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Sold To The CEO

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Thomas Albuquerque was betrayed by his partner and best friend. The family business was the most precious thing in his life, and now the CEO is ready to go bankrupt and swears revenge on his former partner. Thomas knows he's not going to get the money back, and he's never going to get back everything he lost. He'll have to work hard to rebuild his empire, but he's not about to let his traitor get away with it. And the best way to make him pay for everything he's stolen is to also take what's most precious to him: his own daughter.

Chapter 01:


I want to destroy every part of that bastard's body.

I place my elbows on my desk, rest my face in my palms, and pull hard on my hair. I failed. For the first time in years, I failed.

I've always managed my business very well, better than my father's expectations. Better than he did. I did what I was supposed to do, not worrying about having to destroy a few people along the way. In the world of success, empathy and compassion don't exist. I hired trusted people and made sure I turned them into less than nothing if any of them failed or betrayed my trust. What I didn't do was imagine that I was going to be betrayed by the man who's been with me since we were brats. That's exactly where I failed.

César Magalhães, my almost brother, longtime friend, had been stealing from me for years. Years. As my company's financial manager, he had methods of siphoning off money without anyone noticing. And my mistake was trusting him blindly. But that will never happen again. With anyone, under any circumstances.

I hear the office phone ringing loudly and straighten up before answering it.

"Speak up, Diane."

'Mr Thomas, he's here.' Do I ask him to come in?

“Yes, and don't let anyone near that floor until I open the door, Diana. Understood? - I don't wait for her to answer and I hang up on her. I feel my muscles tighten with tension and my body shakes with the raw, devastating rage that surges through me.

I never had much control over my anger. Now more than ever I can't help but think homicidal thoughts about the guy outside.

There's a soft knock on the door and I look over. I prop an elbow on the arm of the chair, place a finger to my cheek, and wait.

As soon as César enters the room, all I feel is hatred for the man who was always so much more than my business partner. It's like there was my biggest competitor in the business, my biggest enemy. One of the people who easily entered the list of people I have no opposition to leaving at rock bottom, leaving with nothing.

The tall man, already gray despite not being over forty, with brown eyes and red hair, approaches with his usual relaxed posture and throws himself into the chair in front of my desk.

We are the complete opposite in many aspects of our life. Regarding personality: I'm explosive and he's laid back. In the way of leading life: I am a libertine and he is “family”. But we have one thing in common: ambition.

“Fuck, Thomas, you're going to freeze to death in this room. Do you need to put the air conditioning on to freeze like that?

I don't answer because I'm too busy trying to control the explosion that threatens to come for the first time. But he knows me too well. The second he looks at my face, he tilts his head to the side and asks:

- What happened? Some problem?

I get up and slowly walk over to his chair. Cesar frowns and lifts his head to look at me. I turn my back to him, walk to the door and lock it so no one can interrupt me.

"Are you planning to pull my pants down and fuck my ass?" he asks and lets out a laugh. I can't say anything. I feel my mouth sour, my stomach churning, the nerve in my forehead quivering. I dig my nails into my palm, hard. I try and fail to control the anger and disappointment. “You're worrying me, Thomas.

“You've taught me a lot, Caesar,” I say. I clear my throat and head towards the glass windows that show the great metropolis of São Paulo below me. “He taught me that we shouldn't trust anyone.

- What are you talking?

I look back at him and approach slowly, with my left hand in the pocket of my dress pants.

Not getting another second of control from looking at his sly expression, I pull him out of the chair abruptly and grab him by his collar.

"What for…"

"You're going to shut your goddamn mouth this instant, you son of a bitch!" Will listen to everything I say and do absolutely anything I want. Understood? - I yell and shake your body.

His eyes widen and he touches my hands. He tries to get rid of the strong grip, but I don't let go.

"Did you really think I wasn't going to find out about your theft, did you?" You were smarter once, Caesar. Did you really think you could make a fool of me inside my own company for years, you son of a bitch? For years!

I shake him one more time before bringing a hand to his throat to choke him.

“I… let me ex…

"Let you explain what, Caesar?" That you're a fucking traitor? That you would laugh behind my back while sinking five hotels at once? Do you realize the damage you caused me? I'll be forced to turn to investors I never had to tell because of you, you piece of shit! If I wasn't so good at what I do, I would have gone broke!

“I'll explain, Thomas. I didn't betray… you. I don't... -he says with broken sentences because of the shortness of breath caused by my squeeze.

I toss it to the floor and adjust the sleeves of my dress shirt. I can feel my breathing quickening, my nostrils flaring and my heart pounding. Signs of my wrath. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to break into a thousand pieces.

“I'll let you explain, Caesar. Come on, I'll give you a minute on behalf of our beautiful friendship - I speak ironically and open a predatory smile as I look at him.

I want to kill this worm. Since he stepped into the office, I don't see him as the guy who shared good times with me. I want to destroy all the best in your life. I want to make the rest of the years pure pain, suffering and bitterness. I want César to never find out what it's like to trust or have anyone's trust again. I want you to suffer.

“I was in need of money. You know that Paula has expensive tastes and ends up going overboard. I didn't want to ask my family for money. It started with a small loan, you wouldn't even notice... - he says, sits on the floor and puts his hand on the neck marked by my grip. “But… things got out of hand. I did not do it on purpose. You're my homie, man. Come on… You think I was going to fuck you up on purpose?

- Your brother... - mockery. I grin and shake my head. I get closer to him and kick him. His eyes widen in surprise as he brings his hand to his stomach.

I mount him and hit him with several punches in the face. Caesar doesn't react, and I don't think he could if he wanted to.

I'm blinded by fury, but stop minutes later when I remember that if he dies now, it's going to be too easy. You won't get the suffering you deserve.

My fingers feel fucked up and sore. I squeeze his hand and see the red blood from his nose there.

I don't care if he's face fucked up, I don't care if he's moaning for help. I don't care about anything else but the fact that this man almost destroyed a company of years, an empire. My empire. The luxury hotel chain was nothing when my grandfather created it when he was still young. It wasn't much longer when my father took over many years later, but it became the largest hotel chain in Brazil and reached several countries around the world when I took over. I'm proud of everything I've built and absolutely no one is going to take that away from me.

I take a tissue out of my suit jacket and wipe my fingers.

"We're going to have a serious talk now." Can you hear me?

"You son of a…"

“No, Caesar. The motherfucker here is just you.

I kneel in front of his body still stretched out on the floor and look at him. Pathetic.

- I spent all these days trying to think of a way to gift you for what you did to me - I say, hearing her moans of pain. "Shh, quiet because I'm not done talking yet."

- I go…

"I thought I'd take your wife." An exchange, you know? I interrupt and he tries to hit me with a kick. “What matters most to me for what matters most to you. Or rather, who matters most to you.

“It won't…” he says with a pained grimace. His eyes are already starting to get swollen from the punches I landed and I smile.

“But then I thought… You love your wife so much you almost bankrupted my company for her. I clenched my jaw in anger. I want to go after him again. Beat him until he's done, but I need to finish what I've planned. I'm going through with this. — But who you love most in the world is not your wife, nor your mother. Who you love most in the world is Cecília, your darling daughter. By the way, how is she?

"You will not touch my daughter, you bastard!"

"Am I not going, Caesar?" - I talk. I smile at him and punch him in the arm like we used to. “Your sweet, sweet little princess, your little angel. What do you even call her? Your crystal...

I stand up and let him try to struggle to his feet, but the pain stops him. I like to see him there, crawling like a worm. I go to the liquor cabinet and pull out a bottle of brandy. I fill a glass and down the hot drink in one go. I repeat the gesture and sit back in the chair, craning my neck to see him.

"Why are you still there on the floor, man?" Sit here so I can see you better... - I say. He curses, grumbles, tries to move, but the pain overcomes him. I get up again, go to him and lift him at once.

I practically drag him over to the black leather sofa in the corner of the office and throw him there. I sit beside him on the other seat and rest the side of my foot on one knee.

— How is she, eh, Cesar? I ask, but I don't let him answer because all I want is to piss him off. There is nothing he won't do for his precious daughter, to protect her. "When does she come back from the States?" I remember what a little angel she was. It will be good to have a sweet and demure person like that by my side.

- On your side? - he says and passes the sleeve of his jacket on his nose that is dripping blood. “What the fuck are you talking about, Thomas? Don't mess with my family!

— Ah, César… You messed with my life, why shouldn't I mess with yours?

“She… It's different, man. It's just money here. I give you everything back! I managed to multiply with investments and you know how rich my family is. They can…

"Oh, you give it back?" That simple? I ask and shake my head. “Listen, things aren't going to be easy for you from now on. It's not enough to give me back everything you stole from me, you're going to have to feel what I felt when I almost lost everything.

- You are crazy.

“You saw nothing, Caesar. Saw nothing. I reach over and pick up the meticulously laid out contract with my attorney. “Let's stop talking about family. Let's go to what I like most: business. Here's what you'll need to do. I'll be kind and read while you're unable.

He shifts on the couch and glares at me, but I don't care and read what's written on the paper.

— Cecília Magalhães will be forced to marry Thomas de Albuquerque and fulfill all her wishes — I say and stop just to appreciate the expression of surprise and revolt on her face. 'Isn't that great, Caesar?' Of all that we've been in life, friends, brothers, business partners, I'm going to be your son-in-law. Life is too ironic, don't you think?

- To marry? You are crazy? My Cecilia is a girl! She's only nineteen, Thomas. She doesn't do shit.

"Nonsense, me?" Don't worry. I would never do anything to hurt you, friend!

He looks at me skeptically and I burst out laughing at his expression. If there's something that gives me more pleasure than trampling on anyone who gets in my way, it's playing with prey like a puppy. I love to see anger, hope, and despair intertwine as I do what I want.

"You believed it, didn't you?" Oh, Cesar, it seems you don't know me.

- What do you want? I do everything, but don't mess with my daughter.

“That's exactly why I want her,” I say and toss the contract aside. “And I will, because I have everything I want, Caesar. You should have thought of that before. Now get out of here. I'll look for you in a few days. Don't try to run away with your daughter, because I think everyone is in hell. And then it will get worse.

“You'll be sorry.

I get up and don't answer. I return to my chair and start working to recoup the loss. I'm going to have to do my best not to lose the hotels that took years to be recognized and renowned, but I don't give up on what I want.

César gets up with difficulty and walks towards the door slowly, touching his rib.

"See you later, father-in-law!" I tease with a smile, which closes like this

he unlocks the door and walks out.

The first step has already been taken, now the rest is missing.

Chapter 02:


A week has passed since I confronted Caesar and informed him of my plans. He hasn't appeared in the company again, but he's in my sights. I will not allow you to run or hide before my plans for revenge are realized. I bet you think I was bluffing when I said I was going to take your most prized possession, probably counting on friendship, but I wasn't. I just had more important things to do, like meeting with different experts to see how best to get out of this scam without losing too much.

I hate to miss anything. I hate that things aren't within my reach, that I don't have control of every breath within the company. Things will go back to the way they were before, whatever the cost. Whatever the cost.

I alarm the car after parking in front of the building I've visited more times than I can count. I walk to the entrance and am easily greeted by the doorman who knows me very well and never announces me. I go up the elevator looking at my reflection in the mi


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