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Seduce The Men!: My Beauty System

Seduce The Men!: My Beauty System

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‘Pain is the middle name of beauty’ ~~ Cosima is a chubby girl that is subjected to daily shaming due to her ugly looks. Her life seems to be on a downhill slope as not only does she face prejudice for her appearances, she is also struggling with her late father's mortgage. It also doesn't help that companies refuse to hire her due to her looks and size. One day, her entire life takes a sharp change after hearing a voice in her head. [Congratulations! You have been granted The Beauty System.] Now, all Cosima has to do is to fulfill tasks handed out by the system to get facial feature upgrades. The task, unfortunately, is to seduce men, something that Cosima always had a trouble with since young. What she didn't expect is to fall in love with her target, her billionaire boss, Zen Bettencourt, the CEO of Zentury, a modeling agency.

Chapter 1_Universe has gifted you!

‘Letter to the universe

Dear universe;

'Too corny am I? or maybe not!

Don't judge me too!

Hey, bully— this is my last letter to you as an ugly lassie.

You've been a very bad boy dear mother nature. You've created me with such blemishes that my life never carried any flourishes. Thank you because I am going to move mountains to drill holes in your ego.

I will be beautiful soon!

I mean very soon!

PS; I can't wait to see how ugly your magnificence looks when you cry!

Goodbye— from the ex most ugliest girl in the world!'

"Don't be absurd Cosima, I said to myself as I tore out the one-hundred-and-twenty-second letter I had written to the universe.

My eyes were twitching under my oversized glasses. It was not the clouds of dust flying around the park that bore my stinging eyes. It was something else..

Yeah—it was me fighting the burst of emotions in me. Burst of pained emotions that wanted to let out their weight on my eyes.

I won't let the tears come out.

Not even once more!

Too many tears these eyes of mine had shed and so tired they were.

For how much longer until my late father's mortgage wears me out and the loan sharks decided to take from me the only property in my name?

The only property my parents left for me.

Urgh— who am I kidding?

The only recurring and substantial property my parents left for me was the mortgage which would soon take my life very soon.

I could not even get myself a damn job!

I have always instilled all my life into becoming a fashion designer of any of the top-tier fashion designing corporations around.

I mean, I am one hell of a baddie of a fashion designer. I am being absurd again. Even I am not sure of that. I have never been given a chance to showcase my talents.

But in college, I was always topping the class with the aptitude for designing which shone better than a fluorescent light on my projects.

The bottle of whiskey which I had purchased with the last cent on me at Beanie Bell's store while making my way home danced in my hand on this dreary night.

My way home turned to the way to the park.

I wanted to do some more nagging and it was no fun doing it all alone at home. Not only that I wasn't alone here too.

I was not alone in the park but I was sitting alone on this bench for there were two young couples nauseating me with their overly display of sheer affection.

The first pair were sitting on the bench some meters away from me while the other bunch sat by my left-hand side but still far away.

I wished to hell I could go over to them and tell out on the highest pitch of my voice. That way, the salivas that flew out of my mouth while I barked would bathe their love away!


It was a shame I couldn't. Didn't have the guts to do so.

It was what living all your life in stigma and solitary does to a twenty-three years old.


The Singes park had become a safe haven for me. It was the type best for people like me.

Unwanted species the world didn't need.

It was my twenty-second rejected application today. I went on the interview and displayed my best projects but in the end, I lost to a skinny tall girl in a skimpy skirt.

The voices of staff while I walked down the reception still echoed in my ears.

"How can a granny work in our firm?"

"Don't be ridiculous, even my granny looks better than that!"

"She looks so dunce and over the place!"

"She'd be dreaming if she thought she could work in this line of work!"

These were all the remarks from the staff as I walked out of their shitty firm.

Sighing to myself now, "They are right Beau. The fashion industry doesn't need ugly people like you"

"Wait!" I further answered myself. "I just design the clothes not wear them. I am not the model who showcases them down the runaway so what's with the discrimination of size and looks?!"

I was used to it— the habit of talking to myself.

I am all I got in this unfair world. No one wants to be friends with me.

Not that I had the time to make friends though. Too busy looking for jobs and doing part-time jobs to survive and also pay off my parent's debt which had now become my own debt.

Sighing again, I gulped down whatever was left of the contents of the whiskey in my hand.

"I will starve after drinking this. I might as well enjoy it while it lasts!" I laughed crazily to myself.

I think the couple by my left-hand size heard my screams by the way they glanced briefly my way.


That stupid brunette just whispered into her boyfriend's ear.

I think she's gossiping about me.


Did she think I was insane? A crazy woman maybe?!

Well, I'd show her who was crazy if I could bang this bottle on her naughty blonde hair!

I resumed to a peal of hearty laughter yet again. I think I needed to write this last letter to the universe.

I only feel better when I write the letters.

So, I turned my chubby round face upward, my glasses meeting the stars before my eyes.

"Dear universe!" I began, stretching my voice to the highest it could attain.

"I am the most ugliest girl in the world and I am here bearing my last letter to you. Guess what? You get a bonus for listening to my rants! This unlike my other letters is a spoken word letter. You get to hear my generous voice. That's your bonus!"

The sound of receding footsteps drew my attention. The couples were leaving.

The crazy woman was displaying eh?

Run from the crazy woman. Run?!

Run from me!


The oppressors are running from the oppressed. How ironical.


I never asked to be like this. Being a miserable crazy woman was not my dream. Being a top-notch fashion designer was.

My sorrows were too overwhelming, I couldn't hold them in anymore. My cheeks had started to get hot as tears pricked down my eyes.

Wailing in the most pitiful way in the world, I began to speak to the universe yet again.

This time, it wasn't a letter that bore arrogance. It was but a pleading one.

"Give me a chance at beauty" I sobbed. "Dear universe, make me beautiful for just ten years then take it all away. At least, I will be beautiful and attractive for ten years. That is more than enough!"

I gave a pause then threw the bottle of whiskey away.

"Please...! Please!" I kept on chorusing until right on the bench on that gloomy night, I slept.



That was the sound of my head banging.

I sat up from the bench which was too small to contain my size. My head felt light, banging, and noisy.

Perhaps, from hangover of the previous night.


I did not sleep on this bench, did I?

Outside this unsheltered park?!

By jones, what if something dire had happened to me while I lazily slept outside in the open?

"Ah— Cosima! You never do anything right" I reproached myself as I wriggle my wrist which was throbbing with the weight of my body which I had relaxed on it.

However, the pain in my head wouldn't let me ponder on that further. As I pressed my temple to massage the blood rushing in my head away, I heard a dinging sound as though I had pressed a button from a lock sensor.

[Congratulations! The universe has awarded you a beauty system!>>]

"What?" I blinked rapidly at the prompt I was seeing in front of me. It was displayed as though data on a computer was being displayed on the computer screen.

Except this wasn't a computer screen, it was my eyes!

[Fulfil tasks to get free facial features that last for ten years]

Free facial features?


[Seduce men and become the most fairest of them all!]

What in the bloody world was going on?!

Was someone pulling a prank on me maybe?

My sick eyes were malfunctioning maybe?

I waved my hands over the display in front of me but my hands only synced through it as though the prompts were penetrable.

Was I actually seeing this?!

[Beauty assignment starts in an hour!]

Chapter 2_Welcome to beauty system

What damn assignment? What was this thing ringing in my head.

"Oh Cosima, don't be such a loser!" I chastised myself as I glanced around and saw that it was barely dawn.

I was one lucky goose to have survived the night out in the open without getting harmed by some random goons.

My head was still ringing though as if an enormous load had been dumped into it. It was hard to lift myself up with up not with how tired I felt and how throbbing the ache on my body was for sleeping on such a small bench –which was barely enough to hold my weight.

As I got up, my leg hit the bottle of whiskey I had consumed the night before and I gave it a hard kick away.

"What else did they add in you which was making me hallucinate to the point of hearing stuff about being beautiful huh?" I scoffed at it then rub my itchy buttocks. I have developed some rashes on there a few days ago.

Doctor said I needed to change my under-wears as early as pos


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