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Substitute Bride

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" Warning !! Mature content " * snippet" " This is the price you have to pay for killing my fiancee" he said with no emotions in eyes" . tearing her clothes apart and forcing himself on her. Chloe was dumbstruck and tears fell from her hazel eyes. " this is what you owe Rose and I " he said in a cold and intimidating voice. with this her last wall of defence crumbled. She has no choice than to submit to him. A plane crash made her a murderer " It's her cross now and she must bear it "

Wedding bells

Chloe stood in front of the huge door of the church where her supposed wedding is going to take place , with a bouquet of flowers in her hands .

This wasn't how she planned her wedding to be, she wished to have a memorable wedding with friends and family there to see her happy moments, with her best friend Rose as her bridesmaid.

She wanted to be the one to pick her wedding gown , but all those were her wishful thinking.

She stood in front of the huge mahogany door, lonely as the substitute Bride that she is. Tears pooled in her eyes ,but she quickly wiped them away, careful not to ruin her makeup.

The huge door opened to snap her out of her reverie, she walked across the empty hall, her footsteps echoing round the church hall. She saw him already standing at the altar.

Dressed handsomely, with his silky raven hair neatly arranged , she admired the handsome creature she was getting wedded to , his emerald eyes staring deeply into her soul , she swallowed the lump in her throat and approached the stairs with shaky legs , he held out his hand for her to take like a perfect husband will do for his wife .

If anyone is watching them right now they will surely picture him as every lady's dream husband, but that's not the same in Chloe's case , he's rather a devil ready to trap her in his cage forever with no means of escape.

Her knuckles turned white for gripping the bouquet too tight , it took her all her whim to remove her right hand to place it on his .

She held his outstretched hand and climbed the stairs quietly not tearing her gaze from him, for a moment she thought everything was real . but when she looked into his eyes the look in them speaks volumes.

The priest began the procession immediately after she arrived, it seems like he couldn't wait to get this over and done with .

" Liam Reigns , will you take Chloe Adams as your lawfully wedded wife under the guidance of the bible and the witness of God"

" To cherish, to love, to respect and to support her, be loyal to her no matter the matter, Rich or poor, in sickness or in health, in joy and in sorrow."

The priest's voice echoed in the empty hall, silence reigned for a few minutes.

" Yes I do , I will cherish her, love her, be loyal to her till death", he said with all atoms of seriousness ,with an evil smirk tugging at his lips.

" Chloe Adams, will you take Liam Reigns as your lawfully wedded husband under the guidance of the bible and the witness of God."

" To cherish,to love ,to respect and to support him, be loyal to him no matter what, in rich in poor, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow",

"", she stuttered trying hard not to believe that this is really happening.

" This is a commitment of forever, you may now kiss the bride",

He held her waist tightly with one hand and the other held her chin up. She tried to stop him but his statement shocked her.

" This is what you owe me and Rose, it's too late to run" her hands trembled, she loosened her grip on him. The kiss was slow and intense , every second felt like betrayal to Chloe.

He kissed her fiercely, her hands turned numb ,she fought hard to endure her tears which were threatening to fall any moment if she let it.

The ride home was awkward and the air heavy , Chloe couldn't bring herself to look in his direction,rather she took refuge in the air that soothes her nerves when she sticks out her head from the window. She noticed the direction the car was taking , she turned to face him eventually to ask him a question but couldn't, because she didn't know how to address him at the moment. In the end she bit her lower lip and bent her head as many ideas passed through her mind.

Liam noticed she was trying to strike up a conversation but was afraid to look in his direction, " what is it " , he deadpanned, his question throwing her off balance. She raised her head to meet his intimidating gaze, " I -i- was wondering if you are going to stop me at the next bus stop , because you have already passed mine".

" You're now Mrs. Reigns , so you will live in the Reigns mansion, " he replied, not giving her a room to negotiate.


" Your things have been sent over to the Reigns mansion" he interrupted her rudely , Chloe nodded awkwardly, and chewed her inner cheek and swallowed a lump she didn't know she was holding in.

'An inescapable cage, she is trapped forever with no room for escape '. .


Let go of me! argh! Chloe butt hit the bed hard , she didn't understand where she went wrong she attended the wedding as promised.

" I attended the wedding as you required, what do you want from me now ! what ?

" Are you pretending to be innocent, huh? or you like to be forced?

" I told you clearly, this is your debt , I will let you pay one by one " He pointed out nonchalantly,

Chloe's eyes closed in despair and tears streamed down her face uncontrollably " Sorry Rose I didn't know it would turn out like this".


Two Months Ago

Chloe was in her bedroom, her face twitching in pain. She couldn't sleep because of a stomach ache. She can't shoot the Ad in this situation, and she can't afford to offend her agent instead.

she was at loss for ideas, suddenly she reached for her phone on the bed beside her. There's only one person that could help her now , Rose


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