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Sex Gods' Dirty Secret

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Amber Star is a journalist with an easygoing life who had everything turned upside down when she stumbled upon a dark secret of the s*x god, Damian Stormborn, CEO of Starline Entertainment and in turn got her life entwined with something darker, leaving no room for an escape. Unable to kill her, having found an interest in her, Damian seeks to have her as his personal journalist but in reality, he sought to keep her by his side and monitor her for fear of having his secret known. Amber tries to escape him and rejects his offer but got bound to him with a master and slave ring. In the end, she had to stay with him. However, what neither of them counted for was the growing passion and love that would swing their hearts together. In the process of discovering the reason why only she could see his true nature as a non-human and love her, Damian had to face off the demons after his success, life and all that he held dear. Many secrets come to light, including the fact that Amber was his soulmate and a descendant of witches. Together they fight off those who mean him harm while getting deeper into their love. Amber is swallowed by his tainted love and learns to see him in a new light and Damian forsakes all of his love and lust just for her, breaking the hold of the darkness that threatened to ruin them.

Something Unexpected


CHAPTER 1 – Something Unexpected.

The sound of heavy beats and loud music reverberated along the beautiful street of WestLane's Dreamy streets.

Unlike every other day, the night was filled with lots of vibing and celebration.

Photographers, reporters, journalists and fans all went crazy due to the event that was currently been held by Crystal Sky's wealthiest bachelor.

Cars of different latest brands trooped into the parking lot, dishing out top celebrities who were there to grace the occasion.

Amidst the chaos outside, a reporter was seen broadcasting the event with a raised voice to overshadow that of the happy fans.

"Live at the 31st birthday celebration of the top wealthiest, sexiest, most charming and most endowed bachelor in the country. Fans have gone wild with joy and enthusiasm in glee and jubilation of the event of the young s*x god."

In the midst of the chaos, a young lady was seen pushing through the crows with her recorder in her hand, hoping to get in front of the crowd.


"Stop pushing!"

"Get lost."

"Excuse me. Pardon me."

Still, she did not relent even though they pushed and cursed at her as she squeezed inside.

In the end, she was thrown back out from the side, while the act of survival of the fittest went on.

'D*mn them all!' She cursed inwardly as she rose from the ground and dust her baggy black trousers.

Quickly, her eyes swept through the crowd once more, ignoring the reporter standing a few centimetres away from the line outside the tapped line.

"Everyone had been clamouring outside, waiting for the arrival of the almighty S*x God, Damian Stormborn to grace them with his presence…"

With every word sent out of the reporter's mouth, the young lady rolled her eyes and soon she caught sight of a shadow down the lane before it took a bend and disappeared.

As if on cue, her questing eyes roamed about, connecting the dots together and linking the buildings.

'Bingo! I guess I just found my way in. Sayonara suckers.'

With utmost glee in her eyes while maintaining a cold face, she scurried away from the scene and snuck towards the path leading to her supposed entrance.


While everywhere buzzed and everyone took their time enjoying the rich and the high life a couple were seen behind the big building getting down to business.


Her body slammed

"Aahhh~" the lady's moans filled the air as the man's skilful mouth and hands went about pleasuring her boobs and giving her nape so much attention.

Her brain buzzed as sparks danced in her eyes. She could not describe how she was feeling right now.

Or if it was due to the fact that she confessed her love for him inside the car that made his kisses thrill her so much when his hands massaged her breasts through her crimson red body-con gown and his expert tongue licked and s*ck on the swollen buds on her chest.

"Aaahhh umm yeshh..."

"Shh..." his deep voice commanded her as he slid his right hand up to her neck, holding her in place.

His emerald green eyes blazed with lust and desire as he stared into hers.

Like a spellbound fool, she nodded, pressing her lips together to conceal the moan she could feel rising up just from his actions.

"Good. You want a release?" His baritone voice inquired, making her core lick out more of her juices.

"Badly," her sensual voice stated.

Rather than speak further, he crashed his lips right on hers once more and continued from where he had stopped.

Feeling him steal her breath away, she sought to give him pleasure in return and let her hands wander from his head down to his back, trailing her fingers down the length of his spine through his suit.

"Urghh," she groaned as he bit down on her nape, forcing her to stop her movement on his body.

"Only I, pleasure you."

Those last words sent shivers running down her spine and when he claimed her lips again, she had no regrets as it became more heated and wanting.

Seconds turned to minutes and soon he stopped for a moment and stared deep into her eyes.

They were filled with desire and passion and he knew it was time. Time to finish what they had started.

Slowly his fingers made their way down her chest to her belly button, while placing soft kisses on her cleavage.

Wickedly, he snaked his hand around her waist, bringing it to her round-shaped butt while his free hand never left her breasts alone, alternating between them.

On and on he went and before long his fingers disappeared underneath her gown, pushing her panties aside to touch her.

Her body trembled beyond words when he dove a finger into her.


A few minutes later, his ministrations on her body increased as the cries of her pleasure drowned in his mouth continued.

Seconds later, he gazed into her eyes once more and ordered.


Like a brain-turner, she shut her eyes and pressed her legs together as she came undone before him, ignoring the mess she made of herself.


Her muddled screams were all that could be heard as her chest rose with rapid breaths.

Suddenly he waved his right hand in front of her and before she knew what was going on, her vision blurred into a dreamy state.

A mischievous smirk shone on his lips just watching the smile of satisfaction lit up her pleasured filled face.

"Always my pleasure."

Those words fell out, making his pride swell at the thought of making her orgasm within some minutes but that thought alone yielded something else.

His green eyes suddenly darkened as a bright light shine in them.

He wasted no second and brought his hand in front of her chest and a bright light shine on his hand, directing it to her chest.

Seconds passed and all of the energy around her suddenly pulled towards her chest forming a small heart shaped fruit, the size of a pearl.

His brows knitted a bit and he swept his gaze back to her face.

'Not satisfied enough I see. Hmm.'

Taking matters into his hands, he questioned, "Who's your idol?"


"Do you love him?"

"With all my heart."

Immediately the pearl like fruit glowed a brighter hue, illuminating the smile on his face as it moved towards his body and disappeared on his chest.

Not too far from where the couple stood, the young lady's eyes from earlier went agape with shock as she saw a glow surround the man she had least expected to see.

'This is...'

Instinctively, she took slow steps, backing away from the scene while keeping her gaze focused on them as she made her escape.

She had come here in search of a way in to get the juicy secrets.

Who would have thought that the juiciest of them all invaded her memory first?


Her breathing stilled instantly when she took a step back and her body hit the trash bin.

Immediately, the sound of an empty can that fell out of the trash bin hit the ground and reverberated in the surrounding.

'Sh*t!' She exclaimed internally but held her position.

His head snapped in the direction of the sound, scanning to see if anyone was there.

For some reason the longer he stared, the more her heart picked its beat and raced in her chest.

'This is not good. Not good. I must leave quietly lest he...'


She had taken a step back when her sneakers stepped on the can, making another sound and sending his attention right to her.

"D*mn it!" She muttered to herself and without an invitation, she turned on her heels and ran with all her might.

His eyes narrowed at where she was only a few seconds ago and without waiting for another second, he turned and chased after her.

As quickly as her feet could get her, she ran with every fibre in her body, making haste lest whatever he was caught up to her.

Her eyes darted from place to place in search of a hideout or a favourable destination considering the crowd was still far from her.

Suddenly she saw a taxi drop someone off and was about to leave when she yelled after it.


At the same time, Damian rushed out from the lane he was in, caught sight of a girl running as fast as her heels could take her, and flashed a devilish grin.

'Where do you think you are going to, little rabbit?' He questioned inwardly as he placed a leg forward ready to dash for her.

His eyes once more changed their colours, empowering him enough to make his chase when suddenly he stopped and reverted back.

Just then her legs finally arrived beside the taxi and in rush, she opened the door and jumped into it.

As soon as she was in, she turned her head and gazed behind from the rear windscreen.

That was all he needed to see, the very face that needed to be dealt with.

"I shall find you."

Find Someone


CHAPTER 2 – Find Someone

Ring! Ring!

Her eyes flew open as the sound of a call threw her out of her sleep.

Slowly, she blinked as the morning ray of light shimmered into the room and sluggishly rose to a sitting position.

"Urgh..." A soft groan escaped her lips, feeling her head bang suddenly.

Immediately she forgot about the call on her phone and let out a yawn.

Without thinking so much about anything, she rubbed her head and tried to recall what had made her this tired.

Yesterday had brought a change in her life as a journalist but most importantly, she wondered if she could tell the tale elsewhere considering he chased after her.

No one was going to believe her anyways. This was Damian Stormborn she was speaking of.

He was the pride and every woman's idol. The dream guy of all.

"He wouldn't be much of a dream guy when the truth is out," she muttered to herself and turned h


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