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Saturday night fever

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Mark Evander Vasquez. A very fierce looking man with a personality of an emotionless rock. A laid-back billionaire hotshot that all the girls at work would swoon over. Scarred by his past, Mark did not want himself to be involved with any woman. That was until he met Gwen one Saturday night at his friend's wedding. Gwendolyn Zosia Lopez is a bold and fierce type of woman, she likes to work everything according to plan. Her only goal was to make her ex regret his insolence not until she shared bed with a sinfully gorgeous man one Saturday night. After their encounter, Mark was prompted to meet her again. With their goals intact they entered a contract to use each other for their own accord. Would they fulfill their desires? or would they be drowned in ecstasy?


Gwendolyn Zosia Lopez a woman with the red V-neck mermaid dress satin backless gown walked like a queen towards her newlywedded friend.

Eleanor rolled her eyes and stood up to hug her. "You're late Miss Lopez and you look like you've already had a few drinks yourself. Are you okay?" Gwen gave her a fake smile and told her not to worry about her and focus on her own wedding.

She congratulated them once again and bid goodbye to head towards the bar counter to have a few drinks before going for more shots with the other gals.

" One martini please, " she said in a flat voice and stared dully at other guests.

Gwen felt someone sat next to her, but she paid that no mind. She slowly drank her martini and savored the taste, not until the person beside her spoke.

"Bored?" A man with coarse low-rumbling voice reverted in her head. She glanced and saw a sinfully gorgeous man wearing a three-piece suit staring at his drink. She almost drooled, thank God she did not.

"Kind of, you a friend of the groom?" he diverted his gaze to her and stared at her nonchalantly.

Their gaze locked together like glue, His smokey cognac eyes was hooked with curiosity. Gwen snapped out of it when she heard someone calling her name, pulling her rashly away from that guy who looked like a demigod.

Gwen did not want to go, but half of her was scolding herself why she even did that with a random stranger. They only talked for seconds for Crist’s sake!

"Who was that? You folks looked like you are about to eat each other at any moment HAHAHAHA!" Gwen rolled her eyes and dragged Amber out of there.

Amber stopped the car at a nearby bar, Gwen hopped out first and found her way to the counter to order a bottle of whiskey for herself.

She spent her time drinking on her own, her friends are probably dancing on the dance floor by now. She shot a glance at her half-emptied bottle and chuckled.

"How can I not be drunk after I drank that much? and d*mn that guy has been pestering my thoughts since I left him there, I didn't even get his name," she said and drank through the bottle and felt her head spinning.

A familiar low-rumbling voice whispered in her ears." Are you talking about me? "he said as he went his way to the seat next to her.

Gwen raised her eyebrow and chuckled. " What's your name? You can call me Gwen by the way," she said quite tipsy.

"Evander," he said plainly as he drank her whiskey.

She drank the rest and glanced back at him. They talked about all sorts of things until she got to the story on how her heart was broken.

Evander clicked his tongue. "He's a jerk." Gwen faked a laugh and nodded.

"I know right? that's what I thought too. And then I said, Okay! I hope you do not regret this. And then I walked out like I wasn't hurt." Gwen chuckled and wiped her lingering tears. "H-How could he.... I -I loved him so much yet he was still able to cheat. Was I not enough? was it because I lack s*x appeal?" she said and wiped her tears once more.

"You don't lack anything. You are the most appealing lady here, so do not cry," he said with a stoic expression.

Gwen chuckled and faced him. She cupped his face and was in the verge of laughing because of how funny his shocked expression was.

"Thank you for saying that but I don't really care anymore. I'm Gwendolyn Zosia f*ck*ng Lopez, I can get another man better than him if I want to."

He flashed a smirk and held her chin up.

"Like me?" Evander said and licked his lips afterwards.

"It depends on how much you can satisfy me," she seductively whispered on his ear.

Gwen and Evander stared at each other as if they we are conversing through their eyes. After a minute or so he stood up, so Gwen waited for what he was about to do.

But it did not occur to her that Evander would carry her like a sack of rice. Gwen was about to complain when he suddenly smacked her *ss making her squelch in pain.

Evander marched his way out and stopped when he reached his car. He opened the front seat and adjusted its level. The moment he closed the door and got in their eyes met each other, Gwen felt how his hand crept on her waist and pulled her closer to him causing their body to collide.

The shock made her open her mouth a little and the man took that chance to slide his tongue and taste her. She did not know if it was just because she is drunk, or he is just a freaking good kisser. Evander lifted Gwen and clung her legs to his waist.

Gwen enveloped her arms on his nape and deepened the kiss. He stripped her naked and showered her body with kisses. She did not mind doing it in his car because it looks heavily tinted, so it is safe.

Mark stopped and stared at her. "You still have a chance to back out Zosia I'm not a person who forces someone," he said as he plants kisses near her breast.

Gwen bit her lips and moaned a little before speaking. "F*ck me Evander," she whispered and planted a kiss on the side of his lips.

"I won't be gentle, so I hope you don't regret this," he said and flipped her body and drop on her stomach. He pulled her waist up and spread her legs.

It got quiet so she thought of lying back but she sobered up when she felt how hard Evander slapped her *ss. She squealed in pain and pleasure, not because she fetish bondage but because this was her first. She was nervous yes but thinking about all sort of things that Evander could do to make her moan excites her insides.

Mark lifted her hips higher and ripped out a condom and inserted his hard c*ck inside her, but he was not available to put it in fully because Gwen suddenly cried in pain.

Mark was left in shock. "You're a virgin? A-Are you okay? S-Should I pull out? I'm quite big." Gwen shook her head and lied down and saw how big he was.

How on earth would that possibly fit in her? Gwendolyn's eyes diverted at him; she saw how his emotionless face became so worried.

And that's when she decided." Please continue, I will be okay," she said and gave him a slight nod.

Evander looked at her worryingly and sighed, his large hand reached out to her face and caressed it so gently that she felt relieved that she decided to give her virginity to this man.

Evander flashed her a sweet smirk and kissed her nose bridge. "I'll be gentle, just bear with the pain for now. I will make you feel better later," he said and smirked at his last sentence.

Gwen went on all fours and waited for Evander's move. She almost flinched in surprise when she felt his hot breath next to her twitching vagina. Evander did not waste a second and dived onto her, he licked and lapped her like she is a piece of delicacy.

"Ohhh God! right there... Haaa! Yes!" she moaned with pleasure.

Gwen grinded her hips to his every move sending out a vast of ecstatic pleasure. Her orgasm came in after a few more seconds, Evander licked every drop of her essence and she never felt so exhausted and satisfied at the same time. She thought that was the end of it, but she thought wrong.

She heard a condom being ripped and she just could not help but peek on how hot he does that. She could feel their every breath as their sweats rolls down Gwen bit her lip when she felt the tip of his c*ck on her entrance.

Evander entered as carefully as he can, this was not his forte but for this woman he just met, He bent his rules. Gwen gripped the car chair as hard as she can when he slowly penetrated her. She could feel her hymen being ripped, it hurt so much she could not help but cry in pain.

Evander stopped when he fully inserted his manhood, kissed her bare back, and asked if she was okay. Gwen nodded and told him to keep going. He slowly thrusted in and out at first and when he surmised that she could take him whole he started raising up his phase.

Gwen did not know where to turn her head, all she could do was to moan and feel every thrust. The more she thinks about it the more excited she become.

"Ooh! F*ck! Nggh! Haaa!" Evander grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it as he thrusts deeper, harder, and faster inside her.

Gwen feels like her world was spinning after a couple more thrust, she felt something that wants to come out inside her again. And at that moment Evander was also at his limit, He grabbed her neck and pulled her waist. The sound of their bodies colliding was the only thing they could heard aside from their fiercely moans.

"I’m c*mm*ng! Aaah!" They said in unison.

After a second or so Evander released his hot semen, Gwen could still feel it even though it was covered in condom. She thought that was the end of it, but she was stand corrected. Evander smirked and went on repeatedly that she lost count because she fainted out of exhaustion.

When morning came Gwen woke up completely clueless about where she is, she winced in pain when she felt her vagina ached. D*mn what did I do last night?

Gwen scratched her head and finally noticed a man next to her as well as her nudity. And then it all came back to her, what happened last night. She was about to check his face since everything on her memory was blurry when she heard her phone suddenly rang.

"Yes hello?" she answered the call as she collects her clothes.

(Girl! Aren't you and David dating? why is he here with your bitchy sister? I swear I am tempted to pull her hair right now.) Gwen chuckled at what her friend said and putted on her last clothe. She looked back at the man sleeping beside her and smiled mischievously. Looks so hot even in his sleep.

"Where are you? I'll come right over." Gwen pulled her bag and walked out the car carefully not waking that gorgeous demigod.

When she got out, she went in her own car and drove to where her friend was. When she got there, Amber raised her hand signaling her where she is.

From afar Gwen could already see her long-term boyfriend or should she say EX BOYFRIEND chatting with her sister. She will admit it does hurt seeing them together but that is not what is important right now, he is the one who cheated so why is she the one who should feel this?

"Took you long enou— wait you look different. Did something happen to you? You look so— oh my god!" Amber exclaimed in glee. Gwen chuckled and nodded and told her to tone down her voice.

"Shut up! You got laid, didn't you? Oh my gosh! So, who is it? To whom did you give it?" Amber asked completely forgetting about why she called her here.

Gwen zipped her mouth and winked but that only stirred her up more. She was laughing her *ss off when she heard a remarkably familiar voice next to her.

"You gave your virginity to a random stranger? What b*llsh*t is that Gwendolyn?! I have been your boyfriend for six long years!" Her ex David suddenly cut in their conversation.

Gwen clicked her tongue and glanced at her sister who looks like she is having fun seeing her like this.

She faced David and stood tall. “First of all, we've already broke up, so you don't get a say what I do with my body and about that man—" David clicked her tongue and suddenly grabbed her wrist.

"I bet it was just one night stand, Face it Gwendolyn no one can manage you like I do," David said as she grips my wrist tighter. Gwen's sure that would leave a mark, Stupid dumbass ex!

Gwen was ready to kick his *ss when she heard that familiar low rumbling voice. It could not be—

" You, Hands off my woman."


Anyone could literally feel the tension between the two men. David was still holding Gwendolyn's wrist tightly. When Evander saw that he promptly snatched her other hand and pulled Gwen to his side, but the latter was stubborn enough not to let her go that easily.

How did she become a rope for tug of war? Seriously what's this jerk's deal? isn't he with Gwenivere?

Gwen diverted her gaze to her sister, but all her attention was on this other guy. What the heck?

While the formers are pulling her like she is just a kind of object, Gwendolyn's patience was wearing thin. One last pull and then she snapped, she pulled both of her hands rashly and looked furiously at both men specifically to her great EX.

"I don’t know why you are still doing this when YOU are the sole reason why WE broke up. Now if you will excuse me," she snorted as she bumped David's elbow as she passed.

Gwen unconsciously grabbed Evander instead of A


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