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The Alpha's Woman

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Donna Brooks works as the personal secretary to an Alpha wolf, Keith Preston, the ruthless and strict CEO of Ortho Speare, the leading importing company in Hontari city. Despite his cold personality, flirty ways, and tight strictness, she would instead be working here than anywhere else, and not just because the pay is high. But when her ex comes back into her life in the form of Jeremy Xiu, a Vampire lord and CEO of another competitive company - The Aviary - things begin to go spiral. Jeremy, now married, seeks to have her back, but Cheryl Declan, his vampire wife, would rather destroy the city than have Donna break up her marriage, one she desperately needs to hold on to. Donna becomes a target for Cheryl and Keith’s rejected Luna who refuses to be dumped by him, blaming Donna for their break up, and despite the fact that Keith faces a threat to his power and position arising from within his own pack, he would still hold on to Donna than to let Jeremy have her. As the Alpha and Vampire lord contest for her heart, Donna finds herself pitched against a mad vampire wife and a rejected Luna who are out for blood, she had hidden her identity for years, and now, that’s not the only secret being threatened, as she is not the only one they have their eyes on.


“You will denounce whatever relationship you have with the girl, no heir of Aberus will be intertwined in marriage with a commoner.”

Jeremy was appalled, he stood in the middle of the overly large sitting room, in the presence of his father and mother. His announcement earlier had gone viral and it was now known that Jeremy Xiu of The Aviary had gotten engaged and was planning on getting married. He had just made their relationship public last night.

“And why will I do that, father?” He stood with both hands planted on his waist and his legs spread slightly apart. He had a bored look on his face like it was not the first time he would be receiving such a lecture. “You have been aware of our relationship right from the start and posed no objections, so why do so now?”

“Oh honey,” His mother spoke up. “That was because we thought this was just a fling, like your other relationships.”

“But this has been going on for two years mum, would you still think it was a fling?” he questioned, feeling slightly frustrated but he didn’t let it show. His parents could be difficult most of the time, especially his father.

“Fling or no fling, you will end that relationship with her and instantly!” his father thundered.

“And I refuse to do that! I will not!” he yelled back. “I see no reason why I should, I love her and she loves me just as much. We have been together for two years and are very well prepared to spend the rest of our lives together!”

“No son of mine will marry a commoner! Especially not an heir! You are an Aberus, you have vampire blood coursing through your veins you stupid wimp! And you absolutely cannot marry a commoner!”

Jeremy stood frustrated and looked to his mother for some kind of support but she only pleaded with him using her eyes that he just accept what his father had said. But Jeremy was a stubborn one, he would not allow any law, any rules, much less anyone come in between the woman he was set to marry and himself. Even if it was his father.

Ebeneezer Xiu was a prominent figure in Hontari city, he was feared by all who had gotten to know him and all who had heard his name and what he was capable of. He was known to the general public as the king of Hontari and was known to the Aberus as the Red Moon Vampire. He took pride in his doings and reputation and had pressed it hard into his only son from a very young age that he had to be the best, nothing short of the best would be accepted.

Jeremy had grown up practically alone as he was an only child, there was no love lost between his parents as it seemed their relationship and marriage was one of compromise rather than love. His mother gave all her love and attention to the finer things of life money could buy and his father gave his attention to building his fearful reputation and maintaining his iron grip on The Aberus. The only time he had for Jeremy was when he wanted to access him, both his academic work and his abilities, and he was always accessed brutally. Jeremy had no choice but to grow cold.

He had built The Aviary from the ground up, with very little or no help from his father. But then just by mentioning his surname and whose son he was, people usually gave in to him, so maybe his father did play some indirect role in his business startup. And it didn’t take long for The Aviary to grow deep roots.

He was vexed now. His father was difficult and a stubborn one, but so was he, the apple never falls far from the tree after all.

“Then you might as well find another son, because I sure as hell will get married to her and that is the end of this discussion!” Jeremy fired and turned around to leave.

“Jeremy Xiu Aberus!” he stopped in his tracks when he heard his father thunder out his full name and he gritted his teeth, “Pursue this futile relationship you have with the human and I will see to it that she does not live to see another daybreak!”

He spun around now to face his father, his eyes were bloodshot. “You would not dare hurt her!” he pointed a finger at the man old enough to be resting in the grave by now.

“And you would not dare defy me. If you have forgotten I will remind you, she will end up like the last pet of a human you had. Julie would be more than welcome to have her for company.”

Jeremy gritted his teeth and charged at his father, he swung his fist when he got close enough but never got to land the punch because his father sent him flying across the room with an improvised kick to the stomach. His back hit the wall hard and his body came crashing down to the ground. His mother screamed out his name, petrified.

“Ebeneezer! That is your son!” she screamed at her husband. “Do you want to end his life?!”

“If a kick to the stomach could end his life then he is no son of mine! Now sit and remain quiet!” he ordered. The woman bit down on her lower lip. Knowing fully well to do as he had said or he would turn his anger on her as well. She turned her attention to Jeremy and looked at him with pity as she sat, pleading that he just do as his father had said.

“Do as I say and end this sorry excuse of a relationship you have with the human, or I will find her and end it myself.” Ebeneezer said as a final word.

Jeremy groaned and spat out blood, the pain in his stomach caused him to remain rolled up on the floor but he had clearly heard his father. Julia was his regret, what had befallen her was a result of his going against his father. She forever haunted his memories and he would never want his fiance to end up the same way. “Leave her out of this,” He struggled to say. The pain in his stomach worsened every time he tried to move. “Don’t hurt her.”

“I would not need to if you heed my words. If you are so desperate to get married then I will find someone befitting for you.” Ebeneezer said and relaxed back on the couch. “Someone of equal blood like the Declan, I hear they have quite the trophy daughter.”

Jeremy coughed up some more blood and rolled onto his back. He lay there for a while just staring at the ceiling. He felt weak and powerless again like he had felt when Julia was taken from him without much notice. He had thought his father was a bluff when he had first threatened him, Julia had ended up the way she did because he had not taken his father seriously. He would never want to take that same chance with his fiance.

His heart ached to know that he would have to call off their relationship. He fisted his palm and his hands trembled in anger, he was just going to have to do it.

Break Up

“Hey babe, we need to talk. Meet me at the roof of the building by nine.”

That was what he had said to her over the phone when he had called earlier and she had excitedly made her way here even thirty minutes before the time they had agreed. It was a cold July evening but she didn’t mind the chills, she was dressed and prepared for the weather, and she had even brought an umbrella in case it would rain.

She had spent a full forty minutes alone on the rooftop before Jeremy came, the exciting news she had to share with him kept her company and warm throughout the time she had to wait. She had told her family about it and they had been excited just as they were when Jeremy decided to go public with their relationship and plans of getting married.

She was born into a middle-class family who had just enough to get by, her father was late, he had been dead for twelve years now and she had just her mother and her aunt who seldom came by as her only family members. Despit


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