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Taming Ms. Mila

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Mila Carter is from a family who are bound by the rules of a strict society. Mila is forced to marry Vincent Delmont, the next head of the society. Due to some instances, the wedding is held back and Mila’s father will do anything to stop the wedding. Her father commits a grievous crime to stir a war between the two families. Three years later Mila is back where it all began and forced again into marriage to Vincent who is now head. Follow this exciting dark romance between Mila and Vincent. Vincent “Vincent,” I heard my name roll out of her sweet mouth, the root of all problems. The daughter my parents were sacrificed for. I could hear her heart racing and I loved the fear she displayed.

Chapter 1

Everything changed in a few months. Mila was part of the society, a group of people who controlled the prices of everything in America, they were of Italian descent. They had their own government and even the elected government could not do anything about their operations. They were also high-class thugs. They owned all the biggest companies in the country. Their children, however, lived their best lives but they had no control over their lives. Arranged marriages were a form to keep the top families on top and gain more power, while male children were expected to join the business when they turned fifteen, the women were expected to keep themselves pure for their husbands and they were also taught how to run the house. John Delmont was the head of the society and his son Vincent Delmont was going to be the next after him.

Three Years ago.

It was already getting dark and everyone in the Society was waiting patiently for the head to arrive.

Mr. John Delmont entered the room and sat down.

"No apologies for coming late?" One of the members grunted.

"If you want my apology. You can have it but then your head will be separated from your body after," John responded and gave a sly smile.'

They looked at him. He was the boss and all members of the Society were frightened. John was getting old, too old to manage the affairs of the society.

"Where is Vincent?" The second after him asked.

He shook his head.

"Unfortunately, Vincent is not back from his travels. He will be back as soon as possible," John responded.

His second stood up.

"You know the rules here. For him to become the boss he should have actively partaken in our activities. He cannot just barge in and become boss without doing anything," Patrick protested. "We have someone suitable to be boss," He continued.

John sat down patiently. He did not want to cause problems. He knew his son was wrong.

Vincent was already told to come back a month ago but he blatantly refused, even after all his credit cards were blank. His son was as stubborn as he was.

"I assure you, Vincent will come back tomorrow and will complete all the necessary things," John was calm. Even as boss, he was still expected to follow all the rules and also lay out punishments without exceptions.

He had already planned out the punishments Vincent would receive when he returned.

london, 2020.

"What type of stupid enough to kill himself shortly after his wife did? I mean Eleanor did it for a cause but Edward should have lived on," Seventeen-year-old Mila Carter asked her literature teacher.

Mr. Burns was always glad to have Mila in his class because she was smart and she always had questions to ask.

"Miss Carter, they all had their reasons. Believe, parting from your loved one is very painful especially if you lost many loved ones before. Since then, King Thomas, also known as Yale, ruled the kingdom with peace and love for all his subjects," Mr. Burns ended his class.

Mila shook her head and continued taking notes.

"Miss Carter?" Mr. Burns asked after the class.

"Yes, sir," She replied and came down quickly.

"How are the preparations for the graduation coming in?" He asked her.

"I have not been able to prepare. I am trying to take an extra course. I want to get into Stanford," She replied.

Mr. Burns also worked for the Society. They had schools all over the world and Mr. Burns was transferred to Estelle high by the Carter family to keep an eye on Mila.

"I know what you want to say," She frowned.

"You should stop searching for universities. The girls of the Society are rarely allowed to attend university because they have homes to build after now. I have been very lenient with you and I have told your family that you are planning to enroll in university," He told her.

She was angry.

"It is Stanford, Burns. If anybody has a chance of getting in, it is me. I cannot give up on Stanford because I belong to a strict family who thinks connections and money are everything," She replied.

"Drop your plans or I will inform your father. It is as simple as that," He smiled.

Mila ran out of the classroom and went to her dormitory. She recalled the time when she was pulled out of high school to start a boarding school. Her father loved her so much and went against the rules, allowing her to do junior high in a normal school.

The rules were the same and were stricter for the girls. Anyone who disgraced the Society was persecuted without thinking twice.

Her father walked in that night after John Delmont left their house.

"Give me some time to speak to Mila alone," Her father told her brothers and her mother.

Her father sighed and sat beside her.

"The boss has spoken. You can no longer go to the regular school. You must be enrolled in a catholic high school," They were strict Catholics.

It was always the ones who went to church most that did the worst things.

Mila's father was the head doctor of the Society. His father was also the head, the position remained in the Pack family and her brother was going to be the head doctor later, working side by side with the boss, the new boss who was his best friend.

Her brother Austin, had always used the boss' son as an excuse to travel the world. He said he was going to learn new things for the Society . Everyone knew that he was going for booze and enjoyment. Her brother and the boss' son were known for being notorious.

"Am I getting married?" She sobbed.

"You are not getting married, honey. No one is excused from the rules," He told her.

Mila was fourteen.

"Dad, if you are worried about me giving myself to someone else, you know I will not do it," She pleaded.

His father looked at her.

"I know you are not that type of girl. You are a good kid and everyone knows it but we can never be too careful," He told her.

"Daddy, you do not restrict Austin's behavior then why are you focusing on me? Austin is traveling the world and enjoying his life. I am just asking for a chance to go to school normally," She cried.

Mr. Carter stood up.

"Do not compare yourself with your brother. He has spent many years in medical school and it is time for him to relax. You cannot argue with me! Pack your bags, you will leave in two days," He made his decision and he was not going back.




"Mila are you not coming down for lunch?" Her friend Judith asked.

Mila sighed.

"I am not hungry. I just want to rest. Can you believe it, I am not allowed to apply to Stanford,"    She sighed.

Judith laughed.

"I'm sorry, your family is very strict," Judith replied.

Judith was not from the Society family. She was given a scholarship to study because her father died in one of the shootings that were caused by the Society. Since then her entire family was taken care of her.

The only good about the Society was that they understood their mistake and always tried to make up for what they did.




Vincent and Austin were at their daily place, the retard club.

"Are you not scared of your father? I mean they blocked your cards and you still do not want to go back. You should be scared!" He told him.

Vincent looked at Austin.

"I have you and I have been using your cards. I do not have anything to worry about. Do you even know the number of punishments I will receive when I go back? This man will try to rip my legs, you know how much I hate my father," He spoke and took another shot.

Austin shook his head.

"You are going to be boss, Vincent. You have to live up to expectations. You have to go back home. Your father knows you are using my money to live. I will also be punished for letting you behave this way," He told Vincent.

Vincent sighed.

"Hey, Susan," He called his celebrity girlfriend.

"Vincent," She came to him and sat on his leg.

She smiled and greeted Austin.

"We are in Italy, relax. Our parents do not have any power in Italy," He patted his back.

Austin got up.

"I am taking the next plane to New York tomorrow. I do not want to have to deal with the Society. We have broken so many rules and I do not want to receive more punishment. We are made, Vincent. We need to start taking responsibility," He got up. "I will pay for the drinks," He replied.

Vincent got up and held his hand.

"Fine, I will do whatever you want. Book a flight to New York for me. I will go back home too. Do not miss me too much since we are going to be far apart," He laughed and took Susan out.

Austin shook his head. Vincent was his best friend and they were close since they were young. His father was transferred and they had to move and were apart for years until college. They went to the best university, he majored in medicine while Vincent majored in Business administration as per their father's wishes.

After school, they left home to travel for two years and it was time to return. Austin looked up to his father and he knew encouraging Vincent would not be allowed.

"I will see you when I see you, buddy," Vincent waved at him, Susan supported his drunk ass.

Chapter 2

Austin went to Vincent's place the following day.

"We have a flight to catch today. We are already late and you made me book first-class for you," he said as he went in.

Vincent was still in bed with Susan. Austin closed his eyes as he went inside.

"Susan, you need to go," he spoke out loud.

Susan yawned and got up, she wore Vincent's robe.

"I am going to the States with Vincent. He is planning to introduce me to his parents," she said.

Austin laughed and moved over to Vincent's side.

"Do not fool yourself. He is Vincent Delmont. He can never marry you. He is only allowed to marry the girl that is chosen for him. Besides, she must be a virgin too," Austin spoke and pulled the covers off his body.

Vincent got up and pushed Austin off.

"What is that for?" He asked her.

"What do you think? Susan, can you give us a moment?" Vincent asked politely.


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