries. Jade would have my head on a spike.

I decided to take a shower, to reduce the oppressive heat of the summer because beads of sweat were now traveling down my back like race cars on track and the destination was my bum. I stared at the bathroom mirror and shrunk back at my reflection.

My once perfect skin was now perfectly designed with red blotches, acne, and patches of sunburn. I had run out of sunscreen almost three months ago.

The dark circles under my eyes made me look like a recent victim of severe domestic abuse, and my sad brown eyes stared at me from the mirror.

I tied my hair into a loose bun and jumped into the cold shower, washing away all the grime and stress of the day. I ran into my bed, it was almost time for my evening shift. My brief leisure time was coming to an end.

I was drifting off when I heard the sound of the lock clicking open. Jade was back.

All traces of sleep fled my eyes, and my heart beat to a drum of its own making. I shut my eyes tight and rolled into the bed so that my face was facing the bed, then I raised my arm to cover the parts of my face that were still visible.

I felt her walk in, and flip the switch, but I stayed down, breathing evenly.

‘Yo, Cassie!’ She called.

I peeped from the cover of my hands and saw her moving about, opening cupboards and cabinets, looking for something with her headset blasting at full volume.

She turned to face me, and I immediately shut my eyes.

‘Cassie!’ she shouted, probably because of her loud blasting music.

I shifted my leg only a fraction, to keep up with my Oscar-worthy performance. She walked to the bed and turned me over and grinned when she saw the surprise on my face.

‘How did you…?’ I asked in shock

She removed her headphones and shook her head, ‘I saw you looking at me Cassie.’


‘That was my exact reaction when I discovered that our utility bill still hadn’t been paid,’ she raised her brow, waiting for my answer.

‘Jade, I’m so sorr…’

‘Please, Cassie, save your apology for someone who wants to hear it. Okay, what about the groceries you were supposed to buy? Or the cleaning supplies? Don’t tell me that you’re sorry, just don’t.’

I sat up from the bed ‘Jade, things are really difficult for me. I’m going to have the money by the end of today, after my night shift. Please, don’t be upset.’

She rolled her eyes at me, ‘Cassie, I cannot live like this. I mean look at you, have you even eaten today?’

My stomach rumbled like a hungry dog, and blood rushed to my face in embarrassment as I shook my head.

‘The landlady has been on my case like a shark following the scent of blood and I know that you don’t have the money. I cannot live in darkness because of your inability to pay the bills. I have to study, that’s why I came to NYU. Cass?’


‘I’ve found someone who can pay the rent and bills when they’re due. You need to move.’

I stared at her in shock and I even chuckled,

‘That’s a joke, right?’

‘There’s nothing funny about your inability to keep your end of the bargain. I know that things have been hard for you, but I can’t live like this. She’s coming tomorrow at noon.’

‘Tomorrow, Jade! And you’re just informing me?’

‘Yeah, you’ve been difficult to get a hold of, and you’re not picking my calls. So, go figure.’

‘Jade! What am I going to do?’ I felt the tears trickle down my face, but I didn’t care.

Jade turned her face away and picked up her backpack. I didn’t even know that she’d brought a backpack.

‘I have to go now, see you later,’ she said like she didn’t just pull the rug from under my feet.

I stared at the door long after she'd gone, and I felt a wave of exhaustion envelope me. I rubbed the sides of my head with my hand. I could already feel a great headache coming along.

The past three months had been hell for me, and God knew that I’d tried. I was literally working from dusk till dawn to scrape out the money for my tuition and I was not earning enough.

I was so tired I didn’t even have the energy to cry. I fell back on the bed, and I slept until midnight.

When I woke up, the whole house was dark. I stumbled to the kitchen to look for Jade’s scented candles when I saw a box of pizza.

I lit the candle, and I saw a note scrawled in Jade’s hand that said, eat something Cass.

I was so hungry that I devoured the entire thing and even then, I was still hungry. After I finished eating, I decided to go back home. I was weak and tired, and I hadn’t seen my family in two years.

I packed all my belongings that morning, I sat down to count all the money that I’d made from work in the past weeks, I brought out my ‘tuition’ funds, and I dropped a few notes on the table for Jade. As soon as it was bright enough, I picked up my bags and left for home.

The trip from NYU to New Jersey was uneventful, and I was stressed because I couldn’t take my mind off what I was going home to face.

This was not how I had planned to return home. I’d thought that I’d make a name for myself, open a thriving business in New York City and see my siblings through school effortlessly but now, I was returning home with wasted years, no money and no certificate.

When I realized that my tuition wasn’t going to be available for this session, I used all the money I could scrape to get my friend, Jade, to accept me as her roommate. I started working every spare minute I had, to come up with the money for school, little good that did me.

Now, I was a mere shadow of myself, sad, sick, broke and broken and even though Jade had tried, footing all the bills and trying for me, even Jade got tired.

I’d met the Dean of NYU Stern Business School, Prof. Dickson Ackee, to explain the unfortunate situation I was in, and to look for a way to raise funds or get loans and grants, because I wanted to complete my education, but all he could offer me was his pity and sadness. He said it was too late into the session to see anything worthwhile and that because of my family’s bad credit history, (my family was already neck deep in debts) there was nothing they could do but did I give up then? No!

I wanted to prove him wrong, to make my father proud too.

My father had tried his best. He’d opened a college fund for me as soon as I was born. He never touched it, even when things were bad, and he was even happier than I was when I received my admission letter from NYU Business School, but all good things must come to an end.

All I just wanted for myself was a better life than the one I was born into, a chance to prove myself, an opportunity to become my best, to take care of my family as they deserve, but life kept throwing lemons at me, and I wasn’t a barista, I couldn’t make lemonades.


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