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She is his baby

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Ashlin adjusted her glasses after she had bumped into him.... "I am very sorry." She apologized immediately. 'I'm not even at fault' she hmphed in her head. "It's not a problem.... Are you alright??" He asked with a smile. Someone else had his eyes on the both of them. **** Ashlin is a very sweet and nice girl staying with her aunt, that admired her so much... To her aunt Kaylie she was the best child she knew. Taylor Blonde, with his cold personality disliked every being that he crossed paths with and Ashlin didn't escape it either. He was a very good judge of character but....... He never believed the first sentence before a "but"😉 He didn't have a good character himself.

Oh!! he is beautiful

"I am leaving aunt!!!!" Ashlin screamed making her way to the door. This should be the sixth time she has been called for an interview in several companies but she had failed, probably because she didn't go to college.

When her parents died she tried pursuing her studies and ended high school but she wasn't able to fund herself for college and she didn't want to put any pressure on her aunt.

"Already!!!!" Her aunt screamed and soon enough she came out her room. "This would be the last time you go for this interviews." Her aunt said after dragging Ashlin's attention.

"Uh... Yes." She replied and turned back towards the door, turning the handles.

"Bye, take good care of yourself." She heard her aunt whisper. Opening the door wider , she poked her head inside and blew a kiss towards her aunt and giving her a wink.

With a smile, she skipped her way towards the next company, it was the best in the country and she was sure she won't get employed. But with a smile she strode ahead.

The building stood tall and proud as if showing off the deameanor of the owner, turning around she was amazed by this sight.

"Urghh..." She whispered in pain when she felt her back hit someone. Turning around, she adjusted her glasses, she took a peak at him and whispered softly.

"I am so sorry, I was a bit distracted." She said and immediately bent down to help him pick up the document that fell off.

"Oh.. it's no problem, I hope you are alright??" He asked her while glancing at her.

"Yes, I am alright. Thanks for asking." Ashlin said with a bright smile. "See you next time." He said and walked away from her.

"It was nice bumping into you." She whispered to her self and gave his back a smile again before walking inside the company.

Unknown to them, a pair of eyes watched them keenly. His aura emanating from several angles. Soon enough, the same guy that Ashlin had bumped into earlier arrived.

"Three minutes, you are three minutes late, Carl." The man said to him.

"I've said you should focus and leave girls they'll bring no good to you." He said again.

"She bumped into me." Carl commented.

"Do you know if she did it on purpose??" He asked.

"She didn't." Carl was quick to defend the meek looking girl, as that was the first thought that came to mind when he saw her.

"Ohhhh.... Pity." The man said all the while not turning to look back at his secretary Carl. "I assume she was called for an interview... Did you do it on purpose, don't tell me you saw her profile and fell in love at sight with her??" He questioned, his deep voice full of mockery.

"You know the truth yourself, sir." He replied briefly as he knew not to prolong his talk with the devil standing in front of him.

"Exactly and I know that if I let you do the interview for her, she is sure to pass... So attend my meeting that was delayed because if you and I will do the honours of interviewing your first sight love." He said and immediately walked out of the office.

"Sir!!!" Carl tried to negotiate but before he could turn back the man he was talking to was gone. 'Such is life.' he said to himself.


"Next!!" He called out...

It was surprising, he did not ever do any interview himself, everyone knew that his secretary, Carl was the one that interviewed people. "Why is he doing the interview himself, it's so scary." Ashlin heard a girl say to the receptionist.

"Hmm... I heard too, when he came downstairs he didn't look happy." The receptionist said.

"He has never looked happy." She heard someone else say too, the girl had a mop on her hand, so Ashlin could conclude that she was in the cleaning department.

"Next!!!" Ashlin heard again, looking at the door, a girl that looked average like her was coming out of the door. She looked like she was about to breakdown in tears.

"Next!!, Who is next??" She heard a lady shout again. "Ashlin Brooke!!" She heard them call out.

'I'm Ashlin' she said to herself.

"Oh I am sorry ma, I just lost it in a bit." She said while walking inside the interviewing hall. "So should I tell you to get lost fully this time around??" She heard a deep voice speak.

Looking around, she saw two mean sitting and a woman on the right.

'Oh he is beautiful.' was her first thought towards the man that was sitted at the middle.

"Ashlin!!" She heard him call out her name. That name that nobody called right, he called it with perfection as if he had been practicing her name for a long time.

"I'm sorry, sir." She said with a bow.

"How clumsy!" He commented when he figured that she was the one carl had spoken to. "Sorry." She apologized again.

"Take a sit." The lady said to her. "Thank you." Ashlin said and sat down immediately.

"Straight to the point, please.... Why do you want to work here??" The man sitted at the left asked.

"I feel it necessary to." She said with a smile.

"I see, how necessary??" The beautiful man asked her. "This company is the best so far... In everything, so it's only right if one gets the opportunity to work here, the reputation is beyond the too." She praised.

"Hmmm... That's nice. Are you just here for the reputation??" He asked her, only to get a nod as his reply.

"Yes, I won't want to say I love working but.. if I get to work well here, that's the reputation. If I don't work well I'll be sacked.

"Luckily you are aware."

"Can the both of you leave, I'd love to talk to her." He said, his voice darkening at the end.

"Sure." They chorused and went away.

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Weak girl

"I don't like you..." He stated immediately others left. Adjusting her glasses, she kept looking at him. That face, lip... Urgghh!!!!

'Such an attractive being.' she thought.

"I wonder why??" She questioned. He looked down at her file and flipped through, not replying her. "You didn't go to any college??" He said thoughtfully, flipped through and then glanced at her.

"I didn't have money to." She replied plainly, still looking at him, she never once took her eyes off him. "Do you want to work here??" He paused waiting for her answer, but he didn't get any.

Looking up, he took a peak at her to see her looking directly at him without blinking.

"Do you????!!!!!!" He screamed at her, causing the girl to flinch. "Yes, of course." She replied speedily, tears cloudded her eyes.

This was the worse interview she had come across and if there is anything she h


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