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Share One Bed With My Unfamiliar Husband

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Jade lost her virginity to a man and she had never thought the man was her fiance. Hayden didn't expected he only had reaction to that woman. A contract started between them. Jade hated that man and didn't want to get involved with him. While, Hayden vowed to find her with any costs. After Hayden found out that woman was Jade. He was surprised, and he told himelf that nobody could bully his girl. Feeling his passionate love, Jade didn't what to do and how to face her real heart eather.

Chapter 1 I Won't Marry You.

"Don't touch me, don't touch me! Go away..."

In a dark room, Jade Finley scrambled to the corner of the bed. But the more she tried to escape, the closer the man in the dark shadows approached her.

He was like a demon with sharp claws and fangs, going to tear her apart anytime.

"Don't come any closer... please, please let me go..."


His low and hoarse snicker echoed in the darkness, contemptuous and dangerous.

The man suddenly grabbed her chin with his strong hand, his face leaning closer and closer to her.

His breath was burning hot. "Mess with me, and you have to pay the price."

The price?

What price?

Jade was so scared that she couldn't think. She desperately waved her hands. "No..."

Before she could finish her words, her voice was muffled by the man's warm lips and tongue, not allowing her to resist at all.


Jade abruptly opened her eyes. The strong sunlight outside the car window made her immediately cover her eyes.

Her face was pale, her forehead was covered with cold sweat, and extreme fear was visible in her eyes.

It was that dream, the same dream again.

But the pain between her legs reminded her of the brutal fact that she had gotten r*ped the night before yesterday.

And the fact that she managed to hurt that man and escape, when he gritted his teeth and said, "This is not over!"

It wasn't over. That was definitely not just a threat!

Because Jade could sense deadly danger from him.

He might find her soon.

Jade's fingers trembled uncontrollably. She covered her head in fear, trying to recall what had happened that night. However, she couldn't, because of all the alcohol she had drunk.

She didn't know who he was, nor did she know what she had done that had made him mad.

"Ms. Finley, we're here."

The driver's words interrupted Jade's thoughts.

She was slightly stunned. When she looked up, she saw a high-end cafe outside the window.

She felt a little nervous and uneasy because she was going to meet her fiance, whom she was going to get engaged with tomorrow. He was the CEO of Souldale and from the wealthiest family in New York. He was Hayden Lloyd.

It was said that it only took him five years to turn Souldale from a domestic wealthy organisation into a world-wide business empire and became a world-renowned legend. His means were strong, harsh, and ruthless, leaving no room for mercy, which made people tremble with fear only by hearing his name.

Countless socialites wanted to get close to him and become the young mistress of the Lloyd family, but the one who had this honor was Jade, who came from an ordinary family.

It was only because she was chosen by Layla Lloyd, Hayden's grandmother.

Jade didn't know why Hayden wanted to see her on the day before their engagement, but this was an opportunity for her.

An opportunity to call off the engagement.

Although it was a marriage that countless women dreamt of, Jade couldn't be a bride, bearing the shame of getting r*ped before the wedding.

But how was she supposed to tell a man like Hayden, whom stood at the top of the society food chain, that she wanted to call off the engagement?

Feeling guilty within, Jade straightened the silk scarf around her neck and hid the hickeys left behind by the man that night.


At this time, a luxurious cafe, Swift Earth Barista, where only the rich could afford to patronize, had no one in it. Not a customer could be seen, and not even a waiter.

But close to one of the windows, sat an elegant man. His striped black suit suited him perfectly, and his long legs were casually crossed.

Then above his suit was a face so handsome that all women would exclaim out of excitement when looking at it. It was made up of a nice jaw, thin and s*xy lips, a fine nose, and dark blue eyes with sharp coldness in them.

A single glance was enough to get someone stunned, and yet also terrified.

He held a cup of coffee in his hand as his thin lips curled into a chilling smile.

"Are you saying that you couldn't find her?"

Standing in front of him was his assistant, Zak Lee. Upon hearing what Hayden said, Zak trembled and immediately bowed down ninety degrees, with cold sweat all over his forehead.

"I'm sorry, sir. The surveillance video of the hotel you were at that night was destroyed. I couldn't see who entered your room, so it's difficult to identify her before tomorrow."

If so, that meant that the bride for tomorrow's engagement couldn't be switched to her.

But whoever Hayden wanted, he would be sure to get her.

Besides, he wouldn't let her go that easily after she had provoked him. What he did that night was merely the beginning.

"One month."

Hayden sneered with determination in his eyes. "Find her at all costs."

"Then... what about your engagement tomorrow?"

Hayden turned to look at a Bentley parked outside the window, then the corners of his lips curled into a cold smile.

There would be some changes to the plan.


Jade walked into the cafe and couldn't see the waiter. Instead, she saw a man who looked like an executive assistant standing straight, as if he was waiting for her.

"Ms. Finley, Mr. Lloyd is inside. Please come with me."


Sending a driver to pick her up, booking the whole cafe, and asking someone to lead the way for her were signs of a gentleman's thoughtfulness, which made Jade more guilty.

What if he talked about the details of tomorrow's engagement? How was Jade supposed to cruelly tell him that she didn't want to get engaged by then?

With her head lowered, Jade walked in a panic, then stopped when she saw the man's shiny leather shoes.

She arrived.

The inevitable was going to happen.

She nervously clenched her handbag, forced a smile, and lifted her head.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Lloyd."

Jade was stunned. She didn't expect her fiance to be this handsome. With his looks and noble temperament, he looked just like an unreachable perfect man from a painting.

People's first instinct when they looked at him was to admire.

And what Jade was planning to say, it would be the most sinful offence.

She immediately broke out in a cold sweat and felt even more uneasy. It was like a rock was stuck in her throat, making it hard for her to speak.

"Actually, I came here today to talk to you about our marriage..."

''I won't marry you."

Hayden interrupted her with a commanding tone. There was no room for discussion.

He tasted the coffee without even looking at her.

Jade was stunned, her mind went blank as she looked at Hayden in disbelief.

''He won't marry me?'' She thought.

That was exactly what she wanted!

Suppressing her joy, Jade asked nervously, "So you're here today to talk about breaking off the engagement with me?"

"The engagement will be held as planned. A month later, I will announce the cancellation of it."

Only then did Hayden lift his gaze and look at Jade. He then placed a check on the table.

Jade looked at the numbers on it in shock. There were...

One, two, three, four, five, six zeros!

Jade had never seen such an amount of money before, not to mention that it was given to her.

She swallowed hard and tore her gaze from the check. "Why do we have to wait for a month to cancel the engagement?"

''Wouldn't it affect us the least if we cancel it before the engagement itself?'' She thought.

"This is not something you should ask about."

His attitude was cold.

Hayden stood up, he ignored Jade and left the cafe.

He had no patience for Jade, the only person he was interested in was the woman from the night before yesterday.

He left just like that?

Jade stood there in a daze. She watched as the man walked further and further away, unable to react to what had happened.

He asked her to meet him, but after less than a minute, he left after barely even speaking.

It happened so quickly, she hadn't even promised him anything.


But it wasn't a bad thing. All she had to do was to play along for a month, and they would be square.

Chapter 2 Same Day

Their engagement was held at a garden at the top floor of the most luxurious hotel, The Orpheus Hotel.

It was said that there were no more than ten people in New York who were qualified to have guests in this garden.

Jade was wearing a long white dress, which was decorated with countless small diamonds. She had delicate makeup on, beautiful like an elf who had entered the mortal world by mistake.

She walked into the lobby of the hotel and was about to walk towards the lift when she came across a wedding reception board.

There was a photo of the bride and groom on it, and the groom appeared to be someone Jade had been the most familiar with in her life.

It was her ex-boyfriend, and the bride was the girl whom had been her rival in college for four years.

Jade didn't expect that they would get married today, in the same hotel as her...

Her face turned slightly pale. She felt as if there was a huge rock in her heart. Her ex-boyfriend and her co


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