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Sold To A Wealthy Man: Love Bound By Ink

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Blurb: A business family is in debt, but they've been given the chance to pay it off by selling their daughter to the son of an enterprise billionaire. The CEO of the Enterprise finds the daughter's business skills a threat and seeks to undermine her and the Thompsons Amelia reluctantly agrees, and starts working for Ethan's father. Amelia and Ethan develop feelings amidst challenges. CEO of Enterprise tries to undermine Amelia. Amelia and Ethan unite, face obstacles, prove Amelia's worth. Love, revenge, forgiveness story shape their journey. The ends with the pursuit of happiness, and triumph over adversity. Find out

Chapter 1

“So, how do you intend to pay for these loans? When your financial situation looks like this?” The situation is dire, and they only have a couple of days to find any type of solution to their dire situation. Amelia Thompson knows this more than anyone. She is the intelligent and creative one of the Thompsons, whose advice is always ignored by her father, Richard Thompson. As usual, she tries to suggest an idea to try and save their business, but it just falls on deaf ears, which she isn’t surprised about, and she begins to think it would be better not to say anything. But it wasn’t a completely terrible situation because the debt collector has a business friend's son along with them, who’s taken an interest in Amelia's creative thinking. Although Richard dreads the thought of having his life’s work repossessed and sold off to the highest bidder, the debt collector's patience is wearing thin, and he instead has decided to give them 24 hours to come up with a solution to their problems, or he’ll begin repossessing their assets. But the debt collector's partner friend has another idea, as he hasn’t had any luck with women his entire life, and here was an opportunity to get closer to one who worked within business, increasing the chances of his father accepting her as his daughter-in-law. He speaks up for the first time in the conversation: “I propose that you, Richard Thompson, sell off your daughter to me in a contract. Whereby you’ll work under my father's company until your debt has been paid.” The room goes silent, and Amelia has the urge to speak up and chastise him for trying to have her sold off. But both Amelia and Richard knew that they didn’t have much of a choice, not with them having so little time to make any amount of money before being repo’d. And so they are somewhat forced to accept the young businessman’s proposal. Amelia, her father Richard, brother Oliver, and mother Victoria all head towards the skyscraper, which is the location of the headquarters of Anderson Global Enterprises, or A.G.E. Amelia looks towards her mother while they’re walking into the skyscraper; she looks saddened, holding herself back from tears as she thinks about losing custody of her daughter. They finally make it to the room where they were told to meet— the room where they would have to make the decision no parent would want to make. But Richard doesn’t seem sad at all, in fact, he seems happy to have her gone and sold off. Regardless of their emotional state, they sit down alongside the owner and boss of A.G.E., Axel Anderson, and his son, whom they’ve already met, Ethan Anderson. The contract is already on the table, with Axel and Ethan already having signed it as they know that the Thompsons are forced to accept the offer. Victoria is the first one to sign the contract, her hands shaking from the immense emotional stress the situation gave her. Richard quickly signs the contract, as if he were more than happy to be a part of A.G.E. It was Amelia's turn to sign the document; this was the thing that would allow them to get out of debt at the expense of being someone's slave. She picked up the ink pen and looked down at the last empty signature line as if it were waiting for her to fill it out with a signature. She looks up again; everyone is waiting for her with a cold stare. Her hands shake slightly in hesitation, but she knows what she has to do, so she carefully signs the document. Ethan and Axel look at them, finally having signed the document, and stand up to shake hands, as they’ve just claimed another business from failure. After they’re done signing the document, Axel takes his son to the side for a little conversation, more so a warning “Son, this is what happens when you don’t take your business seriously. I’d suggest you avoid coming into this type of predicament or having your “newfound love” drag you down.” Ethan claps back, saying, “She is creative, and eventually she’ll succeed at the top of the business as my partner.” His father, looking dissatisfied, walks away from the conversation.

For the last couple of weeks, Axel has been drilling them on how the company works nationally and internationally with other companies, and he has especially been focusing his attention on Amelia, which Ethan finds suspicious, but his father waves it off as him trying to make sure his son has found a “good partner”. Things aren’t completely good, as the debt collector is growing more impatient that he hasn’t been able to collect any debt from them. And so he calls Axel over the phone to know what in the world has happened to the failing business. He calls 3 times but gets no answer, but eventually on the 4th attempt he gets an answer from Axel “Hello, this is Axel Anderson from Anderson Global Enterprises” “Hello Axel, what has happened to my clients? Where are their debt payments?” “Do not worry; you’ll get the chance to collect their debt money. But for the time being, they are working for me and my business until they have paid the debt.” “And how much are you paying them right now?” “Enough to get by and a little extra” “In numbers please, this is business” “Enough to have it paid back by the next year, i.e., 2000 dollars per month spilt amongst the 3. However, the youngest will still work under my company as per agreement with my son.” “Alright, but if you even dare try to stop me, then you’ll see what happens.”

Chapter 2

Amelia has been losing sleep and nearly losing her mind because of her inability to find a client, let alone a prospect. It’s been days, and her failure to find a client for the company is starting to annoy Axel, who’s beginning to think that the contract wasn’t the best decision and that it may start to make the company bleed money. Ethan has been closely monitoring her, as she is his wife, at least on paper. His concern for her well-being has been growing on him for a while now. He can no longer take it, so he approaches her, although he is nervous. “I’ve been monitoring your progress for the last couple of days; is everything ok?” “Yeah, you could say that…” “You’ve been losing sleep for days now, you clearly aren't ok,”

Amelia thought she had been keeping a low profile, but not sleeping at all for days is really going to affect someone physically and mentally. Cornered, she confesses what has been keeping her up for so long. “I


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