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The Bastarda's Contract with Mr. CEO

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Khrystal comes from a wealthy family in Vista Querencia. She has everything in life; looks, power, money. But despite everything, she's still worthless. Because in everyone's opinion, she was just a good for nothing bastarda—an illegitimate daughter that taints the Dagsinal clan. Agustine Bhryll Revelar, on the other hand, is a well-known businessman. He also has everything in life including what Khrystal doesn't have—a good reputation. In an unforeseen circumstances, the two have to meet for business and unexpectedly created a bond with each other. Will that attachment remain as time goes on? In the midst of the filthy name that rests on Khrystal, will she still be able to show her true worth?

Chapter 1

I secretly bit my lower lip when a strong slap landed on my cheek.

"You really have no shame!" my mother shouted, or should I say stepmom.

I didn't even glance at her enraged eyes; I just bowed. She informed me of this right away as soon as I arrived in our home's spacious living room. It's ironic to consider that this is one of those instances in which I'm unsure of what went wrong.

"You are no longer ashamed of your sister, nor of anyone else who will know! You are so desperate that you even seduced Mary France's boyfriend!"

I couldn't stop to raise my head as my mouth parted. "W-what?" I said, confused.

From her side, my sister smirked and gave me a disgusting look as she crossed her arms. "You're still acting innocent. You meant to flirt with Harry so he could break up with me, didn't you?" she alleged.

Harry? That one of the architects I work with?

I immediately shook my head in denial.

I will never do that! I didn't even know that they were in a relationship.

She swiftly crossed the space between us as I noticed a spark of rage in her eyes. She twisted my hair ferociously while holding it in a tight grip.

"Liar!" she said while still clinging to my hair.

I closed my eyes in pain and tearfully held her hand to stop. "Mary, let me go. I didn't do anything; I don't know anything."

Her hold on my hair became firmer. Because of that, I could feel the heat rising from my scalp.

She screamed horrifyingly, "Liar! You flirted with him on the site! I witnessed how the two of you spoke and laughed!"

"We are working on a project. It's normal that we talk or occasionally joke around, Mary France. That has no other meaning." I clenched my eyes as her claws pushed into my chin.

"You really are a liar, Khrystal; you got your flirty mother's personality!"

And there, I couldn't fight anymore. I just held back my tears and let her hurt me.

It's always like this. Every time something bad happens, it will always lead to my biological mother. My mother whom I haven't known since childhood.

"My Lord!" I recognized Manang Luisa's voice and sensed her assisting me in getting rid of my sister. "What is this commotion about? Why don't you discuss it properly?" she added when I was completely removed and away from Mary France.

My stepsister just raised her eyebrow at Manang. Mommy Francheska did the same.

"Ask your so-called master, Manang," Mary made sure to highlight, as if to make sure she understood what her role at home was.

Manang remained silent and only frantically fixed my hair. "Are you alright, hija?"

Even though I was a little perplexed, I just put a smile on my face. "I'm fine. Don't worry about me," I reassured her and then looked at my sister.

"I'm sorry, Mary. I will not talk to Harry from now on," I apologized.

Mommy Francheska smirked. "According to what you mentioned, it seems like you're going to do my daughter a favor, Khrystal."

I shook my head. "It's not like that. I just don't want any more trouble so I'm telling Mary what I plan to do," I made a concerted effort to clarify.

"I don't care of what you will do, Khrystal. Harry is now yours if you want it, after all that's your job. Collecting men," Mary spatted then walked away.

I wanted to laugh at these times. What are the slaps and tweaks I received for? They're upset with me because they believe I'm stealing a man, but they also object to whatever I have in mind for the man they've stuck to me.

"Finish the project you are working on right now as soon as possible," said Mommy that got my attention.

I remained silent and simply waited for her to add anything.

"After all, you are a good flirt. Make sure you get Mr. Revelar for our business, Khrystal. You will take care of him when he comes to Vista Querencia."

My face showed a mix of shock and amazement. They're letting me handle a family company or transaction for the first time.

I have spent my entire life away from them. I'm an architect for another company. Although it isn't as well-known as our family firm, it competes with enterprises of a similar class.

"W-Why me?" I murmured unconsciously.

Mommy Francheska crossed her arms. "Are you deaf? I told you, didn't I? Flirt Mr. Revelar for our company. Are you that dumb to understand?" she hissed.

I simply swallowed without giving it any thought. Should I be pleased that I will work for our company or hurt that they believe I am capable of doing that?

"I will let you leave."

I paused and slowly fixed my gaze on her. She gave me a grave glance.

"I'll let you live in America when you get and finished the project," she said clearly.

I blinked a couple of times and my lips parted completely. They refused to let me separate and remain apart when I graduated. They are now voluntarily offering me the option to go.

I slowly balled my fist while inhaling deeply. "Show me the project details."

"ARE you sure about your decision, hija?" Manang Luisa asked.

We are in my room right now. She was using a dry towel to wipe my hair as I sat in front of the vanity mirror. She used to do this each time I got out of the shower.

I looked at her on the reflection and forced a smile. "This is my chance, Manang," I answered indirectly.

She exhaled deeply and set the towel she was carrying aside. "Are you sure you want to leave this place? "

I nodded gradually. "Vista Querencia is a good place, Manang." Once more I put on a phony smile. "But the people were not," I continued.

Pity flickered in Manang's eyes as she stared at me.

"No matter how good nor successful I am, I'm still a b*st*rd in their eyes. A bug in Daddy's good family. A good-for-nothing daughter of the Dagsinal clan."

Chapter 2

"You are going to leave?" my friend Nexus said in shock when I announced my plan to resign.

He's an architect like myself, and we both work for the same company. We are currently working on site to repair the landscaping; this was my final assignment for the organization to which we both belong.

I softly nodded in agreement as I examined each design that the team we hired was working on.

He asked inquisitively, "Why? Where are you going all of a sudden?"

I paused what I was doing to look, then spoke to him politely. "In our company. Mommy requested me to go some errands," I replied.

His slender eyes grew with time. "Did I hear it right?

I couldn't help but find his response amusing. When Mommy dropped the bomb yesterday, he made me think of myself.

"Yeah. Even I can't believe it." I stared in disbelief at the employees. "I need to secure a deal with Mr. Revelar."

I f


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