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She belongs to Mr billionaire

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“Here's a contract, sign it.” He said, “What contract is this?” Olivia asked. A loveless contract stating you are mine Your body, your life belongs to me. I'm your sole owner. "For how long" Olivia asked. "Until I feel it's enough, until I feel satisfied. You don't have to be scared it won't affect your future." What happens when Alexander forces Olivia to sign a contract for the redemption of an orphanage site? He wants her to live with him as a token of appreciation. However, things turned out differently, changing their perspective. Will they fall in love, or will the contract be a reason to tear them apart?


“Here's the contract,” he said, handing a“Here's the contract,” he said, handing a

file to her.

“What contract?” She asked curiously.

“A passionless contract!!!. He said with a smirk. She looked with questioning eyes.

He pulled a chair and sat beside her, looking like a king.

“You're going to warm my bed, giving your body to me,” he said with a devilish grin….

“Okay let me explain the contract” This agreement states: you give your body to me always at my service” signing this document is giving off the rights you have on your body. I own you. And in return, I am going to give you the orphanage site and 50 million. He added with a smirk.

“How long?” She asked in a low, shaky voice.

“Until I feel it's enough, until I feel satisfied. You don't have to worry, it won't affect your future. I'll give you a lifetime card to take care of yourself and a house with facilities. Your life is going to change…… you'll be wealthy” he chuckled.

“Wealthy slave, huh? She asked.


"I can't. I'm not prepared for this," she said in anger. He raised his hand to strike her but halted instantly upon hearing her words. "Article 60 states you are not allowed to mistreat me," she said in a strong, commanding tone.

His hand landed slowly on her shoulder, gently caressing her arm.

She felt relieved as his hands moved down, losing her contact. But soon he returned, his hand cupping her breast and squeezing it like a ball. He pushed her hand and folded them behind her back, and gently rubbed her buttocks to his satisfaction. Once he was impressed, he spanked it, making her groan.

"It hurts. She groaned in pain, trying to free herself from his grip.

“You will respond to me. If you hesitate, there will be consequences," he roared, twisting her hands hard.

“Please stop” she cried in pain, standing on her toes.

“Utter it. Why are you here?" He shouted, pulling her on him.

"I'm here because you paid me," she whimpered.

"How much did I pay for your services?" He asked, still twisting her hands behind her back.

“Fifty million,” she cried.

“And what should you be doing?” He roared in a dominating tone.

“Say it” he shouted in anger.

“To warm your bed,” she said.

"What on earth are you doing? Why are you being punished?" He spat in anger without any form of mercy over her tears.

“I argued, please…..”

“Say you're sorry. He demanded in a commanding tone.

“I'm s…sorry” she cried. He let her fall on the floor.

"I gave you enough time, I never forced you into this…. I paid you, and now you owe me. And remember you're mine….

Chapter 1 unexpected encounter

Olivia's POV

At a tender age, my mother left me at the stairs of Saint Catherine's orphanage before she committed suicide. The orphanage gave me a second chance at life.

Sister Catherine is a god sent who takes care of all my needs, including that of other children. All these good things would come to an end if the orphanage home is pulled down.

Politicians were ready to demolish our orphanage and build a mall, and if that happens we will become homeless. They even forced sister Catherine to sign or else pay them the sum of 30 million.

How do we get such a huge amount of money? They know fully well we can't afford it. I was walking down the road and thinking about what was happening at the orphanage while returning from college.

I did not notice that I had walked into the highway and that a car was driving toward me and honking. Thank God the driver was good and was able to stop the car, but it was too late, I had been knocked down to the


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