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Super Rich Man

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As a successor to the most mysterious family in United States, Leon has to go through a set of trials before inheriting his family wealth according to a group of rules. It has five stages. Since he was only three years old, Leon's father has planned on raising him as a tough person.

Chapter 1. Too Naive

"Leon, you're just nothing!"

"What makes you think a delivery boy like you deserves to date my beautiful daughter Winny?"

A birthday party was going on in the Sheraton Hotel in the middle of Oregon.

A woman with short and slick hair stared at Leon with hatred.

Her name is Melanie, mother to Leon's girlfriend.


Melanie took the beautifully wrapped gift on the table and hit Leon's head with it.

A real crystal bracelet by Givenchy inside the box fell out and shattered into pieces. Leon had spent a year's worth of his salary to get the gift!

While Winny, Leon's tall and beautiful girlfriend, stayed quiet and looked at Leon cynically.

"Just so you know, Winny was accepted at the province's best university. She is the only one to make it to a master's degree out of the whole school. You better give up while it's not too late yet!"

Leon scored the highest amongst students accepted into the academy, but his name was removed for some unknown reason.

When Leon bent down to pick up the bracelet pieces, someone roughly stepped on the bracelet fragments.

Holding in his anger, Leon looked up and saw Gerald's snobby face.

"Hey, poor boy, what makes you think you deserve my cousin? You must be dreaming!"

Gerald stepped on Leon's hand multiple times and then kicked him.

"Auntie, here's a teddy bear for Winny, I wish all the best for her."

Gerald thoughtlessly chose his cheap gift for One hundred dollars from a roadside shop.

Melanie instead gladly accepted the gift; she held the teddy bear very cautiously.

"Gerald, you are indeed a wonderful man, Winny and I am very happy with your present. If you both weren't cousins, I would've got you married to Winny!"

Gerald and Winny are distantly related, so their blood relation was not very close. But Gerald's attraction towards his school idol Rachel was bigger than towards Winny.

The reason behind Gerald's action was purely due to his dislike of Leon.

Gerald once almost harassed Rachel, but Leon caught him by accident and stopped him from doing so.

At that moment, Leon's shoulder is shaking, his hands tightly fisted, trying his best to hold on to his anger!

The Givenchy bracelet he bought worth a year of his salary was treated like trash by them, and a roadside-bought teddy bear was deemed better!


"Leon, you're so useless! It's just food delivery and you crashed a BMW. You are fired! You are responsible for the service cost!"

Leon immediately cut the call, trying to hold his anger.

"Winny, please return the One hundred thousand dollars spent on that bracelet, I need the money right now!"

Both Leon's breath and voice tone sounded heavy.

Leon spent his free time working as a delivery man. He even saved up on living and spent four years of his time at university to save up to One hundred thousand dollars, which he deposited on Winny's card.

Leon seems to trust his girlfriend too much.

At first, he planned to use the money to continue his studies, but instead, he had to use it to replace the crash's loss.

During the one year of their relationship, Winny wouldn't have possibly spent all of Leon's hard work by herself, right?

"I've spent it all," answered Winny with a smirk.

Leon felt like he was struck by lightning when he heard Winny's answer!

"What? You didn't even ask my permission, why did you finish it?!"

Leon's voice was hoarse as if something was stuck in his throat.

"All that is not even enough to buy my make-up supplies. I've wasted a year of my youth with you, so that makes it even. We're done!"

All this time, Leon is just a free lunch ticket to Winny.

More than that, Winny is admitted to a top university and will soon leave Oregon. She is undoubtedly impatient to cut her relationship with Leon.

What a shame it would be if people found out her boyfriend is just a food delivery man!

"Is this it for all the feelings we had for each other? You've changed!" shouted Leon. His eyes reddened, and his lips trembled, trying not to cry.

All the promises and romance which Leon had just felt... everything changed in one night only because Winny is going to the best university!

"You should've realized that we are from two different worlds!"

Winny looked at Leon cynically, her face full of hatred while Leon felt very disappointed in her.

"The money! Give back my money, I need it now!"

"What if I don't want to? How stingy, do you have to do this for just such a small amount? My decision to break up with you was the right one!"

"Yes, it's just One hundred thousand dollars. Seriously I don't get it!" Melanie added.

While Gerald just looked at Leon with cockiness, "If you do what I tell you, I'll return the money!"

"What is the condition?"

Leon knew Gerald was not this nice. He saw Gerald pointing in between his legs.

"Here! Pass through here and bark like a dog!"

"You are outrageous!"

"Why? Don't you want your money?"

"Ok! I'll go!" Leon shouted with determination.

"Winny! Look at this street dog, your ex-boyfriend!" shouted Gerald happily.

Winny raised her chin high, and with a disgusted expression, she said, "A low-life like him deserves a sad life!"

At that moment, Leon lifted his feet and kicked hard at Gerald's crotch.

He might live poorly, but he still has to have dignity!

Gerald was immediately on the floor, writhing in immense pain until rolling on the floor.

Amid the commotion, Leon took off on his bike.

Even though he made his escape, he was eventually caught. The reason for his custody was silly, he was accused of attempted r*p*!

That night Leon was out drinking with his best friend Jason to pour out his emotions and was not at the crime scene. This is fake!

In the custody center's visitation room, Leon's eyes were bloodshot red. The sadness he felt had reached its limit.

Thankfully there is evidence that Leon was not at the crime scene, so Jason could help prove Leon not guilty.

"Jas, I knew you'd come. Once I'm out of here I'll treat you to an all-you-can-eat restaurant". Leon's expression improved at the sight of Jason.

Even though he is in trouble, he still has a good friend to look after him; this is the only thing that made Leon happy.

At that moment, Jason was feeling conflicted too. He felt tense but excited at the same time.

With a smirk on his face, Jason told Leon, "You need to calm down. I'll stand as a witness for you and prove that you are indeed a rapist!"

Hearing what his friend said, Leon's facial expression changed drastically.

"Jas, what do you mean? It's not the time for jokes!"

All this time, Leon has always thought of Jason as his brother.

"You can't blame me. Everyone's got to move forward. A chance to fix my life is up in front of my eyes. As soon as I graduate, I'll secure a job as the Chow family's hotel manager at their five-star hotel! Hahahaha."

Jason was initially hit with guilt but was consumed by greed once he imagined his bright future.

"Jason, it turns out you are helping Gerald! Where is your conscience?!"

Leon could no longer hold on to his anger. If they weren't in the custody center, Leon would've gone crazy.

"Moral conscience? Can moral conscience feed you? I don't want to live my whole life as a low life. Also, there's one thing I must tell you. Do you know why you were removed from the master's degree registration?"


Was there a hidden reason behind it?

"Don't you ever think about it? Your major only has a spot for 1 person. For some time, Winny has been flirting with the major head, and Gerald is Winny's cousin. All that is enough to kick you out, but you were too dumb to realize it!"

Jason went and left Leon alone.

Leon felt like his heart was stabbed by a thousand knives.

Two weeks later, at Tarumanagara University.

Leon finally stepped foot at his university gate.

Since there wasn't enough evidence, Leon was finally released.

But it seems to be difficult to erase the trace from his campus.

And while all that is happening, Winny has begun her new life somewhere else.

When Leon came back, a lot of people tried to avoid him as if he brought disease.

But once again, a piece of bad news struck Leon like lightning.

It was agreed that after graduating, Leon would work at the Royal Taruma hospital. Instead, he received an email saying he was rejected.

The hospital is one of the best in Oregon, and the acceptance rate is meager.

The hospital is his only path after failing to enroll in his university of choice.

Would there still be a way forward for Leon?

Does he have to stick to working as a delivery man just to earn a living?

At that moment, his phone rang. Once he saw the caller ID Leon's facial expression changed. He answered the call.

"It's been 4 years until you finally remember me. Did you even know how I got here during these years?" Leon's hoarse voice sounded hysterical.

"What do you mean I crossed family rules and had to pretend to be poor in Oregon and accept shame from others up to this day. With the reason of family education!"

"I want to come home!"

From the other side of the line, a soft female voice answered. "Sir, you should be thankful for experiencing the life of a poor man. You must be well aware of the people around you. Now that the first step of the exam is over, you will receive a small amount of compensation, as promised. You will also be allowed to use all the abilities you have mastered. Your second test to take over all family corporations in Oregon starts now.

"Are you for real? If it wasn't for food delivery I would've starved to death. And only now do you remember me. Mawar, are you ready to be a housewife?"

Leon and Mawar have been paired since both were unborn, but Leon disagrees with the decision. Because Leon wanted to try for himself what it felt like to be in love, he succeeded in tasting its bitterness.

"Sir, all this time I have always received love and kindness from the Wijaya family. I shall not ask for more. As long as I can serve you, Sir, I will wait for you to come home."

"Haha," Leon laughed with a sarcastic tone.

They grew up together through childhood and understood each other well. Mawar is a year older than Leon; he sees her as his sibling. How could he even bring himself to do it?

"Sir, in a while you shall receive your compensation from your uncle."

"Tell him I don't need much. I only want to enjoy lots of meat in my hotpot, sing my heart out, and sleep well in a hotel room with a huge bed. All these four years delivering food I have not even once eaten beef. Have you ever felt like this?"

As a successor to the most mysterious family in the United States, Leon has to go through a set of trials before inheriting his family wealth according to a group of rules. It has five stages.

Since he was only three years old, Leon's father has planned on raising him as a tough person.

He invited masters of diverse expertise to train Leon in many abilities, starting from arts, medicine, feng shui, ancient foreseeing techniques, self-defense, and ancient antiquities.

Four years ago, when the first phase of the exam started, Leon was sent to live in Oregon's harsh city without a single penny.

Leon also wasn't allowed to use the different expertise thought to him by the experts to train his willpower and experience the life of an ordinary man.

Leon understood his father's goodwill.

His family did all this to avoid unwanted circumstances; even simultaneously, they are also grooming his cousins as potential replacements.

At that moment, a few of his schoolmates passed by Leon and whispered to themselves.

"What scum, at first, I thought he was an ambitious person, in reality, he's just trash!"

"Winny made the right choice."

"I really can't imagine. If the incident hadn't happened, he could've got a proper job."

"Trash like him deserves a breakup."

Leon's emotion is reaching its peak, and with his hand, he hit the tree beside him hard. The tree didn't move a single bit, not even a single leaf fell.

When Leon went, a profound impression was made on the tree's bark as if a hammer had hit it.


A notification appeared from the bank.

"Transaction successful. Deposit of USD 999999999."

Chapter 2. I Am Strong

A call came for Mawar a few moments then to remind him.

"Sir, please take more than 900 million US dollars as compensation for the four years. Besides, there is a Spanish Restaurantrestaurant, a karaoke center, and a five-star hotel all purchased under your name."

"You can head to the SZ Bank and reach out to Mr. Steven to arrange your money. Everything has been set, Sir. I've also prepared you a scooter."

Leon felt much calmer as soon as he heard Mawar's warm voice.

'It has been four years, and as heir to this amount of money, it is about time for me to make a comeback. I wished to interact with you all like normal people, but all you've been is cruel to me. It's time to show you all my real power!"

In half an hour, Leon made it to the SZ Bank branch without changing his work clothes.

Leon planned to withdraw some of the money as pocket money. The rest will be left to Mr. Steven to manage.



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