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Taming The Playgirl

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Gabrielle was known as the manipulator of man or which can we say, a playgirl that will met a stranger named, Vincent. Little did she know that Vincent has a mission and that's taming the playgirl. Once Gabrielle's father arrange the two of them in a marriage, it became a roller coaster relationship with the two of them. Will Vincent succeeded his mission even though he knows how tragic the past of Gabrielle? Or will he just made things worst for Gabrielle? Let witness the love story of an ordinary man and a playgirl that will made you realize that love isn't just for happy ending.

Chapter 1

"Another shot?" The flirtatious voice of the bartender catches his attention.

He looked away from the pretty brunette sitting on the lap of Adrijan Thorne, one of today's hottest models. His grip on the shot glass tightens even more as he sees the b*tch grinding her hips on the model's crouch while pressing his stupid face on her sinfully plump breasts that are covered by a thin white laced dress hugging her curves.

If she was not sexing that way in that dress and had she been just sitting primly on the couch, he would think of her as an angel. God! How that dress complements her ivory white skin and innocent face!

She is short and so lady-like, he wouldn't be surprised if he learns she didn't even reach five feet. She looks like the model's daughter as she sits on his lap like that. Only that her curves say otherwise. Her curves and muscles fall perfectly in the right places in her sinful anatomy.

She may have the most beautiful innocent face but the way she moves her hips above Adrian's manhood is making all the other guys drool over the scene she is carelessly making in the club.

"F*ck!" He uttered as he combed his hair with his fingers angrily.

He feels sick and disgusted. He feels as if heaven and earth collided and crashed down on him just looking at her acting so low even in front of everybody inside this exclusive nightclub filled with both socialites and hookers.

Why did he say yes to this f*ck*ng deal in the first place?! Why should he be pinned with this b*tch who can't be tamed, of all the socialite and heiresses in the globe?!

Yes, he is aware that socialites and heiresses like her have their own fun times and crazy moments. But she's different. She's like a hundred times worse than any of the rich and privileged kids he knows in the world.

She is shifting from one club to another, making out with one manwhore with another. Although it may be true that she's been dating this particular model for quite a while now, still, more and more scandals are circulating in tabloids and magazines.

She is now known as the "Richest sl*t in Town", "Playgirl In The Century", "The Heiress B*tch" and all the other filthy titles one could think of.

"Make it two!" He snaps angrily at the flirtatious bartender who is still waiting for his next order.

He can feel his own manhood aching just looking at the b*tch. Something he should never feel towards her. The last thing he would want is to actually be attracted to her and fall into her pit of sins...and be one of her "boy toys".

"They've been together for a good 6 months now. But they've been friends ever since." A baritone voice suddenly echoes just beside him as he feels its owner takes the stool just beside him in front of the bar.

"The longest she had, really. Probably the most serious too." He adds before giving a sign to the lady bartender for his drink order.

Two shots of tequilas were handed to them.

"Don't look at her like you've been cursed. She's a nice girl." The guy, who seems like in his early forties raises the glass in front of him for a toss and shot the alcohol straight.

"I'd bet that's what everybody she'd taken to bed would say." He scoffed as he downs his own alcohol and stands up ready to leave this place where his hell is.

"Don't dare hurt that girl, Vincent Walton. I've been in jail before, I wouldn't mind going back in there for that girl." For mere seconds, Vincent was taken off-guarded with that.

How did this guy know him...?

And what made him say those words to him?

It couldn't be that he knows why he is here in the first place? It couldn't be possible that he knows who he is and who will he be in that "girl's" life? No one knows...

That's what he thought.

The agreement was solely between the b*tch's father and his own grandfather. It couldn't be that this guy knows... and what about her?

He looks at the direction of the beautiful brunette once again and sees her standing up from the model's lap before pulling him and dragging him out of the club. Not minding the flashes of paparazzi cameras here and there who are all obviously focusing their lenses on her again.

God d*mn it! She's literally not giving a f*ck about who and when to f*ck! Adrian Thorne is as gay as all the colors in the rainbow for Christ's sake and given how desperate he is to get his arse in the halls of fame, he'd do and use anyone to get there.

And this blonde-acting untamable brunette b*tch is letting him use her for fame and publicity. Just like him, the weird older guy rises from his chair and leaves. But just when Vincent thought he'd follow the brunette b*tch, Vincent was surprised when the guy reaches for one flashing camera and crashes it on the floor and before he knew it, the pathetic paparazzi is already on the floor as well after being pushed by the bigger guy.

Another guy holding a camera was obviously taken aback by the scene that he just runs off even before the older guy, whom Vincent realizes now is actually the b*tch's bodyguard, could get to him.

The bodyguard looks at his direction and gives him a warning look before he goes out of the club to follow his mistress.

"You wanna settle the bill before you go?" Asks the same bartender, again cutting him from watching the young heiress.

The bartender has been doing her best to be noticed by him since he got inside the club. It is not hard for him to notice how hard she's trying to get his attention. It isn't the first time women are coming to him.

Vincent looks at the blonde, she is pretty alright, but only because her face is concealed by almost an inch-thick makeup.

Her brows, he didn't know if the tattoo is almost just a line, she kind of reminds him of the red queen in Alice in Wonderland.

Feeling more p*ss*d than he already is, he took his wallet from the back pocket of his trouser and hands her a few hundred dollar bills.

He definitely wouldn't be a loser tonight. He needs someone to take the anger of his manhood in. And if this lady is the last choice he had, f*ck choices! He would just grab her and give her what she wants as he forgets about that deceiving innocent face of the town's b*tch.

"Four seasons Suite...." He whispered and paused placing another hundred dollar bill in between her fake cleavage that made him cringe and even more frustrated thinking about that brunette's breasts that seemed to move naturally against the fabric of her dress a while ago.

"F*ck." He mentally whispered as he realized his mind is already filled with lust over her even before he knew it.

"Just follow me and get on." He commanded her and turned knowing she'll definitely follow him right away.

And just like all the girls he had before, the bartender really did follow him. Knowing that there could be some paparazzi who would notice him, Vincent chose to take the back door of the club going to the parking where his sports car is.

He's already near the stairs down to the parking, with the potential booty call behind him when he was stopped by a soft voice coming from behind a huge plant just beside a balcony outside the club.

The voice, almost like a whispering angel to his ear literally stopped him from his tracks as he felt chills run down his spine just listening to it.

"Just take me away from this place Ade..." She says softly with her thick cockney accent.

It was her... He can see her beautiful face shining through the night behind the plant as she leans her weight on that stupid arse's body once again. His arms are wrapped around her tiny form from behind. Her head is leaning on his chest comfortably that he feels a pang of jealousy at how natural she looks being wrapped inside that twat's arms like that.

"Babe... You have to stop this sh*t."

Adrian says as he kisses her head and pushes her a little before actually turning her to face him.

"Go back and talk to your father. Maybe he'll allow you this time."

Vincent frowns, he didn't want to eavesdrop but he wants to hear her voice... and somehow, he wants to just look at her... much more, know her.

"He's never thought of anyone else but himself Ade. You know that very well. He will never think of me or any of my interest unless it is embarrassing him."

"Like what we're doing?" Adrian sounded hurt, and at the same time, amused.

He sees her looking down before holding the guy's hands.

"Marry me, Ade..." She whispers but it was loud enough for Vincent to hear.

His throat suddenly goes dry.

Did she just propose to that twat?!

Is she actually in love with him to propose like that?!

"You're mad..." The guy replies simply like he didn't care a thing about what she just said.

"Marry you and what?"

"And be free, stupid." She slightly punches his chest for which he just giggles before combing her hair away from her beautiful face.

"And by free, you mean, us being cast out of society and living in the mountains?" He half-joked making Vincent more disgusted at the man he is.

He is just using her and she is stupidly falling in love with him to the point that she's actually proposing a lifetime commitment with him?!

"Are you just gonna watch there or wank me?!" The bartender caught everyone's attention, including the brunette heiress' attention who immediately turns her head to them.

"I'd rather..." She turns to where the voice came from and her eyes landed on Vincent's.

"Let me take you home now..." It was Adrian looking at him with a deadly glare before dragging her out of the place.

Her eyes, remained on his face without any emotion in them as she gets dragged by her boyfriend away from him...

Away from this place... He corrected himself.

"If you want to play with them, we can probably run after them. That b*tch is d*mn good in three or foursome..." The bartender's squeaky voice made him cut the line between their gazes and he turns to her with a deadly glare.

"And she's game for... Ouch! W-what are you doing... ?!" He angrily started dragging her, not letting her say another word about the brunette heiress.

Somehow, he couldn't take someone else insulting her in front of him like what this good-for-nothing second-rate hoe is doing.

Not that he cares... It's just that...

He pushed her into the car and closed the door with a loud bang before getting himself to the driver seat and starts the engine. He's not supposed to feel anything for that brunette b*tch of an heiress!

He promised himself not to fall for her beautiful face... never for that deceiving innocent eyes!

With anger building up, not wanting to admit that he'd already been enchanted, he drove as fast as he can to get to any place where he could lash out all his frustration to this booty call. It wasn't so hard for him to find a place where he could stop the car. He knows every street of Las Vegas. He knows every "playground" there is in the city and that's exactly where he stopped the car.

As soon as he did, he adjusted the bartender's seat and just senselessly gave her what she asked for, not even minding to take their clothes off, he just gave her the ride she' never forget.

He made her scream and cry out loud in pleasure but that wasn't the case for him. Her annoying voice is creeping him out. He wanted to erase that beautiful brunette's face out of his mind but every single time he would close his eyes and feel himself nearing his c*m, her warm innocent eyes as she looked at him a while ago would appear in his mind.

"F*ck...! F*ck!!!" He uttered angrily as he moved in and out of the sl*t's body so harshly he feels so disgusted that she's actually enjoying every bit of it like the wh*r* she is.

He kept on cursing as he was left no choice but to look at her cheap painted face just to keep his mind free of the beautiful b*tch's face as he reached his orgasm and allowed his juice to fill the condom covering his thick shaft pulsating inside this wh*r*'s cave.

"Piece of sh*t...!" He growls angrily once again before allowing his weight fall down on the bartender's body.

Hating himself so much for not being able to take away his b*tch's face... her body and even her voice away from his mind.

Hating himself so much more for already wanting her so badly when it is just the very first time he is actually seeing her...

Hating every bit of his sinful flesh for already wanting to possess her exquisite beauty even when it is actually the first time he was able to take a glimpse of her...

When it is just the first and only time he is actually seeing who will be....

His future wife.

It seems that Vincent has a bigger problem to solve for he has his own heart to tame, aside from the initial goal of Taming The Playgirl.

Chapter 2

Waking up with Ade is something not unusual for Gabrielle. They've been dating for a good half a year now but even before they decided to officially be together, Adrian has already been a very good friend to her. He's a high school buddy of her. They've been in the same clubs in junior high and

Adrian has always been very caring about her, just like an older brother she never had.

Well, she never had any sibling at all... she grew up alone in a castle, with only nannies and bodyguards to look after her. As playmates, all she had were cousins and a few good friends like Ade. But it isn't like she could call them her siblings, not at all. Most of them, she would meet only when there are family gatherings, in school, girls would get close to her just because she's popular... just because she is an heiress to a multi-billion-dollar company.

She feels him pulling her tighter to his embrace and she automatically plants her face to his naked chest


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