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She’s assassin

She’s assassin

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You have a new mission, kill the man who is known to be the king of the mafia world.”The masked devil...” Fenhua team had just one mission, in and out..however this seemingly simple mission, takes a turn when one of their teammate gets captured by the Mafia king himself. And in return..they use Fenhua as an exchange to get their teammate back. For some reason the cold blooded and ruthless man suddenly changes personality whenever Fenhua is around he becomes the endless pamperer and cute stay at home boyfriend. ——————— “You can try escaping ..little girl, I doubt you’ll be able to see any life form before you’re captured yet again...”.

Chapter 1

Unknown sector....

Sector 6b237...

"Fenhua..get up, its morning..."

A lazy voice rung out, as the person walked out of the bathroom fully dressed, sighing the person directly flung the quilt out of Fenhua's body.

"Get up! You log, the commander will have my head if we're late...."

Grumbling..Fenhua sighed as she turned the other way around, making the person's face twist in anger.

"I'm not going to kneel in the sun today...Fenhua!!!."

Fenhua sighed as she got up, looking at the person in front of her, it was morning already.

"Mey....why would you wake me up so early..."

Mey looked at Fenhua and laughed, fully dressed in black, a gun hoisted in her waist. She continued laughing.

Mey was an inch taller than FenHua, with brown eyes, jet black hair which fell close to her waist, a shapely figure clearly shown through the leather pants, she was wearing.

Her velvety eyelashes and cat eyes were her most eye catching features, wearing a annoyed smile on her face, she responded.

"Today's inspection..of course I'd wake you up early...."

Fenhua eyes widened as she jumped off the bed panicky, today was the inspection day...

Fenhua ran into her closet picking whatever cloth her hand touched.


Why today of all day..if she was even a minute late, she'd be punished by the ruthless..inspector.

Shrugging..Fenhua remember the last time she was punished by the inspector, it did not end well.

"Mey..why didn't you wake me up earlier...." Fenhua cried out as she ran into the bathroom and ran out the next minute.. she turned to Mey buttoning her shirt and stuffing her mouth with breadsticks.

Her appearance made Mey laugh out loud...who told her to ignore the three alarms she set up for her.

"Well..I did, but you snoozed all the this is your fault. Are you done because we have five minutes to get there..."

Mey said calmly although she knew she would be punished, she stayed and waited for Fenhua, before leaving the room.

Running..Mey beaconed Fenhua to run faster..the distance between the inspection hall and the dorms was exactly five minutes. So they had to run faster than time itself.

Panting Fenhua increased her paced.. as she catches up with Mey.

Meanwhile Fenhua other teammates were busy sighing as they looked at the empty spots.

"I bet they're running here..."

Slapping ten yuan on the table, he smiled looking at the rest of his teammates. His hair resting below his neck, his bristly eyebrows arched, as he stared at the two males near him.

The two males eyed each other shaking their heads..this Jian made his living of their bets, they wouldn't fall for his tricks this time.

"Mey would have gotten here earlier, but she would stay back and wait for Fenhua..."

Chuan sighed, his eyes cold and stoic as he sat leg crossed on the chair, playing bottle flip with Lee.

His jet black hair tied into a ponytail, his hands stroked his defined chin casually, like he was in deep thoughts. Flipping the bottle from time to time.

"Why does she always wait for Fenhua..."

Jian asked, for as long as he could remember, Mey always waited for Fenhua, whether they were on missions, eating or even chatting leisurely like this.

"Because they are best friends, and Fenhua has saved Mey's life countlessly.."

Lee he stopped flipping bottles with Chuan, friends waited for friends. Mey always waited for Fenhua, even though Fenhua waited for Mey.

Lee was taller than Jian and Chuan, he had dark brown hair, nearly combed to the back, his eyes dark and cold, not a single smile could be seen on his face, as he looked at the entrance.

"He', inspector Lu Shan."

Everyone quickly took their the stoic and expressionless man in his late thirties walked into the hall, he held a small notepad as he arranged his spectacles, his brown hair swept nearly to the back, as his brown eyes surveyed the area.

Mey and Fenhua..increased their speed, as they ran into the hall.



Lu Shan glanced at Jian, from his head down to his tips of his shoes, he nodded briefly and turned his attention back to his notepad, ticking Juan's name.



This Lu Shan's stare on Chuan was even longer, it was cold and stoic, he nodded and ticked Chuan's name.



Lee responded, his face cold and expressionless, much to Lu Shan's liken, as his face revealed a smile. Nodding he ticked Lee's name.


Like a ghost Mey..appeared before Lu Shan line of sight could reach her spot, taking deep breaths she responded.


Lu Shan eyed her and he stared at the droplet of sweat that rolled off her chin, the two girls in this team were his only problem.

Looking at the notepad, next was Fenhua, Lu Shan sighed tiredly. This Fenhua was only one who could give him a migraine twice in one day.

He didn't even raise his head as he asked bluntly..."Is"

Fenhua wiped the sweat off her face, as she took deep breaths to arrange her breathing. Standing in her spot, she responded.."Fenhua is here..sir.."

Lu Shan raised his head, as he looked at the panting woman, he shook his head slightly. The first time she actually got to his inspections on time.


Everyone turned to look at Fenhua including Mey, they all that those what just happened looks.

Did the inspector just say "good", Lee who was the well behaved one in the team, couldn't get a "good" yet Fenhua got it just by showing up early.

" better have a good explanation for this...."

Fenhua scratched her head, seeing everyone exaggerated expressions, why she really that bad, that she didn't even deserve a "good.." from the inspector.

"What's there to explain, brother Jian..."

Fenhua masked her happiness, as she held a innocent expression on her face.

"Just keep pretending, showing up early just to get on the inspector's good side.."

Chuan mocked lightly, as he looked at Lu Shan who had gone to inspect other teams.

Fenhua was about to say something when Lu Shan beat her to it.

"On whose good side, I only said good because she showed some effort in her life by actually getting here on time, compared to rest of you, she wouldn't even smell my good side..."

Lu Shan..he nearly wanted to slap Chuan's mouth, when he heard the rubbish that spewed out of it.

Jian sniggered earning a glare from Fenhua, who sighed. She didn't want to get on the inspector's good side anyways.

"You don't have to be worried..inspector Lu, I only appeared to avoid punishment.."

Wasn't it why they were all here, to avoid punishment, left for her she wouldn't even lift a finger for this snobbish inspector.

"Y..o..u've got some nerves..I can still get you that punishment.."

Lu Shan pushed his spectacles up as he humphs, walking away from the team.

"I have to deal with this snobbish man every month. Can't we know kill him,we can dump his body in the junkyard. No one will know..."

Jian suggested..making everyone shoot a glare at him, wasn't Lu Shan part of the organization. Killing him weren't they killing their selves too.

"You dingbat.. why can't you give suggestions that don't involve us dying in the end. It's bad that we have to deal with Fenhua. Don't add yours too.."

Lee sighed shaking his head as he shot a provocative at Fenhua, making her frowned.

"You too brother lee, did you forget when Chuan left you during our last mission. I was the one who stayed behind to help you.."

Hearing this Lee turned to Chuan, he had forgotten about this little incident.

"You have five seconds to run..."

Chuan glared at Fenhua before running out of the hall, Lee following suit, he kept tossing whatever he could find at Chuan screaming.."You b**t** actually felt me there, oh just pray I don't catch you..."

Lee yelled as he pursued Chuan, Chuan cursing Fenhua in his heart, this he will remember.

"Lee..can't you run any faster, don't you remember where he left you.."

Chapter 2

Hearing this Lee got even angrier...this chuan left him in a building that was about to collapse, fueled by rage Lee flung his gun, hitting Chuan in the shoulder as he fell to the ground.

"Alright..I admit defeat, it was an honest mistake..don't hold a grudge..hey Lee, remember i went to get help too...."

Chuan begged..his breathing ragged as he clutched his shoulder, he always wonder the kind of gun this Lee used...

What was it made from, this was definitely not a normal gun.

Sighing..Lee pinched the bridge of his nose tightly, as he picked Chuan up from the floor.


Chuan shook his head, he'd just put some ice there and he'll be fine..

"A little sore..some ice will do..."

Lee nodded as he picked his gun off the floor, placing it back in his holster.

They strolled back to where Fenhua and the others were.

Sending a death glare at Fenhua, he will repay this


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