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The beautiful girl and mafia man

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Anna is a girl whose parents passed away and she was placed in an orphanage. There she builds a strong friendship with a girl named Martha and a young man named Jacob. After several years, her aunt takes her to live with her in one of the villages and the three friends separate each other Some after many years have passed they meet again, but Anna is surprised by the things involved in Jacob and Martha, her friend, and they are working with illegal acts, and when she tries to escape from them she cannot, she will also be chasing their enemies.

Chapter 1

One morning in January, Anna closed the door of her deceased aunt's house and took simple steps towards her destination, following the winter weather around her, with a wide smile appearing on her lips, the sky is full of clouds and foreshadows rain، She loves winter, and how not, which is the season in which she was born. She loved walking in the rain and enjoying the winter weather, not interested in the risk of getting cold، She can withstand the cold weather in the winter and cannot bear one hour of weather in the summer until she is committed to sitting at home so that she is not exposed to the burning sun.

It took so long that she looked at the winter weather that she didn't even feel the distance the park was keeping from her home; Once she crossed the iron garden gate, she saw her best friend, Martha\"، She walked towards her with quick steps and extended her hand shaking hands with her with a warm smile and a wide smile, expressing her great joy, saying:

Hey Martha, I'm so glad to see you today. I haven't seen you for a long time.

Martha smiled serenity, saying:

Hey Anna, I'm glad to see you again, how are you؟

A hot sigh came out of Anna's lips, chanting with a choking tone:

- I'm fine, I'm just planning to move from here and find work.

Anna attracted her friend's attention by talking about moving and looking for a job to cheer eagerly:

Why did you quit work؟.

Anna nodded with her head, confirming, then chanted, explaining the truth of the matter:

- He's my direct manager at work, hunting for mistakes and deliberately provoking my anger so I saw it better for me to quit work.

\"Take the opportunity when she was going,\" so Martha thought, after a short period of silence between them.

Martha removed a white paper folded in a very elegant way from her famous brand black bag and chanted smiling at a prison:

It is an invitation to my 26th birthday party two weeks after today's date in Los Angeles، I wanted to celebrate my birthday this year among my miserable childhood comrades and my desire to make new memories that are completely different from what we went through.

I kept silent for seconds and then chanted:

Can you come؟.

It wasn't a question as much as it was please so Anna chanted smiling iPod:

Of course, happy birthday for someone who will be young forever.

A relaxing smile decorated Martha's face, which successfully completed her mission after she managed to extract Anna's approval to attend her birthday party.

Martha followed\" :

I will be waiting for you.

She raised her head looking at the winter weather that foreshadows the coming of bad weather loaded with dust and dust, then she chanted:

- I have to go now, the fog hangs over the place and the vision becomes impossible, see you soon.

Anna smiled at her friend and waved her hand in a quiet tone:


After some time, Anna got up and walked slowly towards her house, enjoying the water drops falling over her head.


The next morning, Martha was on her way to Los Angeles, she must tell him what happened with Anna\"، So as soon as she got to the state she got into her car and chanted telling the driver of her new destination instead of home:

- I want to go to the magazine headquarters.

Almost half an hour later, Martha arrived at the magazine’s headquarters and immediately took her way to his office when she saw the secretary sit behind her desk.

Martha stood before her and chanted asking her:

Where is the manager؟

The secretary replied politely:

Professor Pak is preparing for the meeting.

She smiled and chanted:

- The meeting was canceled by the manager.

She finished her conversation and turned to her destination, followed by the secretary with astonished looks at her strange behavior، As long as I heard about its strange phases from the company’s employees, it even heard once - by accident, no more - a group of employees called it “weirdo”, at which time I was amazed by this title، She only received her work here two months ago and throughout this period she did not see any evidence that she was \"weirdo\", but now she is beginning to understand the reason behind this strange title.

The secretary ignored Martha's behavior with her and returned to continue her work again, assuming the task of telling everyone to postpone the meeting for another hour.


An office room is said to be very luxurious, it only sends dread with its luxury, glass facades occupying the entire room, very clean and impeccable، The exterior of the road clearly reflects in a scene that some think is a painting by the hand of a creative artist, as well as the sky with its white and quiet blue color, the walls of the room painted in dark gray and the furniture of the same color، There was a tall young man with a sports body picking up his elegant black jacket to wear and ready to go out; At the same time, Martha was opening the door of the room without bothering to knock on closed doors، He raised his head looking at her with clear anger, denouncing her behavior lacking the simplest rules of taste and respect for the privacy of the other.

Jack chanted with a resounding tone:

Didn't you learn yet? Closed doors were created to knock on them, not to break into them like this.

A yellow smile appeared on Martha's lips and came to sit on the wide sofa opposite the \"Pak\" office, then she chanted with a smile:

- That aura of privacy that surrounds yourself does not include me anyway, so let go of these absurdities and sit down…

Jack boycotted her busy ruining his clothes:

-I can't, I have an important meeting and..

A wide smile appeared on Martha's lips and got up from her place in preparation for going, saying cunningly \"Jack\" did not misunderstand:

Well, when your important work is done, you can come home to tell you what happened today.

She barely skipped a single step towards the office door until Jack realized her before she left, holding her hand with a clear eagerness:

-what happened? Have you seen her? You invited her to your birthday party؟.

Martha stretched her lips forward with a quiet tone with a smile:

- What about your important meeting؟

A word outside \"Martha\" could hear him leave the lips \"Jack\", as long as he was known to be impatient, especially towards what belongs to her..\"I\"!.

Jack chanted with muffled anger:

- Tell me what happened without procrastination, because I am not patient and you know that well, and I know that you postponed the meeting or maybe canceled it before you entered.

Martha looked at his hand holding her forearm and looked again at him to understand the content of her message and quickly left her hand reluctantly by phone in a quiet tone as possible:

- Now tell me what happened.

Martha walked in front of him with a stinginess until she came back sitting on her sofa again and chanted in a soft tone like snake skin:

- I met her yesterday morning, she told me about her aunt's death several years ago, she invited her to my birthday party and welcomed the matter, and she told me her sincere intention to attend the party unless she had something to prevent.

Through his long-standing knowledge of Martha, he is certain that she is hiding something about him..And very important.

He sat right in front of her looking at her eyes with a meaningful tone, which she immediately understood:

-Just!,Your interview, which lasted for an hour or more, was limited to inviting her to the ceremony

Martha sighed very narrowly, as she tried as much as possible to control herself so that Jack would not force her to reveal what she knew from her.

He raised one of his eyebrows, warning and then said a little sharp:

-I am Waiting.

She turned her face on the other side, and the rejection appeared on her face clearly, making him chant with an angry tone:


His angry cheering in her name made her look at him again and chant a strong tone:

She plans to move from the state, just as she quit work and searches for another.

A wide smile appeared on the lips of \"Jack\", and his anger dissipated a little while ago and chanted with a happy tone:

Really! Who told you؟ she!.

Silence for seconds that catch his breath, then he chants again:

- Call her now, tell her that you found a suitable job for her and that she should move to Los Angeles quickly.

Just as I expected, once Jack knows Anna’s intention to move out of the state in which she lives and searches for work, he will quickly create a job that is vacant to suit her; Just to ensure her presence next to him, Martha smiled\" With immobility and chanted with a victorious tone:

- I do not want to work in her field of study, looking for a beginner fashion role, as you know fashion and fashion was her only hobby and passion, and in this case I cannot tell her your generous offer.

\"Jack\" smiled very quietly and chanted with a rough tone:

Well, you can provide a job for her that fits her request.

Hold her soft palm, which contains a phone in a grateful tone:

Thank you, and now I have to go to the meeting, I cannot cancel it, as you know this meeting is very important.

Now everything is very clear, as they both know what is going on with the same other, and each of them has a carefully studied plan to prevent the other from carrying out what is planned.

Martha got up and picked up her elegant black bag saying:

Well, I need to rest and relax..See you later bye.

After Martha left the room, the features of Jack's face returned to their previous state.. Happiness; He was happy with his ability to communicate with her finally even through \"Martha\", and now his happiness has multiplied once he learns about her decision to move from the state in which she lives and even her need to work as well, \"Anna\" Difficulties have been overcome by its decisions, which all serve its interests and serve its goals in this regard!.


He ended his important meeting after about half an hour, so his happiness in communicating with her overshadowed the importance of work for him, \"Anna\" was his first and only love، Her departure from his childhood was the most violent shock in his life that he could not overcome.

With his fingers, she felt the features of her innocent face as a child, and this is only what he could get after she left him..How much he needed to be with him.

The picture is close to his lips, gently accepting her, happily saying:

I promise nothing will separate us anymore.

Chapter 2

Jack\" was sitting in his office following his important work with a clear mood and a wide smile appearing on his lips, he was happy with that very important and first step he had taken towards his ultimate goal at all..Getting close to Anna and pressuring her somehow to push her to do what he wants without knowing it.

It was not difficult for him to know the address of her house despite Martha's keen desire to hide the matter from him, until she asked her to come to a public park so Jack could not know the location of her aunt's house، But, as usual, he was one step ahead of her, so Martha's right arm was the same as Jack's left arm, and his full loyalty to his master was only.

Without referring to it and discussing what he wanted to do, \"Jack\" was sending a letter to Mrs. Madeline's house, sent to the little lady \"Anna\", on whom the sender's name was written, which was only \"Martha\"!، A letter urgin


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